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London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: Hardy married Hogbert
« on: Saturday 22 February 14 23:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you very much both for all this new information. Useful and interesting, now in my notes.

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: Christening of Emma Louisa Soundy c.1815
« on: Tuesday 04 February 14 07:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Richard,

Thank you very much for all this information, lots of details to add to my notes. I agree the William Soundy who died in 1795 seems to be unrelated (may be distantly related) to this family, which I am quite confident with.
So with those baptisms it seems the Soundy's moved to Lambeth in about 1780. Always good to know that sort of thing.
Will keep looking, I think you're right and getting hold of the further letters will be a possible way to confirm Emma's existence in this family.
Thanks again.

Occupation Interests / Re: Female bricklayer in 1851?
« on: Tuesday 28 January 14 07:27 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for your replies and opinions.
I think it's most likely just an error in this case, given the circumstances of a young family, working husband, running the lodging house and not having an occupation listed in the other censuses. (also unfortunately I don't know where her husband worked)

However, what an eye-opener to read about women working in such manual jobs so long ago. Definitely very surprising.

Occupation Interests / Female bricklayer in 1851?
« on: Tuesday 28 January 14 00:14 GMT (UK)  »

In the 1851 census my ancestor is living with her second husband, who is a bricklayer. Under "occupation" she is dittoed. I have seen "ditto wife" etc. before but she is just plain ditto, showing clearly the same occupation as her husband, ie bricklayer.
However, surely this can't be right. She was in her thirties with several children, plus appears to have been running a travellers lodging house at the time, but most of all surely back then this was considered entirely a man's job.

Maybe the enumerator just neglected to write "wife" or just mistakenly wrote ditto. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Christening of Emma Louisa Soundy c.1815
« on: Tuesday 21 January 14 10:41 GMT (UK)  »

For so long now one of my earliest brickwalls has been the Williams family. My ancestor Charles was born in 1840 in Battersea, the son of John (brewer's labourer) and Emma Louisa (surname unknown). With such a common name I failed to find a likely marriage.

Desperate to solve this, I went back to the 1841 and realised there was a Frances Soundy (aged 65) living with them. John and Emma had a daughter Frances, and then the major breakthrough happened, when I found the marriage between John Williams and Emma Soundy on 2 June 1832 in Westminster (both left a mark; witnesses Hannar [Hannah?] Soundy and John Astell).

So I theorise that Emma Louisa Soundy is my ancestor, probably the daughter of Frances Soundy and her husband John, who christened children in Lambeth in the late 1790s/early 1800s. Frances is very interesting as I've found details of many letters she wrote to the parish about her poverty and describing her hard life. In one of those letters (1831) she mentions she has a daughter who would start to go to work selling things on the streets, but couldn't as she had no suitable clothes. Emma would have been about 16 then, so seems to fit.

Emma was born circa 1815, birthplace Battersea/Fulham (according to census returns). I just can't find a christening for her at all, which is a shame as that would be the confirmation I need.

I would greatly appreciate any assistance/advice.
Thank you

Thanks again Ian; that is really great information. Definitely seems like the same Martha, especially with that same witness.

Thank you so much Ian! That's perfect, it confirms the connection.

Added: just found a burial for Ann Sarah in 1813, aged just 4.

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Christening of William Aris, c1801, Westminster
« on: Monday 20 January 14 07:30 GMT (UK)  »

For some time now my ancestor William Aris (born circa 1801 in Westminster) has been quite a brick wall. However, in a search for his granddaughter Esther Elizabeth Aris, I came across another identically-named lady born in 1826. I traced her family, and found that they lived in the same areas of Southwark/Lambeth/Battersea as my own Aris family. Finally I found an Ancestry tree with Esther (1826)'s father, Edward George Aris' christening - in 1804 in Westminster. I found his parents marriage certificate, naming them as Edward Aris & Martha Cray (1799). Now my William had children Edward and Martha..

I think it's looking pretty likely that my William is the brother of Edward and they are the sons of Edward Aris & Martha Cray. However, I have been completely unable to find a christening for my William. The details I have on his birth are from consistent census entries.

I can also find no likely records about Edward & Martha after their marriage - I'm hoping if I can, they may help confirm my theory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Just to avoid wasted research, I already have all info on William's later life & descendants, just not his beginning.

Thank you.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: ?Richard Cosway MP
« on: Saturday 17 August 13 00:37 BST (UK)  »
Here's a family tree of Sir William Richard Cosway:
And on the same site a brief history of the Halliday family - Sir William married Elizabeth Halliday.

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