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Norfolk / Re: Searching for Marriage Record of John Northover READ
« on: Friday 29 October 21 07:56 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for that amondg. Seems like it is the missing John.
Did wonder if he had come out to NZ for a visit but so far haven't found him on a Passenger List.
Will keep on trying to track down the missing years between 1881 and 1901 and hope that some clue
turns up to prove it really is him.

Norfolk / Re: Searching for Marriage Record of John Northover READ
« on: Thursday 28 October 21 02:42 BST (UK)  »
Have received the Marriage certificate.
 John was aged 50, Wood Merchant, Father: John Northover READ with a Rank or Profession of: Civil Engineer.  Not a Publican.
They married in The Methodist Free Church. Word underneath looks like ďHoltĒ.

 This may be a tenuous link to John becoming a wood merchant then a Dealer in Work of Art.
Johnís sister Catherine Augusta Penny was married to Thomas DENNY, on her marriage certificate Fatherís Profession was Stone Agent. Maybe being a Publican/Hotel keeper had some stigma attached to it.  On the 1891 census their residence was Gabriel & Sons Wharf as a Timber Merchants Wharf Clerk. 1901 census was a Merchants Clerk at Gabriels Timber Wharf, same on the 1911 census. On the 1891 Anne READ was living with them, maybe John was there somewhere as well and was taken into the business.
The death in 1914 in Norwich gives Johnís age as 70 = birth year c1844.
So, some of the clues suggest this is the correct person, but would still like to find him on the missing 1891 and 1901 census just to be really sure.

Norfolk / Re: Searching for Marriage Record of John Northover READ
« on: Friday 15 October 21 07:55 BST (UK)  »
Have ordered the Marriage certificate, but read on another post that they are taking at least 5-6 weeks to reach Australia and New Zealand at the moment, so will mark this as complete and add to it when the certificate arrives.
Thank you for your help
Heather R.

Dorset / Searching for a John Northover READ (one of many)
« on: Tuesday 28 September 21 02:12 BST (UK)  »
There are quite a few John Northover READs in Dorset, but the one I am searching for was baptised 19 Aug 1846 in the parish of Portland in the county of Dorset.  Parents John Northover READ and Ann Chaddock nee PEARCE. Married 1845. He had two sisters Ann Northover READ 1852 Catherine Augusta READ 1860.
He is with his parents at the Chesil New Hotel Portland on the 1871 census Occ. Baker age 24 and on 1881 Census as a Baker aged 30 and after that havenít been able to track him down.
I think the following dates are correct but always welcome any help offered.
His father c1812 died 1889 M Quarter in Weymouth age 72= c1817.  His mother, c1818 died 1900 S Quarter 01D 758 Woolwich London age 82= c1818. It seems that after her husband died she went to live with her younger daughter Catherine Augusta Penny READ c1860-1945 who married, in 1883, Thomas Francis DENNY c1858-1929.
On 1891 census London, St Mary, Waterloo Road First, District 3. Thomas DENNY, Catherine 31 and Ann 73 (transcribed as Ana).
Ann, his sister, married John Thomas ATTWOOLL and emigrated to NZ in 1874.
Just to confuse things this is another John Northover READ born about the same time.
John Northover READ c1847. Married to Elizabeth. 1891 census Occ. Sawyer, 5 Children.  MMS BUNGAY.
1899 Jno. READ Admitted to Dorset County Asylum, Occ. Wood sawyer.
1901 Elizabeth Head M.
1911 John still in Asylum. Died 1 Jun 1913. About 66.
As well as his father, there is another John Northover READ running a hotel. From the 1865 edition of UK, City and County Directories, 1766-1946
READ John Northover, Prince of Wales hotel, Fortuneís well
READ J. Northover, New hotel, Chiswell.
Any clue to his whereabouts after the 1881 census would be much appreciated.
Thank you

There is a marriage in Norwich 1901 of a J.N.READ to Elizabeth and have had a query on that board, here is the link, hope it works. Birth date and place of birth similar.

Have requested the marriage cert. to see if that held any useful information, Fatherís Name and Profession would be nice.

Norfolk / Re: Searching for Marriage Record of John Northover READ
« on: Saturday 25 September 21 09:46 BST (UK)  »
Just did a quick search and have found a tree on A*try for Elizabeth ROWLAND/COREY/REID think that should be spelt READ. Husband Joseph COREY died 1883 and John Northover REID c1840 died 1914 in Norwich.  The death of Elizabeth is given as 2 Feb 1937 age 95 in Norwich.
Will do some more research tomorrow.  So that Erpingham marriage looks like the correct one, just a wee bit out on the years married. On the 1901 census Elizabeth has a son, aged 19, living with her, an Apprentice Carpenter.  Maybe that is where the Oak Panels and Fine Arts merged together.

Norfolk / Re: Searching for Marriage Record of John Northover READ
« on: Saturday 25 September 21 09:06 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for all the replies,
have found these death records in Norwich,
 John, GRO Ref 1914 Vol 04B page 161 age 70 = c1844 and 2 Elizabeths one GRO Ref 1916 Vol 04B Page 176 age 69 = c1847 and the other GRO Ref 1927 Vol 04B Page 161 age 80 = c1847.
His sister Ann & John ATTWOOLL came to New Zealand in 1874, John died in Dunedin NZ 21st May 1876 age 31 and Ann was living in Gisborne NZ with Leon POSWILLO, no marriage found, who are my GG grandparents.
mckha489. Maybe that explains October 0009 = 9 October 1732 and I have been chasing the wrong Elizabeth.
Dundee. Will search further into the Elizabeth COREY born Lingwood, as there is a reference number and due to lockdown haven't spent much, will order that certificate next week.

Once again thank you

Norfolk / Searching for Marriage Record of John Northover READ
« on: Saturday 25 September 21 03:08 BST (UK)  »
I am searching for a John Northover READ (quite a few of them around) born c1846 Portland Dorset, who has disappeared after the 1881 census when he was living with his parents at the Chesil New Hotel Portland Dorset age 30. Occ. Baker. On the 1871 census age was given as 24.
On the 1911 census a John Northover READ, born Portland Dorset, age 69 is living at 47 Grimsby St Norwich. Occ. Dealer in Work of Art. Married to Elizabeth also 69 for 15 years.  Giving a birth year c1842 and marriage year about 1896.
 So far have not found them on the 1901 census or anything about Elizabeth before this marriage.
There is a marriage on Family Search for Elizabeth HALSE and John READ at Norwich St Helen, Norfolk England.
FHL Film Number: 1565303 and also another with a Record Number of 23145 which shows
John Read Principal England, Norfolk, Parish Registers (County Record office), 1510-1997
residence: October 0009 St Helen  Spouse: Elizabeth Halse
marriage:  October 0009 Norwich St Helen, Norfolk England
Can anyone explain what October 0009 means??
I havenít been able to find this marriage on FreeBMD or Aítry so cannot order the Certificate to see if this is the correct John Northover READ.
Any help to track down this marriage record to help prove or not that this is the elusive John would be much appreciated.
Will also post a query on the Dorset board to ask for assistance and cross link the posts when done.
Thank you

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Napier War Memorial & Conference Centre
« on: Thursday 08 July 21 03:07 BST (UK)  »
Was having a poke around and found this

not a very good photo but his name is there. Will try to attach the photo


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Napier War Memorial & Conference Centre
« on: Wednesday 07 July 21 09:05 BST (UK)  »
Have just found this article, proably easier to understand than my version

hope it works

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