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The Common Room / Re: Needham's of Sheffield
« on: Monday 28 February 22 21:39 GMT (UK)  »

Well you've woken me up from my slumber on my own family tree with your question. Having started looking at my own ancestry I came to a halt with Matthew Needham who married Elizabeth Worral in Sheffield in 1768. You might ask why am I telling you all this? In trying to find out who were Matthew's parents and where he was born I generated a lot of data about the Needham's and decided to publish it so that others could benefit from a compendium of data on the Needham family. So, I built a website and eventually registered what I'd done with the Guild of One Name Studies. I am the administrator of the One Name Study of the Needham's and all the work I've done can be found on:

This includes a transcription of baptism, burials and marriages up to at least 1837 in a large number of Parishes including many in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Cheshire and Staffordshire plus  transcriptions of wills and memorials/gravestones, family trees, archive references etc. Most of this data I've transcribed by looking at the original images. This includes data from Sheffield and Rotherham. There are a large number of trees on the site and all of these can be found on Ancestry.

To answer your question. John Needham 1819-1875 f George Needham m Catherine Martin had I believe two brothers Joseph and George and three sisters: Ellen, Sarah and Elizabeth; no Matthew. Now John's father George (1797 - ?) had five brothers including a Matthew (1812-1877); so it could be he who is the witness at John's wedding. But there is a second possibility. John's father George was the son of Matthew Needham (1774-1844) and Elizabeth Lee so he could be the witness you are seeking

As it happens John's grandfather Matthew (1774-1844) is the son of Matthew Needham (1745?-1787) and Elizabeth Worral who are my 4xgreat grandparents. So we are related. But I will always say that you need to check all this as I could have made a mistake.

My family tree is on the website:

or Ancestry. If you have an Ancestry account let me have your user name and I'll make you a guest.

Hope this helps


Derbyshire / Re: John Needham buried Wormhill
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 23:48 GMT (UK)  »
There is a One Name Study website on the Needham's: . You may find information on the site of use to your studies. I believe John Needham & Eliza Taylor lived in Barlow. They are in the Barlow tree on that site

Nigel Needham

Derbyshire / Re: abraham bond married elizabeth needham 14 march 1796 duffield
« on: Tuesday 13 December 16 20:51 GMT (UK)  »
Elizabeth Needham's father died at Chevin Side, Duffield in 1817. Elizabeth is named in the will under her married name of Bond. As others have said the Needham's moved around following the work.

Abraham Bond is not a common name. Looking on Family Search there is the bap of an AB in Darley 6 April 1763 f Luke m Ann; if it's Elizabeth's husband he would be 33 when they married

There is an AB f of the groom John Bond who married in Chesterfield in Feb 1839; this looks positive to me and worth looking at.

In addition there is an AB f of two daughters Harriett and Menda who were married in 1851 and 1866 in Edensor. My guess this is not your AB

So I would look in Darley and Chesterfield records. Hope this is of help

Derbyshire / Re: abraham bond married elizabeth needham 14 march 1796 duffield
« on: Monday 12 December 16 23:08 GMT (UK)  »
There's quite a lot of data on the Needham's of Duffield on

Derbyshire / Re: Isaac Needham Ashover
« on: Monday 14 September 15 15:16 BST (UK)  »

I believe Hellen Wall is the second wife of Isaac ie Ellen. Ann, Isaac's first wife dies in 1751  and the marriage to Helen/Ellen is in 1753. The death in 1822 I assume is Ellen/Helen as the calculated  birth year fits. As you know Ashover and Matlock are quite close.

But I'm still unsure if Isaac was bap in 1723 or 1726, although the burial record would indicate the younger Isaac is the man.

Thanks again


Derbyshire / Re: Isaac Needham Ashover
« on: Monday 14 September 15 13:57 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the info but I would question your conclusion; apologies.  The eldest Isaac was bap 5 Jun 1723 and the youngest 19 May 1726. The burial record of the 7 May 1804 aged 79 would mean that he was born in either 1725  or 1724. Either way it looks more likely that the burial record  indicates it is the younger Isaac ie bap 1726 that is the person I'm looking for.
Thanks again for your help


Derbyshire / Isaac Needham Ashover
« on: Monday 14 September 15 10:33 BST (UK)  »
   The records have an Isaac Needham in Ashover having one child in 1748 with a wife Anne and an Isaac Needham having three children (bap 1757 - 1762)with a wife Ellen. It would appear that this is the same Isaac and that he marries twice. From information from a gravestone in Ashover parish church an Isaac N has a wife Ann  d 1751 age 19   and a second wife Ellen - can't read the detail of Ellen's death. The gravestone reads Isaac dies in May ( remainder is unreadable) and there is only 1 burial in May I can find in Ashover- May 1804.
But when was Isaac born and who were his parents? There are 2 possibilities I can find: Isaac b 1723 f Abraham m Hannah; Isaac b 1726 f William m Elizabeth. Which one marries Ann & Ellen? Can anyone help?

Derbyshire / Re: John Needham buried Wormhill
« on: Friday 07 August 15 21:27 BST (UK)  »
Hi All

First let me thank all those who have contributed to  the thread. Spendlove & Skippy I've also found the documents you refer to and I'm hoping the trees Skippy mentions will close the loop on some unknowns

Let me try and summarise what I've found since I first asked the question about the tomb in Wormhill graveyard. The info comes mainly from Peak Forest and Wormhill PR, wills and documents in TNA plus the book the Real Oliver Twist by John Waller:
1. The tomb is that of John bap 1772 in Wormhill & Olive Swinden from Tinsley plus two of their 4 daughters. John is the son of John Needham bap 1736 Peak Forest and Hannah Hague. It was JN bap 1736 who bought Hargatewall. John & Olive had 4 children - 3 were baptised in Darley where John moved to farm with his uncle Samuel before returning to Hargatewell where the fourth daughter was born. When Olive died  in 1827 she left her estate to her 2 remaining daughters who were both governess's and had moved away from the area
2. The father John bap 1736 married into money and acquired land over the northern part of Derbyshire including Hargatewell. He had three other sons plus John and one daughter. The eldest son, Ellis, lived at Hargatewall after his fathers death and up until he was made bankrupt in 1815. He died in Chapel-en-le-Frith in 1831. Ellis built and managed Litton Mill. He appears to have been a good farmer but was a poor business man and a tyrant of an owner who used orphans from London working them hard. He had the highest death rate of apprentices in the county.
3. John bap 1736 was the son of Robert Needham and Hannah Fryth of Perryfoot. I believe he had three sons John bap 1736 plus Elias and Samuel ( I can't find a baptism for these last 2 sons; if anyone can help I'd be grateful) plus 2 daughters Martha & Hannah. Samuel was wealthy and lived variously at Perryfoot, Stancliff near Darley, and Rushop near Chapel where he died.
4. Roberts father was Elias a yeoman from Perryfoot. Beside Elias I've found a daughter Grace, but I've no doubt there could have been other children. Are there any others?
5. I can find references in TNA back to Needham's (Nedham) being at Wormhill from 1410
6. I've ordered a copy of the family trees of the Needham's of Perryfoot and I'm hoping that it can unravel a few problem areas I have with the Needham's in the area

If anyone would like a copy of the detail I have which is summarised in spreadsheets then please drop me your email and I will send them to you

Nigel Needham

Derbyshire / Re: John Needham buried Wormhill
« on: Wednesday 17 June 15 01:32 BST (UK)  »

Thanks for all your help. I'll investigaate further and let you know what I find


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