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i am only seeing this now. Sorry! I will message you with my email so we can share some info.  yes lots of bad blood.

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1901 census
House 19.1 in Marlborough Street (North Dock, Dublin)

Mary C Jordan (in this 1901 census) married James Douglas on 5 June 1904. One of the witnesses was her cousin Mary Laphen.

Mary Laphen - 1901 census
House 17.2 in Coles Lane (North City, Dublin)



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Here is the story I found about our Cordner family called "THE CORDNER PALACE"
In Lurgen County, north of Belfast, Ireland which is a part of Scotland, called North Scotland, there was standing a Palace which belonged to the Cordners.The last name that I can ascertain who lived there was a William Corner, and so far as I know his descendents still live there.This Palace was still standing during World War II, in 1945, but the Government of Great Britain had taken it and turned it into an apartment house and taken the beaufiful and spacious lawns and gardens and turned them into truck farms.

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Dublin / Re: Jordan Dublin (All)
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His dad was Richard (Dick) Jordan - a french polisher and director of their family business M Jordan and Sons - furniture manufactures of Granby Lane, Dublin - which operated until the 1970's.  His wife Lucy (nee Guilfoyle) was also originally a French polisher.

Richard Jordan married Elizabeth Guilfoyle on 26 December 1939 at Marlboro Street RC Pro-cathedral. One of the witnesses was his sister Marcella Jordan.

Andrew Bernard Jordan born 21 June 1885 North Dublin City to Joseph Jordan and Mary laphen of Moore street / Monthjoy St, Dublin.  Their address in 1901 was North Dock.

1901 census
House 19.1 in Marlborough Street (North Dock, Dublin)

Andrew Bernard Jordan born at 34 Mountjoy Street.



Have a look at this webpage:

GRONI Search Room Database: Personal visitors only. This facility is not on the Internet and can be accessed only at GRONI's Public Search Room in Belfast OR on dedicated computer terminals at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI), also in Belfast.

Contact GRONI
General Register Office (GRONI)
Colby House
Stranmillis Court
Belfast BT9 5RR, UK.

Telephone: 0300 2007 890 or (+44(0) 28 9151 3101 if you are calling from outside Northern Ireland).

There is no 'historical records' access restriction for personal visitors. This computerised system holds Northern Ireland civil registration records as follows:

Births 1864 to date
Marriages 1845 (1864 for RC events) to date
Deaths 1864 to date
Adoptions 1931 to date
Civil partnerships 2005 to date


Data protection legislation in Northern Ireland states that if you are using the internet to search the register, some of the records in GRONI will not be available to view.

Births from 1864 to 100 years ago (i.e. current day 1922 in 2022)
Marriages from 1845 (1864 for RC marriages) to 75 years ago (i.e. current day 1947 in 2022)
Deaths from 1864 to 50 years ago (i.e. current day 1972 in 2022)

See GRONI Online

Dublin / Re: Jordan Dublin (All)
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Richard Jordan born Dublin 0 April 1912 to Andrew Bernard Jordan and Mary Hanlon of  Coles Lane, Dublin ( later Mobhi Road Drumcondra).

Marriage - 23 September 1906

Richard had lots of siblings as follows:
Joseph 1908-1975

Joseph Henry - 28 September 1907

William 1909 - /
William - 13 September 1909

Christopher 1911 - ?
Christopher Brendan - 24 December 1910

Rosie ? - 2011
Rosanna - 23 October 1920

May ? -
Marsella dies 1948

Marcella - 8 April 1917

Daniel  ? - ?
 ??? ???

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