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Europe / Re: Sokolototska/ Daskaluk - Poland and Austria
« on: Wednesday 13 April 16 03:24 BST (UK)  »
I am afraid this is not the same person.  My grandmother was born in 1893 and died in 1943 of a massive heart attack in Hamilton, Ontario. Daskaluk was the name my grandfather eventually used although in the Canada Census for 1921 it was Doskaliuk or some derivative.
Good luck with your research!

Europe / Re: Sokolototska/ Daskaluk - Poland and Austria
« on: Sunday 17 October 10 22:58 BST (UK)  »
This is in response the posting (2009) of my cousin's daughter-in-law regarding the searches I have been doing over the years in finding my grandparents' birth villages.  It is difficult to find information on them as they never became citizens of Canada nor land owners.  They more or less stayed under the radar all their lives.  The  information is too recent to be released. I can not find her in the 1911 census in Montreal. The 1921 census has not been released as yet. I might add that the chest that my grandmother kept all her papers and treasures was burned shortly after her death in 1943.
The marriage in 1927 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is for my Aunt Rose to her first husband (name is spelled differently as well).  I am feeling pretty good about finding this marriage as it will help in my search for my grandmother. Thank you for that posting of marriages in Wentworth 1927. The surname is always spelled differently from one source to another. For example, in the copy of the marriage to her second husband (my grandfather) it is Sokolotowska and the obituary for my grandfather and funeral home records reads Salotska.  As for religion, it is Ukrainian Orthodox although they were married in the Russian Orthodox Church in Montreal.
I feel like a detective.
I am new to RootsChat and I am looking forward to checking the forums.

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