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I don't have the booklets themselves, but these are the names and dates from the ANESFHS index.

St Machar F174:

Alexander Cumming 30-1-1790
James Cumming 23-8-1819
Barbara Cumming 20-3-1820
John Cumming 21-3-1825
Ann Harvie 17-3-1825
Alexander Cumming 4-12-1858
Jane Cumming 24-9-1872
Ann Cumming 13-2-1879

New Machar 36:

George Cumming 10-1-1860
Annie Cumming 15-8-1860
David Cumming 17-4-1881
Jane Symon 4-2-1908
George Cumming no date
James Cumming no date
Ann Cumming no date
Jane Cumming no date
Elizabeth Cumming no date
John Cumming no date

NB the neighbouring stone (35) is likely to mention relatives:

James Cumming 28-10-1869
Mary Stewart 5-1-1892
Arthur Cumming 2-9-1903
James Cumming 24-12-1909

As many of the people names died after 1854, you will be able to get their death certificates on ScotlandsPeople. You may well be able to locate them on the censuses too by using this information.

There is no mention of these Greigs/Griegs/Griggs on any surviving gravestone in the Doune kirkyard at Macduff or in St John's kirkyard in Gamrie.

For some time marriages were recorded both in the Gamrie register and in the register at Macduff. It is always worth looking at both as one gives details of residence and names the witnesses, the other usually doesn't.

The Common Room / Re: Thomas Meleady's occupation
« on: Yesterday at 22:59 »
Originally a manufacturer was someone producing something by hand, then it comes to mean someone producing something by hand or by using machinery. In Scotland, I have often found it used of handloom weavers. It may well stretch to someone working in a mill.

"There are 16 stones with inscriptions mentioning a total of 41 Cummings in St Machar's kirkyard."

ANESFHS MIs showing nothing for St Machar.

Where are you getting your results from?


These are the entries for Cummings as opposed to Cumming. In addition to the 41 Cummings names there is one Cumming in St Machar. Cumming and Cummings are pretty interchangeable in older records.

What year is it?

There are 16 stones with inscriptions mentioning a total of 41 Cummings in St Machar's kirkyard.

If you give me some names or dates, I will see if they are there.

As Flattybasher9 says, there are three stones mentioning a total of 14 Cummings in New Machar kirkyard.

Buteshire / Re: Which John McNeil (1719 or 1720)
« on: Sunday 23 January 22 19:20 GMT (UK)  »
Do the names of John and Mary's children give any clues? What are they, in chronological order?

Also do the witnesses to the baptisms give any clues to relatives?

Aberdeenshire / Re: CRAN/WATT
« on: Sunday 23 January 22 16:37 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, Lorismith4. I see the last time orkboyz was active on Rootschat was on 21st May 2005. However, a notification of your post will have gone to his e-mail if it is still working.

Aberdeenshire / Re: sievewright ancestors
« on: Saturday 22 January 22 16:03 GMT (UK)  »
Minutes of Lumphanan kirk session

11 July 1852:

Compeared Jane Machray W. Kincraigie, confessing
herself with child, & naming William Sievewright in Mains
of Auchlossan as the father of it. She was ordered to desire
him to attend with her, this day fortnight

25 July 1852:

Compeared Jane Machray, adhering to her former con-
fession, that she was with child & that William Sievewright
Auchlossan, was the father that she had sent notice to him
to appear to-day, which he has not done. Whereupon
William Emslie, the Officer was ordained to summon him
to appear here, next Lord's day.

17 October 1852:

Compeared William Sievewright, Auchlossan confessing
himself the father of Jane Machray's child (see 25th of last
July) The Session informed him that if he gave evidence
of true repentance, the Session would absolve him two months

4 December 1852:

Compeared Jane Machray - (see 25th
of last July) for the sin of fornication, She was re-
buked and suitably exhorted to repentance by the
moderator [i.e. the minister], & restored to the priviliges of the church

2 July 1853:

Compeared ... Wiliam Sievewright ...
They were all suitably rebuked, admonished
& exhorted to repentance & upon their profession of repent-
ance & reformation were restored to the priviliges of the

[William is one of a number of parishioners listed.]

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