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Thank you for this information.
I'm waiting for the answer of the GRO webiste and I hope to find the birth place of Catherine LAKERMANCE.
If i don't have this information I will try with the marriage record in Los Angeles.




Thank you for these additionnal informations.
Yesterday I officialy asked  the GRO website to get all the informations I can have in this death record.
I hope the place of birth will be notified because it will be easier for me to understand who was this woman with the same surname than me and french forenames.



Thanks a lot for both of you for your advices and additionnal informations.
I didn't expect for such a quick help on your  forum.

when Ellen MAc Cormack married near Rouen in 1873 with Mr CHEMIN she was supposed to be born in 1850 in Shefford but didn't provide an official Birth record.
So it seems she was born in Hitchin not so far from Shefford.

have a nice day



it's a good surprise for me to have 2 answers fastly after posting my message and I really thank you to help me by giving me your advices.
Unfortunately I understand that the death record will not give me the missing informations I'm searching.
In the doubt I will pay for this record.

For you information, In France we don't have a national database to find the different births with only the date and even with a family name.
we have to know where the person is born.
If it's more than 100 years, you can read the record Online  in each departement (County) and it's a very big advantage (I found some ancestors in the 16th century).
If it's less than 100 years, you have to contact the birth town and give the exact name and date. After they send you an official paper by mail or Post.

In the meantime I realise that I paid "for nothing" on the site UKCensusOnLine  :( because the same informations can be found on FAMILYSEARCH.ORG for free and I know now with this last site that Mr MEDAK and Catherine LAKERMANCE married in 1963 in Los Angeles California.

I'm also searching the marriage of my wife's ancestors who married in England in 1849 and died in France at the end of the 19th century.
The man John MC CORMACK who was born in Dublin in 1819 worked to build the Railway and moved to France with his french wife  to build the line between the town of Rouen in Normandy and Paris.
I will contact the site GRO to get the birth record of their daughter Ellen Mc CORMACK born the 4th of august 1850 in shefford.

But how can I get the content of the marriage of John Mc CORMACK and Apoline Rosiline FOLDRINE  (in fact Apoline Rosalie FOLDRAIN) with these informations below because it seems that the GRO site doesn't provide marriages  records or I missed something ?

Nom:   Apoline Rosiline Foldrine
Type d'événement:   Marriage
Trimestre d'inscription:   Jul-Aug-Sep
Date d'inscription:   1849
District d'enregistrement:   Biggleswade
Comté:   Bedfordshire
Lieu de l'événement:   Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England
Tome:   6
Page:   113
Numéro de ligne de la filiale:   15

Thank you again for your help



My name is Thierry LAKERMANCE
I'm french and I'm searching all the people with my family name LAKERMANCE to understand the link between them.
Sorry for my English but I'm not very at ease with this language but I do my best.

7 years ago, I've had been helped by people of the Rootschat forum and succeeded in finding the full identity of Ernestine LAKERMANCE who lived in London at the end of the 19th century.
Thank you again for people of Rootschat who helped me at that moment because it was a mystery for me.

Today, I used the site UKcensusOnLine because I'm searching the identity of Marie Catherine  LAKERMANCE (sometimes LA KERMANCE in two words) first wife of Mr Removed MEDAK.
I paid on this site to get informations but I'm quite deceived because I thought seeing the content of the death record.

Here are the informations that I have now:
MEDAK  Marie Catherine born the 4th of april 1942 (Where ?)
she died between october and december 1971 District St. Marylebone, London and on the site UKcensusonline it's written page 2033 Volume 5D

On wikipedia I found that Mr MEDAK and Catherine LAKERMANCE married the 7th of september 1963 but I don't know where (Maybe in London or in France).

But I have missing informations about Catherine MEDAK or LAKERMANCE.
Where was she born ?
What are the names of her parents or at least her father with the name LAKERMANCE ?

These informations are maybe in the death record in 1971 but I don't know how to get them.
By using a special official site even if i have to pay?
I seems I can't use the General Register Office because it is not possible after 1957 to have death records.

Is there someone in Rootschat who can help me ?

Thanks in advance for your help .


Web Pages


Yesterday I received a document proving the identity of Ernestine's father named Pierre Ernest LAKERMANCE.
My hypothesis seems to be the good one because it's written in the second mariage in 1868 in France  that the first husband of Julie LAMICHE is dead in Allahabod in England the 7th of june 1865.
This town is certainly Allahabad in India not so far from Calcutta where Ernestine was born.
Pierre Ernest LAKERMANCE was an uncle of my grand father.

With your help, your advices  it's now more clear.
In the same time I've been contacted by a descendant of Ernestine Lakermance who lives in California and she's happy to know more about her ancestors.

Thanks for what you did and I think this subject can be closed.


For Ernestine In Paddington it's just an hypothesis because dates seem to be possible.
I found the date in this page
 but I can't contact the person Teresa Bettencourt because I have no access to If someone has an account on this site and if it's free, you can give my mail *

It's true that the second first name of Pierre is Ernest and the name Ernestine is near. Moreover Pierre Ernest had a sister dead  at 8 and a niece with the same names Ernestine. hazard ?
Pierre could have divorced after 1856 or left France suddenly to return on his island and married Esther Hunt maybe in India or South Africa.

Jennifer, when you say "ordering a copy online you would have to give their names and the place was Paddington the quarter was June and the year was 1887 ref.number 1a133."
Where can i do this ?A site ? I agree to pay for a reasonable price but where and how ?
 Best regards

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Here are my informations about Pierre Ernest LAKERMANCE. He was born the 12th of july 1824 at St Denis (Reunion Island). He was a surgeon in the marine when he married a french girl Julie LAMICHE at Tours (center of France) the 24th of august 1850.
In the same year of 1850 he had his first son Jules Arthur and another son in 1852 in Tours.
his last daughter Isabelle was born in Paris in 1856.
when Jules Arthur married in 1879 in Paris, her father is given as dead (no date) and it's written that his mother Julie LAMICHE is re-married.
I know that Pierre LAKERMANCE's widow married with a new man the 26th of december 1868.
So I know that he is dead between 1856 (birth of Isabelle) and 1868 (re-married widow).
I will try to read the new marriage of his widow in 1868 but I need to go in the archives of Montreuil near Paris. I think that maybe the exact date of death is written inside.
 more informations in my next message



I have a lot of things to say and my message is too long. Then a second message.
By the way ,sorry for my english (marriage with 2 RR in english). 8)

Does anybody know how to search the act when this Dr LAKERMANCE died in Calcutta ? is there a database somewhere?

I don't know how to search in England but I think it's the same than in France. One civil marriage and maybe a religious marriage. For both the name of the parents are written to prove the identity of the person.
Then I think that the exact name  of this Dr Lakermance (Pierre ? sometimes Pierre Ernest) is written in one of these acts. In St Mary ? what is Bayswater ? a town ?

One more time thanks a lot for all the informations you found.
I know you all speak english but if you are interested I have a site on

Best regards

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