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              Thanks for clarifying this for me.......... sorry to hear you have been in hospital - hope you are well on the road to recovery.
Prayers and Best wishes,  Cliff

Thanks, Diane.......   when I click on the link which you sent, nothing happens..... the screen comes right back to your message - am not sure what else to do???    Cliff

Hi Diane,
         Just received word that you sent me a reply on "another board" but I do not see it... HELP!

Hi, Diane
      I think I have finally entered everything you have shared into my Tree - many thanks!
Some questions:
       Do you know anything more about Gertrude Doris Berry and her family of origin and where she was prior to her marriage to Alban in 1920?
       I am lacking similar information for Marion Large and George F. Marlow.
       Ancestry links me to a George F. Marlow born in London about 1885 - could that be the one?

         The 1911 census says that he was born in Hedon about 1887- that he was married for one year, and that he was a musician with the Army - that explains why he was at Aldershot - I think he was in the army in the 1901 census as well.... I could email you a copy if you would like.............   Cliff

Hi Diane,
           Here is what I found out about Henry Sylvester:
In the 4th quarter of 1909 he married Florence Louisa Ware, in Elham, Kent
She was born in the 2nd Q of 1881 in Camberwell, London - daughter of Alexander & Louisa Ware.
       She died in Willesden, Middlesex in the 2nd Q of 1963.

They are both found at Aldershot in the 1911 census
He died in the 4th Q of 1947 in Pontrefact 


Thanks for sending another Treasure Trove !!   Have found lots of birthdates I was missing and other interesting information.... also tracked down the Butterworth spouse/family and found the name of the wife of Henry Sylvester..  As an Anglican priest I am fascinated by the conversion and re-baptism of so many of those originally baptized at St. Augustine's.  I do not remember seeing the RC church when we were in Hedon. I note that Marton is about the same distance from Sproatley as Hedon - I guess that explains that connection.  We did not get to meet Martin Craven when there as he was abroad, but he did leave us the copy of his books which we purchased. We did spend some time at the Museum and the folks there were most helpful - even showed us some of the postcards done by Robert.
Thanks again for your help.

Hello again.....
     Thank you so much for sending such helpful information on the Ellertons - I have spent the evening entering in all the new information.

      To answer your question about my connection: my grandfather Robert Jewson Gibson (b.1870) was the son of Fanny Gibson Ellerton's brother John Gibson.  This past Oct. I spent a week in the Hedon area with my younger brother and we were thrilled to be able to find so many Gibsons buried in the
cemetery at St. Augustine's.  We spent a couple of days in Beverly gathering information there and also visited the History Centre in Hull on a couple of occasions.  All in all it was a profitable trip and we came home with much new information for our family tree.

       In addition to entering in the information you gave me I tracked down some other data thanks to  I did find quite a bit about Enid Nelson's parents, and also can confirm for you that
Amy Agatha's first baptism was at St. Augustine's Church on 06/08/84 and her second was in the RC church 3 years later. (I have the 2 vol. set of St. Augustine's parish records).....  also I found Amy in the 1911 census working at a hospital in Hull - so she did not marry either of those men in 1906 at Bridlington....

       I have all of this posted on the Gibson/Carr Family Tree on Ancestry. com - it is a "public tree" so feel free to take a look if you have access to it.

        I would welcome anything else you have on some of the other siblings - especially the two daughters born to his first marriage.
Many Thanks - Cliff in Bethlehem, PA


Dear Diane,
      Thank you for your reply - I would welcome further information on Mary Hewson - am also intrigued by your comment that William Jewson Ellerton went to Canada - I have him as dying in Worth Valley, Yorkshire in 1960 - can you enlighten me?
Thanks, Cliff

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