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New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Fiveash research
« on: Wednesday 28 December 16 21:50 GMT (UK)  »
Thankyou Joyfulsue,
 My Grandfather George Boyer Fiveash was in fact Ivan Fiveash's Uncle not his brother as indicated on the birth papers.Yes I do have a rare photograph of Ivan as a child that was in my grandparents photo collection if you are interested I would be happy to share this with you.Happy researching

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Anderson
« on: Monday 11 June 12 04:52 BST (UK)  »
Lucy 2
 After many months think we have a lead re Maud Anderson daughter of Annie Kathleen Anderson.
AK's father was indeed the Thomas Henry Anderson who married Lydia Foster. Yes Annie Kathleen Anderson & brother James Wilson Anderson were the children of his first marriage to Mary Anne Pierce, she died in Christchurch NZ 21 October 1878.
Can you track down anything more regarding dates & information for Annie Kathleen & her brother.
TH Anderson is listed as a boatbuilder in 1878, this came from a death notice in the Lyttleton Times.
You quite correctly listed the one daughter and seven sons for Lydia Foster and TH Anderson. Thanks mystery lovers, keep thinking please. regards Sunnylyn

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Fiveash research
« on: Friday 09 December 11 05:24 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you all for your absolutely spot on ideas followed by confirming research. I had been thinking that the parents of Ivan were not those shown on the family search website, and had made an educated guess as to which member of the family would be the mother.
 By chance today another family member also the descendant of the generation we are looking at, rang and was able to confirm your work, but delighted to have the correct information to add to their family files as well as mine.
Yes the Fiveash connections are connected to other lines of current research, and hopefully have put out a please contact to another researcher who I think is a direct family member to myself, have many photos to share with her.
Next question? Does anybody know if the Mary Ann Fiveash born 1872 Tunbridge Wells Kent;died 31/12/1943 Tapanui W. Otago and married to James White Isteed was known as "Polly".
Have a photograph with To George & Pearl with love from Aunts Sarah & Polly.
The George referred to is my grandfather George Boyer Fiveash b17/10 1893 at Wakapatu.
The family  generation referred to would be the children of Thomas Fiveash and Annie Eliza Skinner. Thanks again, regards Sunnylyn

New Zealand Completed Requests / Fiveash research
« on: Thursday 08 December 11 10:16 GMT (UK)  »
Could anybody confirm the parents of Ivan Fiveash born 9 September 1914 New Zealand, died 2 March 1958 New Zealand.
Please help, interested to know if my Grand father had another brother, or if this person was a nephew. ???
Thanks everybody , Sunnylyn

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Anderson
« on: Tuesday 29 November 11 09:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hello again Mystery lovers,
Sorry not going to be any further help. Looked again at the marriage certificate and Annie kathleen Anderson was indeed the witness for her daughter Maud (Pearl) but the residence is only listed as Dunedin.
The second witness was a male clerk from the Court House.
 Nana was 18 years old when she married, and as my mum told me, her father had appeared  at his home one day in The Catlins with Maud a then 13 year old girl and asked his mother if she would look after her and in return Maud helped in the house because when she was old enough GBF was going to marry her. End of story.
Maud became an extremely skilled needle woman and created the most beautifull Crochet lace and embroidered pieces, along with her youngest sister inlaw and they were lifetime friends. I still have some of their work, indeed was most glad when nana taught me to crochet when I was just eight. Wondering if the Anderson heritage may have been Scandinavian because of the inborn lace making and embroidery talenTs??
Regards Sunnylyn :)

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Anderson
« on: Thursday 24 November 11 23:58 GMT (UK)  »
Greetings Mystery Lovers,
From the  original Copy of The marriage register which I have. December 28 1917 District of Dunedin- Marriage by Registrar.George Boyer Fiveash age 24, sawmillhand, Bachelor, Birthplace Wakapatu, Present residence Dunedin, Usual residence Owaka. fathers name and surname & profession: Thomas William Fiveash - Sawmiller. Mothers name and maiden name: Jessie Thompson Fiveash - Boyer.
 Maud Anderson age 18 years Spinster . Birthplace Christchurch. Residence present and usual - Dunedin. Father's name & surname and profession George Anderson, Grocer. Mother's name Annie Kathleen Anderson and maiden name  Anderson. her signature is Mrs Annie K Anderson.
From Maud's (Pearl) box of photos which I am trying to put names to those un named ones came the photograph that you have. On the back was written in nana's writing Thomas Henry grandad Anderson ,1930, died 25 November aged 85.

Ali bas and self still do not know who Annie Kathleen Andersons parents were? Also thought the fact that beside Thomas Henry Anderson there appears to be someone in Army uniform, thinking that there were more people in the original photograph. . Did Thomas Henry have a son George who was a grocer in Dunedin? Do we need to rethink which parent TH was
 attached to. Regards Sunnylyn.
PS GBF called Maud his "Pearl" without price,very romantic , they adored each other right to the end of their lives. I know cause I was there... and they never talked about her early life ever.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Anderson
« on: Thursday 24 November 11 09:25 GMT (UK)  »
Right fresher eyes in the morning.

School record for Gertrude M Anderson born 14 Jul 1899 admitted tp Sawyers Bay on 9 Feb 1909.   Last school was Sydenham.  Left school on the 31 March 1911 for Mt Cargill School.  Address was shown as S Bay. Parent Mr Anderson

Gertrude was admitted to Mt Cargill School on 5 April 1911 and this time the Parent/Guardian was George Anderson. Left school on 4 Jul 1913 for Home Service.

Evening everyone: Think you are following the right leads for Maud (Pearl) Fiveashnee Anderson,her birthday was 14 July 1899and yes she was my grandmother. Keep up the good work

regards Sunnylyn.

New Zealand Completed Requests / Re: Maude Anderson nee Fiveash
« on: Thursday 24 November 11 09:06 GMT (UK)  »

I wonder if the secret was that Maud and George's son Thomas George Fiveash had a son Called paul thomas who Olive  his wife was pregnant with when George died and born about 3 months later.
Sorry guys but this is not applicable to the family stories about Maud Fiveash born Anderson - Paul's father was known as Tom by the way. Carry on thinking please about Maud"s lineage. Regards Sunnylyn (Maud"s Grand daughter)

Suffolk Completed Lookup Requests / Re: 1891 census look up please Ipswich
« on: Wednesday 02 November 11 03:57 GMT (UK)  »

James - 37 - ??? clerk
Sophia - 36
Robert L I - 9
Geo B - 5
Edith H - 4
William F - 3
May Amelia - 2
Baby girl - 2 weeks

all born in Ipswich, except Sophia born Acle Norfolk

plus a monthly nurse and 2 servants

RG12/1470  -  Ipswich, St. Mary at Quay
Folio 34, Page 22

10 Key Street
Hurrah, links found for younger brother for James, Benjamin born in 1857 and younger sister Mary Amelia born1860, both of whom emigrated to New Zealand. We are looking to find informaton about their lives in Ipswich.Our branch is descended from Benjamin. Their parents were Robert Garnham and Caroline Sporle :)
Really want to know which foundry Benjamin was apprenticed to in Ipswich

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