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Looking at Margaretís age when Warren was born brings her date of birth to 1873 which is fairly close to her actual date of birth. And it states she was born in Ireland which is true. Great, thank you, oldoohiohome.

Oldohiohome, you are amazing. I can't believe that you found all this wonderful information. Both Margaret and her sister Helena aka Sarah Elena both misrepresented their ages, for whatever reason. But I am sure these are the right people, largely because of the names of the parents.
Thank you so very much.

I finally found Robert and Margaret in 1900 living in Philadelphia and both of them say they were from Ireland. I found them using Malinda's dob although she went by Lillie on this census, born Oct 1897. Margaret says dob June 1876 which is closer to actual birth. Indexed under Phonex.
It is the same family as the 1910 census has these two daughters on it along with their sons Robert, William and Warren.

Found the births of William Ervin/Irvin Phoenix, Apr 2, 1905 in Haycock and Warren Garfield Phoenix Apr 18, 1907 also in Haycock Twp., Bucks Co.  Can't seem to produce the link.

Now I have found the family in 1930, with Margaret and Robert, and their two youngest children. Then, they were in Quakerstown Borough, Bucks Co., PA

I have found the family in 1910, which says both parents born England. I have been told that sometimes the Irish would say they were from Scotland or England, because of some prejudice against the Irish.
We have a daughter Malinda and Margaret so  possible one of them married Leroy Ackerman and one married Alvin Schantz (as per obit) although there is another daughter Ethel born abt 1915 who could have married one of these gentlemen.

Using the names of children in Margaret Phoenix's obit, I believe that I have found the family in 1920, despite the census saying that the parents are both England, instead of the correct Ireland.


Despite the date of birth and place of birth, I think you have pulled off a miracle, oldohiohome. Thank you so very much.. As soon as I saw the parents as James Watterson and Margaret Hurl, I thought that is her! Born in Magherafelt as per Social Security Application. Also confirmed by obit saying her sister was Helene Cherry, which I am convinced is the same person as her sister Sarah Elena that we researched very recently. Thank you Sandra.
I don't know where the dob of 1881/1882 came from, and birth in England, but that just wouldn't work with a 1896 marriage when she would only be 14. Watterson is often mixed up as Patterson.
Adam was another brother that we researched a while back. I am so excited and grateful to you both. I did not have high expectations of finding Margaret but I think this is definitely her. Also, a marriage date of 1896 in Philadelphia fits with her not being in Ireland in 1901.
Thanks again

Canada / Re: Death Sarah Henry, Toronto, Ontario, 1960
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Thank you Sandra for this additional info about Samuel Hall, Jr and Samuel Sr.ís attestation and subsequent death. Samuel and Mary certainly didnít spend much time together. Interesting trail of events.
Mary and all her are siblings have been accounted for now including those that stayed in Ireland. Thank you so very much.

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