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Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred J Critchley 1917
« on: Monday 05 December 11 20:01 GMT (UK)  »
Sorry to post here again after all this time but some of my original info was incorrect and as I am still stuck on this (and am now starting to think I will have to purchase that marriage certificate)

The name is Alfred William Critchley but I still cannot find a birth for him. He married Harriet Dodd in 1936  and died 1961. The death gives his age at the time of death leaving me to conclude that we are looking at a birth date of approx 1917. It may be a Lancastrian birth.

If anyone is researching Critchley's or can help  I would be grateful for any ideas.

Dorset / Re: Betty Meatyard or Meteyard or Meechard
« on: Tuesday 30 March 10 11:06 BST (UK)  »
I was given a wealth of information from a researcher from the Guild of One-Name studies... Caroline Meatyard but you would have to contact her via the site. Sadly I seem to have lost the orignal emails she sent me.

However my line comes down through one of her children and the belief is that her children were possibly from the same father as she never claimed parish relief for them so she was obviously getting money from somewhere....and the area is a very small one.

I was given the family tree back down to its roots in 1300's in Stour Provost.

Somerset / Re: George SANSOM, Henstridge/henstead?
« on: Monday 11 January 10 19:28 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for helping me.  :)

In the Wincanton the baptism records give the surname is given as Sampson.

George junior was born Jun 1838 Wincanton. As Elizabeth is not around in 1841 I would surmise that it is the 1839 death that is the most likely.

There is a joint baptism for George and an Elizabeth though in May 1839 but although there is no sign of Elizabeth on the 1841 census so it is just possible that Elizabeth and Elizabeth junior were elsewhere on the night of the census.

There is also a previous George baptised in September 1826 as the firstborn child. Presumably he died and the later George took his name.

George married Elizabeth Day at Wincanton 25th Jun 1826.

There seems to be several Sarah Day's in Wincanton at the time so it is possible it is Elizabeths sister. I haven't managed to pin down Elizabeth's parents either!

Sorry if it all seems a little rambling I have been stuck on  this line for ages!

Somerset / Re: George SANSOM, Henstridge/henstead?
« on: Sunday 10 January 10 22:27 GMT (UK)  »
George was tried Somerset Wells Ist Jan 1844 and transported March 8th 1844 His crime was committed at Wincanton.

On the 1841 census he is at Wincanton  with the name being given as George Sampson aged 35.

The transportation record says he has 5 children but the 1841 census only shows 4

Sarah 10
Mary 7
John 12
George 3

I know that George junior ends up in the workhouse as he is there in the 1851 census.

George senior married Elizabeth Day at Wincanton. I will have to get back to you with the date. But he is a widower in 1844. All the children were born at Wincanton.

Hope that is some help.

Somerset / George SANSOM, Henstridge/henstead?
« on: Saturday 09 January 10 15:40 GMT (UK)  »
I have been trying to track down my ancestor George Sansom but have been totally stuck until the other day when I found his incredibly informative transportation record (thank you Tasmania archive office) this stated his place of origin as Henstead near Sherborne. Now I haven't been able to find such place and please move this if I am wrong so I am wondering if the record gives the place name wrong and if it is Henstridge?

It also said B. (brother? ) Alex and John presuambly for next of kin.

He was a widower who left five children in Wincanton.

What I need to know is if it is Henstridge and if so his birth details of anyone has any ideas? I did find an Alexander Sansom in Sherborne at around the right period and there is also a John Sansom in Henstridge at the right time.

George is around 40/1 in 1844.

Can anyone help with suggestions?

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred J Critchley 1917
« on: Friday 14 August 09 22:17 BST (UK)  »
I have only the info that my family (the in-laws!)  have given me plus what I have found myself.

Now I was told that Alfred J Critchley married Harriet Dodd at Hoylake Cheshire 1953. I checked this and that seems correct.

He died in Reading 1961.  I have been totally lost trying to get started on this line.

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Re: Alfred J Critchley 1917
« on: Thursday 13 August 09 23:49 BST (UK)  »
They believe that his only middle name was James. The birthdate is based on his age at death and working backwards. Name for marriage and death is given as Alfred J Critchley. I have wondered if there has been a slip in the recording, after all H and J sit next to each other on a typewriter!

Cheshire Lookup Requests / Alfred J Critchley 1917
« on: Thursday 13 August 09 20:40 BST (UK)  »
I have been unable to find his birth,  I think it is around either Stockport area or Birkenhead area.  The J is for James to the best of my knowledge. The closest I can find is an Alfred H Critchley but the family are inistent that it is not the right one.  ??? Can anyone help?

Dorset / Re: George Hawkins and Ann Edwards
« on: Thursday 21 February 08 21:14 GMT (UK)  »
my great grandmother was Linda Mary Hawkins who was George Hawkins' great grandaughter. if that makes sense!! :)

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