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It seems that the nickname is associated with style and good looks as per wiki. ... !

Difficult to know what you might already have, posted out of good faith.

Happy New Year

Of course! Thank you.

The nickname "Beau Brummel" for his son Charles is new info for me though

Thanks. I thought it might be something juicy! But no just a speeding fine!

The "Beau Brummel" nickname is intriguing though. It sounds slightly rough no?

The other articles that you have posted Sandra - I have already. Thank you though.

I have been checking out "Chronicling America" -

The same paper, 20 Sep 1897 reported the appearance of his son in court  "Charles J Dunn ........ known on the east side as Beau Brummel. ..."

What's the name of the paper?
Can't find it

You might be in the "view all" mode at google books. Try clicking on one of the small clips, then on "previous" and "next". If you can only get "view all", the salary was on:

The City Record, p 1360, Tuesday March 29, 1898
in the lower left hand corner of the page

Here is another possible article I forgot to include.. I don't know if this is him. It is behind the NY Times paywall.

If you get a sub to the NY Times they say you have access to the archives.

Thanks I'll try that.
As regards new York Times articles. I have most of them


1. he got paid well
Thomas J Dunn, 321 East 68th St, Sheriff, salary: $12,000 per year.

Whats the source for this salary figure?

Sorry, only seeing the link you put up for that now. thanks

However, I cant read the pages as the search results return only a tiny bit of the page in small writting.
What page did you get the 12,000$ salary from?


1. he got paid well
Thomas J Dunn, 321 East 68th St, Sheriff, salary: $12,000 per year.

Whats the source for this salary figure?
Based on a 1915 article, I am under the impression that Sheriffs did not have a fixed salary before 1915 but were instead compensated by charging fees plus keeping a percentage of what they would seize. After 1915 they got a fixed salary, I think c. 20k.

Many thanks for providing that Courts Records link. Never came across that website before. Very interesting.

And yes, its Thomas.

United States of America / Role of Sheriff in the context of Tammany Hall politics
« on: Wednesday 30 December 20 15:17 GMT (UK)  »
I have researched an ancestor who become Sheriff of New York County in 1897-99. He was connected with Tammany Hall and achieved this position with the help of Tammany Hall. I would like to understand the role of Sheriff in 1890's New York in the context of Tammany Hall politics but I am struggling to find something definitive.
Has a good overview but I'm still not 100% sure on the role of the Sheriff and what exactly my ancestor did DAY to DAY.

I know this is not strictly genealogical but knowing more about the person (not just names and dates) is what real genealogy is as far as I'm concerned!

Thank you.

Scotland / Re: William Shaughnesy and family
« on: Wednesday 09 December 20 23:15 GMT (UK)  »
I suspect a misunderstanding when the registrar asked for the child's name and the father thought it was his own name he was being asked for, and only realised later and had to get it corrected.

Exactly what I image happened

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