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The Common Room / Re: 1921 UK Census NEWS
« on: Friday 12 January 18 18:21 GMT (UK)  »
Not too worried about the 1921 - grandparents on one side have already been followed on the Canadian 1920s census, and the other set of grandparents are thoroughly known. Not really prepared to pay more in subs, as, year by year there seems to be less for me to find on those sites, sadly. I think I ought to put my money into a crystal ball, might find those elusive and mislaid ones more easily that way!
If you find a reliable crystal ball, do share the details - I am sorely in need of one .......!!!

Cornwall / Re: Passenger ferries between Truro and Falmouth
« on: Saturday 15 November 14 21:40 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for that, Tillypeg.  I have a copy of that book - it is just as informative as you say. I first saw act through the inter-libraries loan scheme, but when I decided I wanted a copy, had to order it specially - at more than the price you quote!  Well worth it though!

Northumberland / Re: Minto/Thompson
« on: Saturday 07 July 12 17:00 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the message and the suggestions.  I have tried several other avenues to locate John, but with no luck so far.  I had thought that if he was in command of a ship, he may have records somewhere like the Maritime Museum - particularly since there is now an outpost in Falmouth - but with no luck.  The only newspaper reference I could find - in Cornwall, admittedly - was about the voyage to the Leeward Islands.  Perhaps I will try to disprove your theory of the marriage to Ann - or at least try to find her death, otherwise this all sounds very unlikely.
Thanks for your help.

Northumberland / Re: Minto/Thompson
« on: Thursday 19 April 12 09:54 BST (UK)  »
My apologies for the delay in replying.

My interest in Minto/Thompson comes from my 3xgreat grandfather, John Minto (Thompson), who - as John Minto - married Elizabeth Towsey/Tewsey, nee Rowe in 1819 in Falmouth.
John and Elizabeth had 4 children, amongst them my 2x great grandmother, Ann, born 1820.

Another "cousin" with whom I have been in contact for a number of years is also descended from this line, and has in his possession a silver cup presented to John Thompson in 1815 following a voyage to the Leeward Islands.  In October 1814 John Thompson was appointed temporary captain of the brig “Grace”, which was on charter to the Falmouth Packet Service to deliver the mails to the Leeward Islands.  He apparently distinguished himself in an encounter with an American privateer, and on his return to Falmouth was awarded a silver cup, suitably engraved, to commemorate the incident.  The engraving has apparently been changed from Thompson to Minto.  We have no idea why he might have changed his name!

Yet another researcher suggested that John MInto Thompson was the son of George Minto, pitman, and Ann Thompson of Netherwitton, Northumberland.  The names make sense, but I have not been able to find anything to link this John with the sea or with Falmouth, so it remains speculative!  I have done some tracking of the Minto/Thompson line in Netherwitton and Rothbury, and would be very willing to share this, but it is the link with "my" John that seems impossible to prove.

Perhaps you have some information ....!!!

Northumberland / Re: Minto/Thompson
« on: Friday 17 February 12 08:26 GMT (UK)  »
Personal message sent

Devon / Re: FOOT/DRAKE - Bere Ferrers
« on: Monday 12 December 11 17:14 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Kevan - or should I say Hi 6th cousin Kevan - since I am almost sure that we share common 5xgreat grandfathers - and by my reckoning, that makes us 6th cousins!  I think your 4xgreat grandfather, John Drake, and my 4xgreat grandmother, Elizabeth Drake, were brother and sister - children of John Drake and Mary Fursman.
I have checked the transcript of marriages and burials from Bere Ferrers, and the marriage dates covered are 1538-1753, burials 1754-1812, which will be why a couple of the marriages I have already quoted are not on the transcript; the Devon Family History Society may have more information - I need to check their website.
I will send a personal message with the details of Jane Drake's children, as I have them, but have to emphasise that I have not confirmed any of these.  Since they seem to be part of my family too, I will have to have a look!
As I have already said, I have not looked at this family for years; there may be much more around now.  I cannot now remember why I did not follow up some of this before when I first acquired this tree; maybe I did, and did not get anywhere!  William Drake and Phillipa Stockman rings faint bells though, so I must have done something!
Best wishes

Devon / Re: FOOT/DRAKE - Bere Ferrers
« on: Monday 12 December 11 00:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi again
I have been rummaging around in my old files and folders in search of anything further I could find about the Drake family; I had not looked in this box for years!
I have found a family tree that was sent to me some years ago – and I cannot find the accompanying letter, so have no idea who sent it!
However, there is some information that may point you in another direction, and it does look as though “my” Elizabeth and “your” John may well be from the same family.
I have already said that I believe my Elizabeth to be the daughter of John Drake and Mary Fursman who married on 7 September 1746 at Bere Ferrers.  I can confirm that marriage; I have seen it in the parish register, and it also appears on the transcript I have of the burials and marriages at St Andrew’s, Bere Ferrers.
The family tree I have found shows that John and Mary had (at least) 2 children:
(my) Elizabeth, baptised August 1747
John, born 1753 and died (or was buried – it is not clear) 19 July 1831

So, concentrating on John for a moment – he appears to have married Celia Foote (who may, or may not, be connected to Elizabeth’s husband Christopher) at Bere Ferrers on 29 April 1782.  This is not on my transcript – I will check the dates covered when I have a minute.
John and Celia had a son, John, who married Mary Harris on 29 October 1814 at Bere Ferrers.  No dates for John, but Mary apparently was born 1784 and died 1832, which fits with the census information.
John and Mary appear to have had 6 or 7 children, amongst them, Jane who married William Harry in 1850 in Plymouth (census).  Other children are listed, along with their children; if you think this is correct, I will give you the rest!

Back up the tree, John Drake who married Mary Fursman, appears to have been baptised on 23 January 1721, and this baptism is on the IGI.  John is the son of William Drake and Phillipa, formerly Stockman, who married at Bere Ferrers on 7 September 1715.  This marriage is on my transcript.  William and Phillipa had a further son, William, baptised 24 March 1719 (from IGI).  William’s father is said to be Edmund – no dates!
I will have another root around and see if I can find anything else; this has reawakened my interest in the Drakes – thank you!

Devon / Re: FOOT/DRAKE - Bere Ferrers
« on: Sunday 11 December 11 18:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - good to know these old posts are still read ....!!!
I am afraid I know very little indeed about the Drake family; so far as I can tell there is very little online for Bere Ferrers, and I have not managed to get to the record office in Exeter for a long time.  My only connection - so far - to the Drake name is Elizabeth, who married Christopher Foot in 1773.  Elizabeth appears to have been baptised in 1747, the daughter of John Drake and Mary Fursman, who married in 1746.  I have seen Elizabeth's baptism and the marriage of John and Mary in the parish register films at the record office - but ran out of time before I could look for any further baptisms - and I have never been back!
I do have a transcription of the marriages and burials at St Andrew's Church, Bere Ferrers, but "your" John is not there.
I presume you have census details for "your" John?  Just in case, I have had a quick look:

1841 HO107 piece 240 folio 11 page 17
Church Cot, Beer Ferris
John Drake, 50, ag lab, born Devon
Mary Drake, 20, born Devon
Christopher Drake, 13, born Devon
Mary Drake, 18 months, born Devon
William Drake, 14 months, born Devon

1851 HO107 piece 1883 folio 79 page 18
Monkeys Castle, Beerferris
John Drake, head, widower, 63, ag lab, born Beerferris
Jane Harry, daughter, married, 27, born Beerferris
Christopher Drake, son, unmarried, 22, labourer in lead mine, born Beerferris
Mary Ann Harry, granddaughter, 1 month, born Beerferris

1861 RG09 piece 1457 folio 54 page 7
Monkeys Castle, Beerferris
John Drake, head, widower, 71, sexton, farm labourer, born Beerferris

1871 RG10 piece 2142 folio 41 page 3
Well Farm, Beer Ferris
William Cole, head, married, 54, hind, born Thornbury
Elizabeth Cole, wife, married, 49, born Beerferris
John Cole, son, unmarried, 19, born Beerferris
Jane Cole, daughter, unmarried, 10, scholar,born Beerferris
John Drake, father, widower, 82, sexton, born Beerferris

Thought this 1871 might be yours - even though you say John died in 1861 - because of the occupation - but you probably know better!!

Sorry I cannot be of more (any!) help - I have not done any research on the Drake family for ages because I came to a brick wall, but you have prompted me to have another look online to see if there is anything new, or maybe I will have a look at the Devon Family History Society website to see if they have any new publications about Beer Ferrers - I doubt that I will get to Exeter in the near future!  If I find anything about your John - I will certainly let you know.  Please keep "my" Elizabeth in your thoughts if you make any further discoveries ....!!!

Best wishes

Cornwall / Re: NANCARROW - St Agnes
« on: Thursday 24 November 11 00:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi - glad to know these old posts are still read ....!!
I have the marriage of Joseph and Joice - it is Joice's baptism that has had me tearing my hair out for many years - and I am no nearer solving it, although to be honest, have not addressed the issue much lately, other lines are more fruitful!

I have never been able to tie the William Ninnis you mention into "my" family, although feel there has to be a connection somewhere.  Joanna Martin was a witness to the marriage of Joseph and Joice in 1804 and I have always supposed that it is the same one as married William - but then again, they married in 1803, so why would she still be using the name Martin ....?  Never just an answer - always more questions ...!

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