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Staffordshire / Re: Smethwick - AFS unit during WW2
« on: Saturday 13 August 16 22:29 BST (UK)  »
Hello Alycia,

thank you for your kind reply to my request.

I have previously asked around the  local information units, so I posted here as there seemed to be little official recorded info about these units and their movements during the AFS existence, even when they became part of NFS.  Hence my request on RootsChat.

What sporadic delving I have done seems to  indicate from other forums that this is a national difficulty, and one which we need to ask granddads and 'mas before they pass on. I have frequently encountered a forum request for help with only one or two respondents, implying that there is little out there.

Hopefully one day someone will find a plastic bag in their loft full of this history.

Staffordshire / Smethwick - AFS unit during WW2
« on: Wednesday 29 June 16 13:20 BST (UK)  »
Does anyone have any info or background on the Auxiliary Fire Service unit that was  based in Smethwick?  My Dad served in this unit, but i know very little about it.

Many thanks

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Surname HILL/Masterton NI/1925ish
« on: Sunday 26 June 16 18:26 BST (UK)  »
hello Minniehaha,

many thanks for those leads.

I've been looking into them, and the manifests, not yet convinced about the plausibility of Amy Hill travelling on the Tongariro. She may have travelled by her maiden name Williams, and at the moment the most plausible is SS Ophir, in 1911.  The dates and years are beginning to link together though. I'm ferretting around links for (John) Henry Hill, now I know he came from Birmingham area. Now that is plausible. Some progress has been made even if in a different direction to what I was expecting.

I've been trawling electoral rolls to see where Madkins was in the mid 1900-1909 period, checking to see if she was a domestic within a household, similar to Amy.

The Death (DeAth) surname has resurfaced too after some years, but I cannot find my previous searches.

Many thanks for your research. I'll keep ferretting.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Surname HILL/Masterton NI/1925ish
« on: Monday 20 June 16 22:19 BST (UK)  »
Hello kebab,
I've had a look and it has renewed interest in some previously discarded leads.

Yes, it would be good to see a photo of their grave.  Equally any anecdote that your grandparents can remember about the one who lived in the tower.  Your note has put some substance into what my aunt has remembered in her letters which, together with other notes about where they lived in UK, has renewed a flagging resolve. I will raise the name Percy in my next letter.

I had researched every known Hill family around that part of B'ham (Hockley and Aston- for B'ham was in Warks then)for clues, and either discounted or put aside  less plausible finds. The B'ham link with the Madkins has renewed research into two particular families, because I previously thought Hill had met Madkins in NZ, thus had been discounted.

Any history about the Madkins family could be useful.  reading the Annie Hill Will --isnt it interesting what was bequeathed in those days? . Did Amy Williams come over with Annie Madkins in 1911. There is anectodal evidence that Amy Williams worked at Dame Melba (Mitchell) kitchens on arrival in Aus, which I put as 1911 on the SS Ophir. Is there a link here?

many thanks so far to all.


New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Surname HILL/Masterton NI/1925ish
« on: Thursday 16 June 16 22:08 BST (UK)  »
Hello again Minniehaha, and hello Lucy2 and Beg Clonrode,

Many thanks for your research. I will absorb this over this weekend, and no doubt it will raise further questions.

I had re-read some letters from NZ and these had mentioned TeOreOre, which previously I had overlooked because I was focussing on the core of my Grandma in NZ. Another letter from PN mentioned the maori hut, with  actual names. Old newspapers have been a good source but revealed nothing this time round. Hence my request. Apparently the son was very religious and lived in a water tower. 

So, Lucy2, the connection with the Loft family will be interesting and is unexpected.

Thanks for your efforts so far, very much appreciated.

Will write again.


later ps: Minniehaha- the Henry and harry (Henry Jnr) were the names mentioned in previous letters, so the results are good, just need to see where they fit in.  I just couldnt find any previous link with a madkins. Fresh pairs of eyes...............

New Zealand Completed Requests / Surname HILL/Masterton NI/1925ish
« on: Wednesday 15 June 16 23:00 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for some evidence of a HILL family living in Masterton/TeOreOre around the time of 1925 onwards.  There is some anectodal evidence he was a gardener or similar, and died about 1946-7. Any help appreciated.

Staffordshire / Re: HUMPHRIES Family of Handsworth, B'ham
« on: Saturday 22 December 12 21:58 GMT (UK)  »
Hi  WRJ,

I've been back to chat, and looking at other findings we have:
Bill is - James?  William Humphries. I've checked the surname spelling and its correct.

Other recollections were a Watvill Road? School.

Anectodal evidence put his death as "during the war".  I presume WW2. FreeBMD suggests 1942.

Gladys could be Gladys Alice, reckoned d.o.death "about 1980'ish."

Junction Road Handsworth still figures in the recollections although this appears mainly to be "during the war". So I would guess this is WW2.

Across the road were two children with the name Holt.  Not a lot to go on, just wondering if anyone had been over this ground before up that particular road.


Staffordshire / Re: HUMPHRIES Family of Handsworth, B'ham
« on: Wednesday 19 December 12 12:10 GMT (UK)  »

thanks for your reply.

your right.

I should have sated that they are both long deceased, the lady I am told about late 1970's - early '80s, the gentleman it is thought late 1950's but recollections  differed slightly before descending into a humourous argument.

The area has been redeveloped which doesnt help either, as some early photos of the area would be useful.

bw, Rallenza

Staffordshire / HUMPHRIES Family of Handsworth, B'ham
« on: Tuesday 18 December 12 21:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

Would anyone have any leads on a Humphries family that seemed to live in Junction Road, Handsworth, between 1910 and 1970.

They were Bill (presumed William) and Gladys.

They also fostered children, if thats any help.

Many thanks for any help.  Leads have gone cold.

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