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Buckinghamshire / Interesting tales from Buckingham and nearby villages
« on: Thursday 28 July 22 22:47 BST (UK)  »
I'm currently writing a book on the history of Buckingham and surrounding villages.

I wondered if anyone here had some interesting stories they've uncovered through researching their or someone else's family tree that they'd be interested in sharing?

I know it's a bit of a long shot - but would love to hear anything you've uncovered related to ancestors in the area, or its history more generally!


Technical Help / Re: Forgotten how to.
« on: Tuesday 20 May 14 16:49 BST (UK)  »
Press the enter key, on the right hand side of the keyboard. It has an arrow which goes back on itself, and is usually quite a large button.

Apologies for misunderstanding the question  :)

Technical Help / Re: Disaster - refreshed laptop in error
« on: Monday 19 May 14 17:59 BST (UK)  »
Try to do as little as possible on your computer until you recover the files. As Trystan says, the files are still there just hidden with no index. The next time your computer makes a new file, it writes over the space previously taken by those deleted files. So once they are written over it is a lot harder to recover the information.

Technical Help / Re: Compatibility Quagmire
« on: Wednesday 14 May 14 17:02 BST (UK)  »
The printer driver (in simple terms: the 'messenger' between the printer and your computer) is designed for Windows XP. Windows 7 has found this problem and so is going to run the driver in an XP mode. This means that the computer is working like XP for that printer only (the rest of the computer will work the same).

Think of it like the printer speaks Chinese and Windows XP speaks French. The driver you have at the moment can speak both Chinese and French and is a translator between the two. However, you have now updated to Windows 7 which speaks German. The original driver can't speak German and so can no longer be a translator. So Windows 7 is going to communicate to the driver (translator) through its French Windows XP friend.

Obviously that all makes total sense  ;) ;D

So that answers the first part of your question, Shaun's suggestion should fix the problem but let us know if it doesn't.

Technical Help / Re: How can I remove Yahoo toolbar from Internet Explorer
« on: Monday 28 April 14 17:02 BST (UK)  »
Hi Victoria,

This probably came onto your computer as part of downloading/installing some other software. In future, when installing software always go for the advanced install. This really isn't very advanced at all and keeps everything default if you don't touch it. However, if there is any extra bundled software the advanced install will give you a chance to untick that box.

To remove the toolbar, see this guide:


Technical Help / Re: Online Book Publishers, eg Lulu, Blurb
« on: Thursday 24 April 14 16:42 BST (UK)  »
In future, look at Photoworld/Jessops Photo (same company but different names). They have a live chat function and have been very helpful when I've made photobooks in the past, you can ask them questions about the font or layout and they usually answer very quickly.

Prices vary between the two sites so if you do go with them in the future, make sure you check for the cheapest price. And also try haggling with them as I managed to gain an extra discount.


Technical Help / Re: monthly calender
« on: Tuesday 22 April 14 18:42 BST (UK)  »

1) Open Rootschat in a new tab or window so you can view these instructions whilst changing it.
2) Click 'profile' in the brown bar underneath the Rootschat logo.
3) On the menu in the left hand side click 'forum profile'.

If you want to have no avatar whatsoever, click 'no avatar' and then click 'change profile' at the bottom of that page.
If you want a new avatar, click 'choose an avatar from gallery' and select the one you want. Then click 'change profile' at the bottom of that page.

Hope this helps :)


Now I've just got to hope nobody else has typed this in their own words and posted it before me  ;D

Ireland / Re: O'Neill and Walsh High Street
« on: Friday 11 April 14 17:17 BST (UK)  »
Hello and welcome to Rootschat :)

This site is an excellent resource and I have been amazed by how helpful Rootschatters are. I hope you make some great discoveries as a result of it.

You will get the best results from the site if you ask a more specific question. I assume you have done some research on your family tree before? If not, no problem: we are all here to help.

The best thing to do is to ask a question about a particular ancestor who you would like to know more about. Tell us any dates and locations and what you would like to find out. Don't worry too much about posting on the correct board, the admin may move the post though so that more people see it. Have a browse around the site and you will see some examples of where Rootschat really comes into its own.

There is also a surnames interest section which can be found at the bottom of any page. Where did the Oneill and Walsh families come from?

Sorry to be waffling on and once again, welcome to Rootschat :)


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