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One Name Studies: A to G / Re: COTTON Family History (Link)
« on: Monday 03 August 15 08:51 BST (UK)  »
The new website for the Cotton DNA project is .

Sussex / Cotton of Crowhurst
« on: Tuesday 04 March 14 04:36 GMT (UK)  »
George and Mary Cotton had three children christened at Crowhurst. George was the son of George Cotton and Constance Iden of Hadlow, Kent. Mary was probably Mary Eliott who married George Cotton in Hellingly, Sussex in Feb. 1680. The children were -
Thomas, chr. Feb. 6, 1681
Mary, chr. July 6, 1684
George, chr. Nov. 21, 1690

I'm trying to determine if either Thomas or George left descendants. Does anyone know this family? Thanks.

Essex / Cotten of Colchester
« on: Saturday 02 November 13 23:17 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for any information on a John Cotten who was christened at St. Nicholas, Colchester Nov. 26, 1615. He may have been the son of John Cotten and Katherine Evans who were married at St. Botolph in 1609.

Somerset / William Cotton of Bedminster
« on: Sunday 21 July 13 01:55 BST (UK)  »
I found a record dated January 13, 1659 in which "William Cotton, of Virginia, mariner," son and heir of William Cotton, for 25 of English money sold to William Kendall of Accomac Co., VA one house with two tenements at Bedminster, near Bristol, formerly belonging to his father, William Cotton, deceased. Does anyone have any knowledge of this William Cotton in Bedminster? Thanks.

Oxfordshire / Re: Cotton family of Banbury
« on: Friday 23 November 12 09:53 GMT (UK)  »
I really have no reason to think this Banbury family is connected to the Leicestershire family other than Thomas's son named Holford. It's just such an unusual name. Shuckburgh's son Holford was vicar at Adderbury at the time that Thomas's son was born so maybe Thomas just named his son after a popular local minister who happened to have the same surname.

I checked out your information about the older Halford at Oxford and found that his brother William also attended the university. There is some sort of error in my information on this line. The info from Oxford say that William entered in 1710 at the age of 18 and Halford entered in 1711 at age 16. This would make their birth years 1692 and 1695 respectively. According to what I found from the Broughton Astley parish registries, William was christened in 1688 and Holford in 1690. I wonder how this discrepancy came about. There is no entry for Charles at Oxford.

I will try to find out how to get a copy of Halford's will and see if that leads anywhere. It may be that this family simply left no direct male line descendants. The idea that I'm related to this family is just a guess anyway but it's the only theory I have at present.

Thanks for your help.


Oxfordshire / Re: Cotton family of Banbury
« on: Wednesday 21 November 12 06:07 GMT (UK)  »
The first member of this family I could find was William Cotton who married Elizabeth Gregory in Banbury in 1758. There are records for the christening of two sons, William (12-5-1761) and Thomas (3-31-1768). I found marriage records for William Cotton and Sarah Chamberlain in 1788 and Thomas Cotton and Sarah King in 1793. I assumed these were William and Elizabeth's sons but then discoved burial records for several of their children; Samuel (11-15-1768), Richard (11-20-1768), another Samuel (2-2-1772) and William (7-9-1772). Since William Jr. died at age 10, the marriage of William Cotton to Sarah Chamberlain must be a second marriage for the elder William. There was also a Robert Cotton who appears to be a member of this family. He was the one who moved to Salford, Lancashire. Thomas and Robert are both listed as boat builders as are at least three of Robert's sons.

Thomas Cotton and Sarah King had four children that I know of - Harriett, Thomas, Amelia, and Holford. It is this last son that makes me think this family is linked to a Leicestershire family. William Cotton, rector of Broughton Astley in Leicester married Elizabeth Halford (or Holford). They had five children - William, Holford, Charles, Judith, and Shuckburgh. Shuckburgh became rector of the church in Newton Purcell, Oxfordshire. His first son Holford died at age seven and a later son also named Holford was vicar of Adderbury just a few miles south of Banbury. Another son of Shuckburgh, Charles, named his son Charles Holford Cotton. I've never come across Holford as a given name anywhere else so I think the William Cotton who married Elizabeth Gregory in Banbury was probably a son or grandson of one of Shuckburgh Cotton's older brothers, William, Holford, or Charles. I am just trying to find out if anyone has any info on William's origins.

Thanks for responding.

Lancashire / Re: Cotton family of Salford
« on: Friday 16 November 12 20:15 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for your work and all of the info. There are a lot of possibilities here. I'll see where it takes me.

Lancashire / Re: Cotton family of Salford
« on: Friday 16 November 12 07:13 GMT (UK)  »
These are the members of the family that I could identify living in Pendleton, Salford in the 1911 census -

Oswald Cotton, 42, blacksmith striker, b. Salford, LAN
Clara, 40, wife, b. Salford, LAN
William, 15, son, errand boy, b. Pendleton, LAN
Edith, 13, dau, school, b. Pendleton, LAN
Emma, 11, dau, school, b. Pendleton, LAN
Clara, 7, dau, school, b. Pendleton, LAN
Oswald, 9, son, school, b. Pendleton, LAN

William Cotton, 58, carpenter, b. Salford, LAN
Selina, 59, wife, b. Salford, LAN
Isaac, 25, carter, son, b. Salford, LAN
Selina, 22, garment maker, dau, b. Salford, LAN
Leonard, 18, cloth plater, son, b. Salford, LAN

Albert Edward Cotton, 36, master plumber, b. Bolton, LAN
Alice, 32, wife, b. Bury, LAN
Elsie, 11, dau, school, b. Manchester, LAN
Edith, 9, dau, b. Manchester, LAN
Alice, 7, dau, b. Manchester, LAN

Alice Thompson, 56, housekeeping, b. Salford, LAN
Joseph, 55, husband, dyer fustian, b. Salford, LAN
Alfred Cotton, 25, son, labourer cable maker, b. Salford, LAN
Robert, 23, son, turner iron, b. Salford, LAN
Annie, 21, dau, weaver cotton, b. Salford, LAN
Thomas, 16, son, turner iron, b. Salford, LAN
Bertha, 14, dau, errand girl in cotton mill, b. Salford, LAN
William, 13, son, school, b. Salford, LAN
James, 11, son, school, b. Salford, LAN

Thomas Cotton, 51, bank manager, b. Ardwick, LAN
Martha, 52, wife, b. Charlton on Medlock, LAN
Dorothy, 21, dau, b. Tyldesley, LAN
Emma Farran, 87, m-i-l, b. Salford, LAN

Lancashire / Re: Cotton family of Salford
« on: Thursday 15 November 12 20:03 GMT (UK)  »
I really don't know if these are relatives of mine. I live in America and have been trying for 30 years to pinpoint the English origins of my family. Circumstantial evidence leads me to believe that they may have been connected with a Cotton family that lived at Laughton in Leicestershire. With no surviving paper trail, I have resorted to genetic genealogy and am looking for a descendant of this family in Britain that will do the DNA test. I have traced quite a few lines from the Laughton family only to end up with a dead end.

One line contains a William Cotton who was rector of Broughton Astley in Leicestershire. He married an Elizabeth Holford (or Halford) and had five children - William, Holford, Charles, Judith, and Shuckburgh. The only one of these children I could trace and further was Shuckburgh. He was rector of the church at Newton Purcell, OXF and had 9 children. The first was named Holford and died at age 7. His 7th son was also named Holford and he was vicar of Adderbury also in Oxford. The only one of Shuckburgh's son's who had children of his own was Charles who had a son named Charles Holford and daughter named Sarah Anne. This appears to be the end of this male line.

I came across another Cotton family living in Banbury which is very near to Adderbury. William married Elizabeth Gregory and had two sons William (b. 1761) and Thomas (b. 1768). I couldn't find anything on William Jr. beyond his marriage but quite a bit on Thomas. Thomas married Sarah King and had four children by her - Harriet (b. 1795), Thomas (b. 1797), Amelia (b.1799) and Holford (b. 1800). The name Holford is very unusual and I can't help but assume there is a connection. Maybe William Cotton of Banbury was the son of one of Shuckburgh's three older brothers.

Evidently Sarah died and Thomas remarried to a woman named Elizabeth. I found christenings for four children but the parish records I had access to ended in 1812 and there were apparently more. I have Sarah Redhead (b. 1803) , Robert (b. 1804), Elizabeth (b. 1806), and Alfred (b. 1812). Other posts suggest more sons - William, Cornelius, Edwin, all appear to have been boat builders and along with Robert relocated to Salford. There seem to be a lot of descendants in the census.

I would like to find out if this family was in fact descended from the Cotton family in Laughton. More importantly, I would like to locate a living direct male line descendant who will take the DNA test. There appear to be quite a few still living at Salford in the 1911 census. If they don't match my family, it won't really matter, and if they do, I can investigate further.

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