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Thank you Arthurk, that certainly looks like a possibility! Itís a shame that so many family photos never have anything written on the back. Nina

Hi Gadget - I spoke to the sundial society a while ago and they liaised with 2 experts in this field (David Miller was one of them - who wrote the article in the link below) who both said it was actually in the Lower Arboretum right through the 1920s and 1930s, and at a later date it was moved - the date of moving is not known, but it was moved to the front of the Wolsey Art Gallery until it fell into disrepair, and was restored and unveiled in 2017.  David Miller sent me a detailed 16 page booklet on the history of this area and the restoration of the sundial, and a photo of the sundial in situ in 1933 in the Lower Arboretum.  It's a shame that the date of the move to the art gallery is not remembered/recorded as this would have helped date the photos to the specific decade.  That's why I then went with the suits that the men were wearing as my father always insisted it was the 1950s but the lady at the sundial society felt it was earlier!  I'm happy to go with the era you suggested, that the photos are from the 1930s.  Many thanks, Nina

Hi Japeflakes - that's the one!

Hello Arthurk - the sundial - at the time of the photos, was located in the Lower Arboretum, Christchurch Park, Ipswich.  That would be great if you might recognise the beach/prom photo location!  I am not familiar with that part of the UK.  Many thanks, Nina

Fab ... thanks for your help and advice, Nina

It looks like it is the tone rather than aging ...

Do you think it is safe to settle on the 1930s?

Hi Treetotal - difficult to say isn't it - just wish people wrote on the back of photos!!!

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