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All 3 sons births registered Pontypridd .mmn Parry.

David Rowland Evans 29 b Llanfyllie Montgomeryshire
Annie Evans 34 b Llangeview Denbighshire
Stanley 5 b Pentre Glamorgan
Edgard 3 b 1908 "
Bruce 10 months "

Married 6 years and in Rhonda Glamorgan. All place names as transcribed

I'm working on a tablet in a static caravan,  just passing the time😉

I think the OP has discounted this family, Wilcoxinv - see first page.

Is that reply 5.
It's all a little confusing.
I think the Durham family could have gone to America.
Never mind. 🙂

1881 England. Durham.
Still there with 4 more children.
Robert 8
David 5
George 3
Mary 6 months

Thomas and Mary s birth places have been swapped Mary now born Flint. Thomas b Wrexham.

Check out 1871 England census
Durham. Crook with Billy Row.
Thomas Parry 31 b Flint Mountain Flint.
Mary 25 b Derbyshire Adwy. This is almost certainly Adwy, Bersham,  Denbighshire
Sarah 6 b Lodge
Thomas 6 b Lodge Denbighshire
Rebecca E 5  b Brymbo
Peter 4 months b Durham.
Plus a lodger .

Flintshire / Re: The Chemistry?, Mancot, Flintshire
« on: Sunday 13 June 21 09:47 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the tip. I hadn't noticed that.

Flintshire / Re: The Chemistry?, Mancot, Flintshire
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 19:47 BST (UK)  »
Just a  little more. Welsh Wills. Unfortunately Hawarden wills aren't online.

Letman, Edward, Saltney, Chimistry, Hawarden, Flint
 Edward Letman : 1847.

Flintshire / Re: The Chemistry?, Mancot, Flintshire
« on: Saturday 12 June 21 19:31 BST (UK)  »
Take a look at the 1841 Wales cenus.
Search Edward Letman in Flintshire.  He is at the Chymistry and is a Chymist, as spelt on entry
On the same page are Thomas and Barbara Bennion who might be  yours.

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