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Canada Lookup Request / Re: Parsons- Bay Roberts, Newfoundland- Will
« on: Wednesday 15 May 24 18:45 BST (UK)  »
Hi PMParsonsONeill,
Sorry for the very late reply, just getting back into the family tree stuff and it seems there is more information! The John and Eliza Jane, I saw on My Parsons family is from Bay Roberts, specifically Country Road (or Country Path) So John lives on Country Path same time as Matthew and his sons (Pretty sure) Francis, Thomas and I think John. I am looking for this specific Matthew Parsons information, but certain records were destroyed. I will PM you too Cheers

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Parsons- Bay Roberts, Newfoundland- Will
« on: Friday 14 January 11 01:06 GMT (UK)  »

I will definitely check the Notes from Vital Statistics and Items from Newspapers, I was not aware of that one.  I see it as a reference item at a library not to far away. 
I have checked for some names in the Birth/Death/Marriage announcement previously but there was nothing. 
Thanks again

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Parsons- Bay Roberts, Newfoundland- Will
« on: Wednesday 12 January 11 19:56 GMT (UK)  »
Ya that family search is a gem, its actual records which is nice to add to your gedcom or whatever.

I will have to try to interlibrary loan the Registry of Crown Land grants on microfilm one day.
Thanks again   

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Parsons- Bay Roberts, Newfoundland- Will
« on: Wednesday 12 January 11 18:56 GMT (UK)  »
I saw the Matthews collection a while ago but was not sure about doing it.  Also Matthew Parsons was born after or around 1850 in NFLD so I did not need to just then.  I just recently put together the William so I will look into that, I so not even know fore sure if it is Matthews father .  I will try the wills too as I know Matthew's sons owned land there, so maybe he did to and left them some, but I think they were still poor fisherman.  I would like to find out when William died to look for his will too, but as you know, so many William Parsons it maybe difficult.  I am still new to this stuff too.

I am sure you know about familysearch and the images
Thats Bay Roberts CoE Parish records, notice its in Port de Grave.
as well is the vital records
I found some records that are not on those websites.   

How about NFLD land records?  is there a way to find people if they owned land?  Is it easily accessible material? 

Canada Lookup Request / Re: Parsons- Bay Roberts, Newfoundland- Will
« on: Wednesday 12 January 11 04:07 GMT (UK)  »
Ya I have tried all available resources I know of anyway, well most I know of I guess.  A few before me have looked and did not find much.

No Naomi Parsons in my tree, my family from Matthew Parsons was born around 1880's and the records for my ggrandfather Francis Parsons birth is not available.  I do know Matthew had a few more kids, Annie Mary, Susannah and Thomas. 
I have gone through a lot of that info on Newfoundland Grand Banks website and searched some scans on familysearch for births, deaths and marriages.  It is all over in that area as earlier it was Port de Grave and then Harbour Grace.  There is a John and a William that live on Country Path around Matthew so they maybe his brothers, only link I have is the 1898 McAlpines Directory
PARSONS   John (Wm   Contry road   fshmn
PARSONS   Matt (Wm   Contry road   fshmn
and Francis is there too.
I have looked into John Parsons and his wife Eliza Jane Russell, but nothing yet.
I know he i
I am going to do the Will lookup with the courts for both Francis and Matthew, my question is, if they were not well off, will they still have a will?
I did find a Matthew Parsons born May 19, 1847 from a William and Mary Parsons in Bay Roberts. 
I know my Matthew died May 9, 1927 at age 84 (age from the vital records, not too sure how accurate)  Also my Matthew, the 1921 Cenus says his birth month is Aug, year says 1841 (I heard the years were off, but months were more accurate?)
Also, I found John buried with a William in the same place as Matthew and Francis, but I think the John info is wrong on the wooden grave marker (looked at the death record), frustrating.  It says William came from England in the early 1800's, so I would love to try to keep the line going if he is related.
Anyway, I looked briefly at the Labrador stuff but did not find anything, as you said they are very scant, I may try again.  My mothers aunt did say they used to go there and fish, our family did, and she or someone else used to go and babysit as well.  I tried Quebec as well but nothing on them.

I did not see the reference to William Parsons in Seary's Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland, and the Parsons file at the Matthew collection (What is this, I have found the Seary's Family book, but where can I get info on the Matthew Collection?).   The originals I have looked at are the scans, I am not in newfoundland so I cannot go to the collections in St Johns.

Thanks for the tips, I will not give up trying.

Canada Lookup Request / Parsons- Bay Roberts, Newfoundland- Will
« on: Sunday 09 January 11 03:49 GMT (UK)  »
I have looked at all resources available from Newfoundland  Parish records and vital statistics and there is nothing for the area and time frame for a Matthew Parsons.  I have him having a few kids and in a few census' of which the most interesting is the 1898 Harbour Grace district which says "Matt (Wm" so I am looking for a William or Matt/Matthew Will or estate, or land record.  I know where they are buried (Coley's Point Grace United Church) and that Matthew was born in Newfoundland, Bay Roberts area, specifically Country Rd, the grave of William says immigrated from England early 1800's .
I need a look up if anyone has access or some advice on what is needed for the will or land deed or something else to look up.  I know Matthew died Country Rd at 84 in May 1927, but I do not know anything about the possible father William.  I hope to get a will to help link them because there is nothing else out there.  The only other thing I may have is a John Parsons lives in same area in 1921 census, is in the other census' and directories with Matthew and it says same (Wm beside his name in the 1898 census, I assume same father.  (Also, John and William have the same grave type but my direct ancestor Matthew is in unmarked grave)
If there is any advice or look ups that can be done it would be greatly appreciated.  I can provide more info if it is needed.

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