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« on: Sunday 07 April 13 05:47 BST (UK)  »
I have evidence now that Kate Fitzmaurice was indeed married to a Fitzmaurice as she is referred to in the estate administration of her brother, Major Roche Meade, as 'Kate Fitzmaurice - Widow, Catherine Street, Limerick'. This was in December 1849. Roche Meade died in November 1849 and his estate went to his only next of kin being his two sisters Kate Fitzmaurice and Mary Anne Burgess, both widows and his half brother Stephen Meade who was appointed joint administrator of Roche Meade's estate. Mrs Kate Fitzmaurice is the mother of Mary Agnes (Williamson) Grant (first marriage?) and then second marriage Powell. Quite a few items of memorabilia belonging to Roche Meade (forage cap for instance) were in our family's possession. The Meade family (apart from Stephen Meade who married a Maria Burgess in 1826) appear to disappear from Ireland. John Meade Thomas and Edmund Fennell appeared in the Court of Chancery in London in 1819 on charges relating to the misadministration of an estate for which they both were executors. I wonder if the disgrace of this forced them to leave Ireland. However Mary Agnes seems to be certain she was born in Ireland somewhere.

« on: Monday 20 February 12 00:42 GMT (UK)  »
I now believe Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice was actually born Agnes Williamson, baptised 26 November 1838 in St Mary's C of I, Limerick. Her father was a Robert Williamson and mother Catherine but no surname provided. His occupation was 'Employed in the Surv'. Mary Agnes had actually put on the birth certificate of her first daughter, Robina Marie Josephine, that her maiden name was Williamson. Robina was born in August 1856 in Sydney. I can't find any marriage certificate for Robert Williamson and Catherine. Catherine Meade, Mary's mother was baptised on 26 May 1794 in St Mary's R C Church Limerick. That would have made the Catherine, mother of Mary Agnes 45 years old when she had her in 1838. Could she have been married to a Henry Fitzmaurice before then and Mary Agnes, preferring to link herself to the Fitzmaurices rather than the Williamsons? Catherine's brother, Roche Meade's estate current account document shows money sent to Sydney on 29 April 1850 102.2.6 pounds) and another lot on 24 May 1851 for 53 pounds, one and six). The current account document was  'Mrs Kate Fitzmaurice with John Chalmers.  Can you suggest where I might find a copy of the Last Will and Testament of Roche Meade. The Credit side of the document says 'By Share of Est. Roche Meade 855.14.9' so it was quite substantial.

Limerick / St Mary's Diocese of Limerick -
« on: Wednesday 15 February 12 05:42 GMT (UK)  »
I am researching my Irish heritage - surnames being Fitzmaurice, Meade and Roche. GG Grannie - Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice (we think) turned up in Australia in the early 1850's. My GGG Grannie was a Catherine (nee Meade) Fitzmaurice and my GGG Grandpa was a Henry James Fitzmaurice. Catherine Meade's father was a John Meade and mother Mary Roche. One of Catherine's brothers was Captain Thomas Roche Meade. The Meads seem to have hung out in the Parish of St Marys Diocese of Limerick where I have Baptism and Certificates of Marriage of John Meade and Mary Roche.  I can't find any record of Mary Agnes' birth or when she left Ireland and what vessel and when she arrived in Australia. She had her first child in 1856 in Sydney at the age of 18 years. Is anyone researching any of the above and can shed some light on this mystery. Roche Meade died in London in 1849 and part of estate was sent to Sydney Australia. I am trying to track down his Will in London and would appreciate any hints on where I could obtain a copy. Thanks

« on: Tuesday 06 September 11 23:30 BST (UK)  »
More from me Helen on the mysterious Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice. Mary Agnes put her status as 'Spinster' on her marriage certificate to Mark Powell.  The other interesting thing to note is that her eldest daughter Robina (born 1856) was 'adopted' by a sea captain and his wife and taken abroad with them in 1862 at the age of 6 years old and the year Mary Agnes married Mark Powell. They went to India and then on to Scotland where Robina lived with them until the age of 18 years when her mother asked her to return to Australia. This can all be verified from relatives. Unfortunately the names of the sea captain and his wife are not known at this stage. But how weird is this - letting your daughter go off with a couple at the age of six years. Robina stayed in contact with her family and sisters when overseas. I have only just found out this fact from tracking down a cousin who is the great grand daughter of Robina and has done a lot of family history. She too has not been able to get to the bottom of the mystery and no-one seems to know who Robert Grant is. Perhaps he is the sea captain? I have not been able to find out when Mary Agnes came to Australia, at what age and who with. She did live in and around the inner Sydney area. The current account prepared by a John Chalmers in London on 24 May 1851 directed to 'Mrs Kate Fitzmaurice' from her brother's estate (Captain Roche Meade) states among other amounts '1850 April 22 'Trfo you 38 pounds and April 29 Trfo for Order on Sydney  102.2.6 and finally 1851 May 24 'Trfr for Order on Sydney for pounds 53.19.11'. I originally thought that the money was sent to Kate Fitzmaurice in Sydney but I now think it is to someone else in Sydney as there is a separate entry on this account to her on April 22 of 38 pounds. I am also not sure if I am correct in deciphering the account as the writing of John Chalmers looks like 'Tofo or Topo or To For). So how these accounts end up in our possession is a mystery. My Great Grandmother Selina Mary Violet also had in her possession inherited jewellery from her mother Mary Agnes. It also appears that Kate Fitzmaurice was handling her brothers estate as there is another amount send to a Stephen Meade for his expenses in London of five pounds and another amount 'For Order on P. B. of Reland of 651.3.9 pounds.' On the debit side of the accunt are the words 'By Share of Est. Roche Meade 855.14.9 dated 1850 Oct 7 and he wordds Errors Excepted London 24th May 1851 John Chalmers. Does this provide anyone with ideas of where I could look for the birth details of Mary Agnes and marriage details of her mother and father.

« on: Tuesday 06 September 11 22:59 BST (UK)  »
Thanks to all who are helping. I have in my possession a copy of the distribution of funds from the sale goods from the Estate of Captain/Major Roche Meade to his sister in Sydney in 1851 a Mrs Kate Fitzmaurice (the 'K" being for Kathryn - not Kathleen as previously thought). I found the passage of a Mrs Fitzmaurice and one child on board the 'London' from Port Phillip to Sydney in 1854. Mary's first child, supposedly to a Robert William Grant was born on 21 August 1856 - I have the NSW birth certificate for her (Robina Mary Josephine). I now believe Mary was born in Ireland somewhere in 1838/9 and not 1830 as previously thought. On the birth certificate of her last daughter to be born (to Mark Powell) on 10 October 1870 she states her age as 31 years and born in Ireland. Her second daughter (my Great Grandmother Selina Mary Violet) we know was born on 6 April 1861 and the supposed father was again Robert William Grant (overseer/surveyor). I have also obtained the death certificate of a baby boy William Grant (aged 7 months) who died on 17 October 1859. His father on the certificate is a Robert Grant - Labourer and mother is listed as 'Mary Grant formerly unknown'. The Informant is 'Agnes Grant of Canterbury - Friend'. This birth would have fitted in between the two daughters Robina in 1856 and Selina in 1861. The reason I think this is the same Mary Agenes and Robert Grant is because of the location - Canterbury, NSW and buried in Ashfield Church Yard by a Protestant Minister. Mary married Mark Powell in January 1862 nine months after Selina was born in April 1861. The first daughter to the second marriage Alarinina Carlinda Carlotta Powell was born in 1864 in Sydney/Parramatta, Field of Mars. Now I am sure Captain Roche Meade is Mary Agnes's uncle, - the brother of her mother Kathryn Meade married to a Henry Fitzmaurice but the subterfuge and the strange allegations of connection to the Fitzmaurice Family in Ireland which appeared in my Great Grandmother's marriage notice is perplexing. I am missing a marriage certificate or any evidence of Kathryn's marriage to Henry Fitzmaurice in Ireland. If their daughter was born in 1838/9 then their marriage must have occurred just before that date. Kathryn's maiden name of Meade indicates she was from around Limerick.


« on: Tuesday 30 August 11 05:47 BST (UK)  »
I am trying to find out how my Great Great Grandmother arrived in Australia. Her death cert stated she was in NSW for 77 years. She died in Sydney in 1920 at the alleged age of 90. Her death cert says she was born in County Clare, Ireland in 1830 which means she was 13 years of age when she arrived. Her name was Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice. I have found a Henry Fitzmaurice and two children (no mention of a wife) arrived aboard the Andromache into Port Adelaide in December 1950. No names of the children were provided on the passenger list and he does not have a wife travelling with him. Her death cert says her father was a Henry James Fitzmaurice and her mother was a Mary Kathleen Meade (Meade is maiden name). Her death certificate also states her first marriage (from which two daughters were born) to a Robert William Grant. No marriage certificate or record can be found to substantiate this. Her first daughter's birth certificate states that her maiden name was a Williamson - not a Fitzmaurice and that she was married in England in 1853 to Robert William Grant. Her first daughter was born in 1856 and my GG Grandmother (no record of her birth can be found) was born in 1862.

Does anyone know where I should research details of her birth in County Clare Ireland. Or can anyone think of any other possibilities as to how she might have ended up in Australia at the age of 13. Her uncle was a Major Roche Meade who died in England on 17 November 1848.

« on: Friday 26 August 11 08:00 BST (UK)  »
Hi there SandyMc

Thanks for this tips. I found the passenger list for the Andromache and yes Henry Fitzmaurice was on board. But this will rock your socks. He was listed as only being with 2 children (no names of the children) and no wife. Other passengers travelling as family had husband's name, then 'wife and children' after their name. How strange is this. The other challenge is that the Andromache went to Adelaide and then onto Port Phillip - or Sydney as it is now known and I have no idea whether he disembarked in Adelaide or went onto Sydney. If Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice is one of the two children, it is probably that they went onto Sydney as that is where the birth of her children is registered - well some of them anyway. I am waiting for a cousin to come good with some papers that may provide some clues on this line of my family.  I will keep searching and investigating.  If you think of anything else that may help, I would love to hear from you. My husband and I spent the whole of April this year in England and went to Yorkminister for the day. What a stunning place that is!!! Cheers for now. Helen

« on: Wednesday 24 August 11 00:31 BST (UK)  »
1800's. My Great Great Great Grandmother was a Mary Kathleen Meade married to a Henry James Fitzmaurice - supposedly a captain of HN, 3rd Buggs. Mary Kathleen's brother was a Major Roche Meade. Their parents were Mary-Anne (nee Harold) who married John Meade. This was in the late 1700's. My Great Great Grandmother Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice (daughter of Mary Kathleen Meade and Henry James Fitzmaurice) is eluding me in my efforts to trace my family history. She died in 1920 supposedly at the age of 90 in a home for old age dementia sufferers. Her death certificate is the only document I have and they are notoriously incorrect. However it states her parents were Henry Fitzmaurice - army captain and Mary Kathleen Meade. Captain Roche Meade never married and I have photocopies of a valuation of items from his estate and a document dated 24 May 1857 'Mrs Kate Fitzmaurice with John Chalmers in Account Currently.This document also appears to contain an Order on Sydney on 22 April 1850. Captain Meade died 16 November 1849. I don't know if any of this information can provide you with an inkling as to where I should start to look to find out about Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice. I am dubious about the information on the death certificate although she was very old when she died. I have an Aunty who is 96 and can just remember her or being told about her existence in the mental hospital. Her death certificate states she was in NSW Australia for 77 years when she died which means she must have arrived in 1843 or thereabouts if she was actually born in 1830. No-one knows if her parents came too. Any light you might be able to shed on where I can look for records on their existence in Ireland would be appreciated.

« on: Monday 22 August 11 07:10 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the tips Sandy. What information I do have for Mary Agnes Fitzmaurice (her death certificate) and information on the birth certificate of her first daughter is all contradictory. The dates don't add up and information on her first daughter's birth certificate make reference to a marriage in England on 6 January 1853 to a Robert Grant at the age of 18 (he was 30 years) , yet her death certificate states she was 90 years when she died in 1920 and she had been in the colonies (NSW it says) for 77 years which makes her only 13 when she came here. The NSW death cert also states her first marriage(?) of which there is no record, occurred when she was 16 years of age  to a Robert Grant in Sydney NSW. The birth of her first daughter. Robina Mary Josephine Grant, occurred in 1856. So if she arrived her at the age of 13 in 1843 and married (?) at the age of 16 (1846), it was ten years before she had her first child!  Strange wouldn't you say. Her next daughter (my Great Great Grandmother Selina Mary Violet Grant) was born in 1861 another five years after her first daughter. In 1862 she remarried when my GGG Mother was nine months old). She went on to have two more daughters to her second husband  Mark Powell one in 1864 - and get this name - Allordinda Carlinda Carlotta  and the last daughter Lucille Eugenie Florence, was born 1870 six years after her sister. This would have made 40 years of age when she had Lucille. She had a little boy too Charles William Powell but he died in 1863 not long after he was born. Now while all of this does not make sense, it does give you an incite into this woman. I think she was hiding something. When her daughter Selina Mary Violet married, there was a marriage notice which read like royalty. Links to Fitzmaurices, and Dukes and Marquis of Lansdowne. Mary Agnes' mother Mary Kathleen Meade did have a brother Major Roche Meadeand this was included in the marriage notice. So what do you make of all that. Something is being hidden and the daughters' names - three each!!

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