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Stirlingshire / Re: ELEANOR RYAN FOWLER BOYD, born 1899, FALLIN
« on: Thursday 30 July 20 13:26 BST (UK)  »
Yes please Robert! Btw I think I have found a photo of the blocks. Will need to find it. Would you be interested in seeing it?

I am looking forward to hearing from her.

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Stirlingshire / Re: ELEANOR RYAN FOWLER BOYD, born 1899, FALLIN
« on: Wednesday 29 July 20 11:46 BST (UK)  »
Hi Fergie I am looking into Eleanor Ryan Fowler Boyd, she was my great aunt. The photos you have posted were her parents, James working in Polmaise till about 1920 till he was ill and couldnít work on the coal face anymore.
I was wondering if anyone had information on Eleanorís life. I believe she went to the USA at some point in her life.

This is great, Sandra. They were certainly are a lot of MacMillans. Trying to sort through who belongs to who. I am glad that our Catherine found herself ina large family as she was so far away from her own Family! I wonder who youwill come up with next? X

Wallace Macmillan  was certainly a learned man. What a nice obit. For him.
I sent you a pm Sandra, have a quick look.
Thank you for Wallaceís obit. In the photo I have of him he looks like a genial friendly person, and I am glad My aunt had him for a husband.

Do you have the obit for Wallace? I donít think I have it. He seemed to go on and have a happy life.

Thanks everyone for all the help you have given me, especially Sandra who has gone out of her way with records and obits. We are so lucky to have such a helpful lot of people ready to help us along the way! Kathy

Thank you Sandra you have been a great help!

What is/were Daughters of America? Molly Ryan came from a mining community in Scotland, definitely not involved in the American Revolution that I can see, though both sides of the family had deep roots in Ireland?

Sandra, thx so much for the obituary! Now I have names to go forward too.

Can you also look to see if there is one for John Mulligan too? My server is blocking me from the obit page I need? Many thanks!

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