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Travelling People / Re: 19th Century German gypsy!
« on: Thursday 04 February 16 19:07 GMT (UK)  »
Though I like to research before 1900 in Germany in the early 1930's was a Gypsy Boxer named Johann Trollmann he was also known as the Boxer Dancer and also as Rukli this name referred to his Sinti roots, he was killed or perhaps I should say murdered by Hitler's Mob who did not like the idea of a Gypsy winning fights against an Aryan race.

Travelling People / Re: 19th Century German gypsy!
« on: Thursday 04 February 16 19:02 GMT (UK)  »
The sinti are a Romany tribe that had originally called themselves Manouches or Manus which in Romany simply means Human Being and for reasons unsure in the early 1700's they started to call themselves Sinti perhaps to distance themselves from other Romany tribes as they had no formal Romany tongue but spoke another known as Abrussese but they did refer to it as Romanes meaning in a Romany Way, they do not use the term Rom to describe themselves or a Romany man but they do refer to other Romany tribes as Sinti Rom, the term Sinti started in Germanic speaking lands in central Europe but other Romany tribes across Hungry, in Serbia, in Russia, and also Spain, in France they usually referred to themselves as Manouches but some now use the term Sinti, the Sinti share the modern Romany Flag that some Romany tribes such as the Kalderasa also known as Kale do not recognise  and some Kaderash tribes do not consider the Sinti to be Romany at all as they do not adhere to any Romany Lore, it has been suggested that the term is derived from Sindi in India as far back as the early 1800's but many historians have dismissed this, though some of their Tales are set in the Sind,,,

Travelling People / Re: travellers in crowborough e. sussex.
« on: Monday 04 January 16 19:41 GMT (UK)  »
Nice story, I have a distant Fuller early 1700's Cambridge, not sure of their original county origin but by the 1800's they were considered as a London Gypsy Tribe and only roamed around the south of the country, a little like the Scamp's who are considered to be Kentish Gypsies but they did originate from Somerset, some of are ancestors are easy to find others hard, so snip its from the past are very useful and nice when they are shared with others, A Happy New Year to you.

Travelling People / Re: Romany-Booth and Music Hall Performers
« on: Saturday 19 September 15 10:33 BST (UK)  »
have you tried Robert Dawson's site he has a lot of book's on different subjects of Romany/Gypsy Life and people.

   it is never to late, items or people from family tree's are always welcome to somebody out there researching.

Travelling People / Re: Kent / Sussex Travellers
« on: Saturday 11 July 15 21:28 BST (UK)  »
       Finding a baptism / christening may never happen sadly it is all to often an event, there are some parish records for Mary Roberts, Lewes-1860, Rye-1863, Farnham-1865, Westhampnett-1866, not sure if the father is a Samson the two of births at Hastings 1865 and Hailsham 1866 are one I note are living with Brazil's [other spelling] they two lived in Surry, some of the Roberts did move around a lot into Kent, Middlesex and the other way into Hampshire so perhaps a wider scope may help you, Harris well, I have two lines and they are some what of a conundrum, some did become travelling showmen so moved around quite a lot also, Bacon and Gillett are noted only from 1799 as a Gypsy surname but they may have gone under another before that time, I have a friend who is a Gillett who says his family had been Gypsy at one point he believes but long ago, anyhow most of this you may know and another member may be able to help, good luck, I hope you find what you seek.

Travelling People / Re: Tappenden family kent
« on: Friday 03 July 15 10:01 BST (UK)  »
Tappenden, I have not come across the surname as a Romany or Traveller surname, Tapsill, Tapsell or Taplin is noted for being so, the surname is in my part of the woods so to speak, the south of England and in my town, it is I would say a non traveller surname and one attached to an Ag Lab, At one point perhaps in the past a female Tappenden married with a gypsy male which happened frequently so researching the surname to see if this has happened is an option or if it is known that it did happen in the Tappenden family tree may reveal something and again as a Gypsy surname it does not seem to have been adopted,

Travelling People / Re: Irish Traveller Surnames
« on: Thursday 28 May 15 19:57 BST (UK)  »
there are many things that may come into play, you may be lucky and get info of a census but it may not state that they are gypsy or traveller it may just say ag lab, or hawker or pedlar but they are not always from a travelling family, so any family history you may have or are told may pin point their roots, certain names may indicate a traveller or gypsy, perhaps certain words or sayings as like the Romany travellers had and have their own words which are not understood by native Irish people, prior to the census you have to look at church records these may hold clues such as travelling tinker baptised, Irish travellers seem to have landed firstly in Scotland around 1100 then moved southwards into England but then you have Scottish travellers not to be confused with Irish Travellers, move forward to today and you may find English Travellers claiming to be Gypsies but in fact are just the ancestors of English peasants who took to the road and this happened in many countries of Europe but I do not believe it happened in Ireland though the very distant ancestors had been native black smiths I believe, it is rather a melting pot and for some it can be easy to identify their ancestors but for others it is one big puzzle, for me I had a bit of a head start as a cousin started doing family history in the early seventies by going to all the churches of a town that an ancestor was known to live and looked at the BMD records, I have also walked around many a church yard or cemetery to search and gather name, though the web is good it wont solve all your puzzles or answer all your questions and because travellers and gypsies did not stay in any one place for long periods it makes it a little harder to research, anyhow all the best and happy hunting.

Travelling People / Re: Irish Traveller Surnames
« on: Wednesday 27 May 15 20:35 BST (UK)  »
you are on the right site to ask for more information, first names and dates if you have any will help, also look at the census returns, some information may be found on these, there are other community sites also which cater for your ethnic group that may be Traveller, Romany, you just have to dig and be patient and wait for a just reward these most times however come in dribs and drabs, I am still searching for family members nearly twenty years on anyhow I do hope you find what you seek. kushti bok.

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