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Family History Beginners Board / Re: Killed in WW2
« on: Yesterday at 22:49 »
You are not talking rubbish Colin.  Reply 7 refers re mmn.  Albert is a sibling of the ancestor Dave is researching hence knowing mmn was Wiley.  He refers to him as his wife’s uncle in his opening post

Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark / Re: william chick
« on: Yesterday at 22:39 »
How do you know William Chick was b 1820 Guernsey? 

Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark / Re: william chick
« on: Yesterday at 22:09 »
Baptism entry for Ellen Mary Chick shows Elizabeth as French  - but where does it say William was b Guernsey?  Where did you get his birthyear from?

Elizabeth has remarried to William Fletcher by 1871 - also has son William Chick b 1864 - mmn French

There are 2 William Chicks in Guernsey - both born 1819/20 and both with wives called Elizabeth.  Both were born England

In 1871 - Elizabeth (now Fletcher) is 30 b England
In 1861 - Elizabeth Chick is b 1831 England
In 1851 - Elizabeth Chick is b 1820 Devon

Perthshire / Re: Searching for LAUCHLAN CAMERON
« on: Yesterday at 20:56 »
He may have married in Perthshire but you have no proof that he was born there?

Only one entry on SP but that was 1765 in Dumbarton so too young

Alderney, Guernsey, Jersey, Sark / Re: william chick
« on: Yesterday at 20:30 »
You do not appear to have checked your information via census entries before posting?    He wasn't born in Guernsey.  1851 shows Devon & 1861 shows England.  Both censuses are available on Family Search

Where did you get Elizabeth's maiden name of French from?   

If you look up the son's birth on freebmd then check GRO online - mmn was not French - it was Pinney  - see 1842 marriage on freebmd

Buying a copy of the marriage cert will give you his fathers name - or check freereg in case it has been transcribed

Alexander Murdoch Fairlie & Grace Fairlie on on 1939 ER for Putney

Hector & wife Margaret Elizabeth are on the 1939 Electoral register for Wandsworth

He married Margaret E Llewellyn 1934 Wandsworth

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