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Many thanks to each of you who did their best to improve my photos

I do agree with you, the photos were  of poor quality but your copies are better.

Thanks again.

Is it possible to improve these three photos

They are photos taken c1950 of an Open Air Cinema and Skating Ring called The Belle Isle Theatre & Skating Ring. It was at a seaside village named Pretty Bay in Malta  GC. It was built pre WW2  in 1938 and completed in 1948 after the war ended. During the war it was used by the British Army. Later on  about 1980 it was demolished and houses were built. These are the only photos that of the place and were found in Melbourne Aust.



Many thanks Pablo59

A very good job. Thanks


Many thanks Peter and Sarah

A very good restoration.  My wife very pleased.  Thanks from her too.


Can you please restore this photo of my father in law

His name Saviour Sultana born Malta GC 1900 and died 1962 in Malta

His father Raffaele Sultana operated a Men's Tailoring shop in Valletta Malta for over 100 yrs and specialized in making Royal Navy uniforms.  Saviour continued his father's trade but in 1939 when WW2 began he joined the Royal Artillery and was a gunner on anti aircraft guns during the Malta siege. He was promoted to a Sgt and left the Army in 1946.


The Common Room / Managing your Rootsweb Freepges at present
« on: Thursday 16 November 17 06:54 GMT (UK)  »

To those who had or presently still have a Genealogy Site at Rootsweb Freepages.

After the changes that took place a few months back, I would like to know if you have been able to locate all your files. I know that the File Manager is gone. I had about 70 files and have found 45 of them. Have copied all the images and the HTML code belonging to these files / pages.

I would like to know if any of you have been able find all your files and have you been able to do any editing to your pages and also, have you moved them away.



Thank you Handypandy

I love it.



Hi Trishanne and japeflakes.  Excellent work.  Very good indeed and many Thanks

I'm posting the other photo of my old Rover, I did a total restoration during all of 1957 and half way into 1958. Of course I repainted the car and the new colour was '' Conought Green '' also called '' Hawthorn Green'' a very rich dark green. It looked fantastic. BTW, I worked for a large Rover dealership in Melbourne, many many years ago.

Be good if a new background can be given to the photo instead of the corrugated iron sheets.

Thanks again


I bought this Rover during 1955 and kept it to 1974. Al those years and only have 2 photos of my Rover. The original   registration number was   KS 308.


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