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Essex Lookup Requests / Re: Baptism lookup Prittlewell, 1820
« on: Tuesday 24 January 12 20:57 GMT (UK)  »
Wow, that was quick! Thank you so much!

Hmmm... innkeeper? Not much like a coal factor working at the London docks... though I suppose he could have tried a second career.

Looks like I will be digging into pubs in Prittlewell's history to try and nail this one down further.

Thank you so much for the look up, though, I truly appreciate it!

Essex Lookup Requests / Baptism lookup Prittlewell, 1820
« on: Tuesday 24 January 12 17:45 GMT (UK)  »
I have just found a baptism date on an online family tree for what appears to be two of my missing family members - Phoebe and Matilda Freeman, baptised 1 Feb 1820 in the parish church in Prittlewell.

Does anyone have access to images of these parish registers? I would just like to double check the parents and father's occupation to confirm a match. It should be Samuel William Freeman, coal weigher/coal meter. Mother is Sophia.

The family moved back to Rotherhithe (where they originated) early in 1824, where George, born 1822/1823, was buried 2 Jun 1824. I strongly suspect that George was born and baptised elsewhere, and now it looks likely that it was probably Prittlewell. George's age was 1 on his burial record in June 1824.

I have spent countless hours in the London Metropolitan Archives trawling through parish registers in and around Rotherhithe looking for Phoebe, Matilda and George.... if anyone could help me out with a Prittlewell look up I would be so grateful!

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