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Just a follow-up to this following fresh research.  Hester Toms, one of the witnesses to Catherine's wedding, was baptised to John & Mary Toms of Blockley in 1763, so is either sister, or cousin to Catherine, depending which family Catherine was from. It seems most likely she was sister, thus suggesting Catherine is the 1764 baptism to John & Mary, not the 1768 baptised daughter of John & Elizabeth, who died young in 1779.

The Aston Magna family of John & Elizabeth Toms seem to have a tragic history - Ditchford was largely abandoned as a settlement at this time, but having settled in Aston Magna they lost at least three children in quick succession at the end of the 1770's to Small Pox.

Worcestershire / Re: Blockley And Draycott Surname Interests
« on: Tuesday 09 June 20 15:24 BST (UK)  »
Hi, catching up with old threads, some updates to my Blockley connections: I've also 18thC connections through Francis HANDY (born circa 1690), Richard Rose HAINES (1730) and John TOMS (1740).

Worcestershire / Re: Broadway Parish records
« on: Tuesday 25 February 20 12:04 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks Mike, these are very useful!!! I knew of Parish Mouse but wasn't aware it had these links. I'll check the other sources too :)

Worcestershire / Re: Broadway Parish records
« on: Sunday 23 February 20 13:55 GMT (UK)  »
Many thanks everyone! I found a few for the 19th century, but the results were very limited, though I know I have more than one line from the village. Perhaps the records have only recently been transcribed, as mentioned, LDS site had almost nothing.

I agree we're probably looking more at an 1860's birth than 1870's or 80's, not only her hands, the dress itself, and her slightly sunken features suggest to me the top end of her 50's, perhaps in her '60's I'd say. Though it can be hard to be precise if she had a tough outdoor life.

I agree, the chair is clearly late Victorian, but the simple trim dress suggests the first decades of the 20th century, I'd guess Edwardian era, though it could be even later, I have a photo of my gt-grandmother (probably taken in Birmingham) in an almost identical dress with similar locket etc, which dates from the 1910's or early 1920's.

Denbighshire / Re: Hughes & Parry in Llangollen
« on: Friday 17 May 19 09:04 BST (UK)  »
I find a number of my Froncysyllte ancestors have connections to St.Martin's Shropshire, due to the canal system, or the industry surrounding it. In the early 19th Century the canal would have been the highway of it's day, there would have been much movement back and forth.

Denbighshire / Re: Rhosllanerchrugog 1835 map
« on: Monday 18 March 19 15:08 GMT (UK)  »
That's good news, a few years ago I digitally restored a copy of the 1835 map from a series of photos sent me by Denbighshire archives and returned a copy to them, so it may be the same file.

Worcestershire / Re: Pressdee family of Alfrick
« on: Friday 22 February 19 14:33 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you so much Jack! 

One of the biggest problems (other than not being able to find the parish records online!) is the distinction between Alfrick and Suckley. The villlages are so close together it's hard to see any entry as being other than one big family, but there must have been at least two Pressdee families - a Suckley household and Alfrick household, possibly even more.

The 1757 baptism seems to be the correct one for John though! The potential parents you mention sound quite possible, other than the fact they had pauper children! I've seen trees on Ancestry that associate John's parents as John Pressdee and a Mary Page, but no references to confirm their parentage, or indeed marriage, so I'm disregarding until evidence turns up.

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