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Northumberland / Giving my ancestors an airing!
« on: Friday 29 January 21 10:42 GMT (UK)  »

Sheffield then Newcastle: TURNER

Middlesex then Newcastle: RYDER
<br />Aberdeenshire then Edinburgh then Newcastle: EDWARDS, BRODIE<br />Angus STEWART, DIXON, PETRIE

I've left out the  BROWNs, far too many of them!

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Northumberland Lookup Requests / Re: 1871 census look up please for Tiplady
« on: Friday 29 January 21 10:36 GMT (UK)  »
Matthew and Dorothy Tiplady(nee Mason). I have traced the Tipladys back to the early 1600s if anyone is interested.

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Northumberland / Re: Mary Laidlaw born 1831
« on: Sunday 10 January 21 21:16 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All
This Thomasine Tilley was a distant aunt of mine. Her parents had their 2 last children at Longhaughshield in 1790 and 1792. Thomasine was their 1st child and she had been born on the east side of Bellingham. However after her parents left Longhaughshield, she stayed on, having her 1st child, William in 1805. He died in 1827 at Longhaughshield, seemingly unmarried. Her 2nd child Mary was born about 1814 and died the next year. I've not found any other children of Thomasine. From then on she lived sometimes as a house servant and more frequently taking in lodgers. There was a large extended family of Tilleys in the Bellingham area who appeared from nowhere when Thomasine was baptised in 1774. After 25 years I still haven't definitely found where they came from.

I have no Laidlaw's in my tree or related Tilley/Ridleys.

From the number of people getting born married and buried from Longhaugh Shield, there was more than one farmhouse, probably several cottages and outbuildings where the farmworkers and their families lived. All of my family who lived there went to Bellingham C of E church for their religious life.
This won't help you with Mary Laidlaw's birth but might give you some background.

One other point, there are two copies of the Bellingham parish registers and there is still a gap of about ten critical years.

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The Common Room / Re: Familysearch website clunky and unreliable
« on: Wednesday 30 December 20 11:21 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Boo

As you say "online" is ambiguous in this context, maybe they should replace it with "digitised but not available online to the public"

I have recently found that by going to "images" in the FS gateway, it will take you to actual images but, once again you need patience. At least they are THERE and you can see them without a visit to an archive. The images are not searchable and several places will be on the same film.

I AM grateful that LDS provide access to so many other resources but as a very technology savvy institution, they can be very old-school at times. (Remember the "new" version of the IGI that was very much worse than the old one?)

Sorry, rant over, it's a lovely sunny crisp day, I'm going out for a walk :-)

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The Common Room / Re: Familysearch website clunky and unreliable
« on: Wednesday 30 December 20 10:55 GMT (UK)  »

Here is my latest attempt

Search for place                Bellingham, Northumberland, availability Online
Church records             chose one below
Bellingham parish chest records 1793-1861
    To view digital images of these England, Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Miscellaneous
    Records, click here. Not available on microfilm.
Clicked on "here"
Result     "England, Northumberland, Cumberland, Durham, Miscellaneous Records, 969-2007"
"View Images in this Collection        Browse through 357,910 images"
 "Clicked on Browse through Images
Then clicked on "Northumberland
Then clicked on "Bellingham"
Then clicked on "Churchwardens Minutes 1793-1821"

I got the dreaded "To view these images do one of the following:
Access the site at a family history center."

An awful lot of choosing and clicking only to find it's not "online" as it states right at the beginning.

Before Covid, I could look at these at the Northumberland Archives ten minutes away. Now we are limited to any online resources. I am aware some of the records are not public because of the owner's stipulations. Is this a case of mis-filing?

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The Common Room / Familysearch website clunky and unreliable
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 21:05 GMT (UK)  »
I've been looking for miscellaneous records on Familysearch and after drilling down through several menus and ticking the box for Records Online (NOT those is Family History Centre) all I get are the records you can only see in Family History Centres. Why doesn't the filter work properly?

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Was the fountain still there in the 1950s? I used to go with my mum to pay our electricity bill there and I have a very vague memory of a fountain.

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Northumberland / Re: Renwick+ Wheatley, Newcastle-upon Tyne
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 13:39 GMT (UK)  »


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Northumberland / Re: Irregular marriages
« on: Tuesday 29 December 20 13:38 GMT (UK)  »
Legally they could have their children baptised locally but before 1837 only Church of England marriages could be held. Non-Conformist marriages could only be held over the Border.

If your non-Conformists were baptising their children in the local C of E, there was probably no alternative chapel nearby.

As Ticketty Boo mentioned, if you fell on hard times and needed parish relief, you had to prove your birth or marriage parish. The only proof was usually a C of E register entry. No other parish was responsible for helping you, so you would be sent back to your original parish for poor relief.

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