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The Common Room / Re: Muslims getting baptised
« on: Wednesday 17 November 21 11:28 GMT (UK)  »
I have seen on the News today that many asylum seekers convert from Islam to Christianity in order to facilitate their claim, including the bomber in Liverpool on Remembrance Sunday. He did not change his name. I imagine it was similar for your man; it made life easier for him in England for work, accomodation, social reasons, etc., but he still wished to acknowledge his roots.

The Lighter Side / Re: A house through time
« on: Sunday 03 October 21 02:33 BST (UK)  »
I see Series 2 is being repeated on Thursday, 7th October. BBC4. It's the Newcastle house.

The Lighter Side / Re: A house through time
« on: Wednesday 29 September 21 17:57 BST (UK)  »
I loved it, well, all of them, and could listen to these stories all night. As David said, it was the story of Leeds, and just how I feel too.
I really hope there'll be another series, I do appreciate the difficulty of finding suitable houses, with enough interesting residents, and the amount of research that goes into it. (I suppose he could co-opt Rootschatters to do some of the delving for him ;)

The Common Room / Re: A House Through Time - BBC2
« on: Wednesday 22 September 21 09:31 BST (UK)  »
Good, it seems Mary Ellen came through well. I was afraid they'd end up in the Workhouse.

The Common Room / Re: A House Through Time - BBC2
« on: Monday 20 September 21 10:31 BST (UK)  »
I'm pleased you found Noah to add to your family story. Clues do sometimes pop up from diverse sources, don't they. I felt very sorry for Noah and his family and wondered what happened Mary Ellen.
  I was also curious about his employer, Mr. Wild; was he a self-made man or did the business come down the family? And his partner, was he the ruthless one? And maybe they 'saw Mary Ellen right' privately, many factory owners looked after their staff in sad circumstances, I know that personally. Problem is, we only get snapshots of the past, we don't know the whole story.
  I hope you find good news about Mary Ellen, let us know what you find.

The Lighter Side / Re: Always expect the unexpected!
« on: Tuesday 14 September 21 03:09 BST (UK)  »
One of my neighbours recently told us about his DNA results. Pakistan popped up as one of his ethnicities. He is a Romany so that must be a bit of deep ancestry showing up. His son went straight out and bought him a prayer mat  ;D

Yes, I've considered that too. There was a John Watt around at the time, instrumental in local 'Indian Affairs'. No more though so there it is.
I've often wondered about her life though, following him about Canada with children; children born and died on both sides of the Atlantic, then leaving it all to be a framework knitter in a 2-up, 2-down terrace in the Midlands.

My apologies, ali, I seem to have hi-jacked your thread :-[

Thank you, melba_schmelba, I'll have another go at downloading my DNA. And no, no Wills sadly. but I'm certain he wouldn't say anything about her ancestry anyway.
Did she move back to the UK with him? In the will I mentioned, William Flett, originally of Firth, Orkney, later of Red River in Ruperts Land, North America, mentions his wife Sasketchewan, so in this case it is more obvious that she is Native American, but sometimes the wives may have anglicized their names - I suspect, especially in any cases where they did move back to the UK, or they migrated to cities in Canada or America. That will was a P.C.C. will (made 1823, proved 1826), and 14 P.C.C. wills are listed for Ruperts Land or Rupert's Land

I have also found wills of people who emigrated to (what is now) Canada or America proved in local courts in England, where they originated from. The same would apply to Scotland.

Yes melba, he took her everywhere he was posted, and they eventually came back to live in Wigston, where their last child - my great-grandma - was born. But she was Sarah (Jane) Watt, so I suspect she was taken in by a European family? But no baptism found which I find odd.

Thank you, melba_schmelba, I'll have another go at downloading my DNA. And no, no Wills sadly. but I'm certain he wouldn't say anything about her ancestry anyway.

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