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Wicklow / Re: Surname interests
« on: Saturday 12 December 09 17:22 GMT (UK)  »

Have you tried to fnd them on 1911 census on Irish natonal archives site?


Monmouthshire / Re: Cook family Cwmbran circa 1845
« on: Sunday 12 July 09 12:23 BST (UK)  »

thanks so much for all that info and useful links.
I see Susannahs marriage to henry Hyat looks interesting as 1881 census has him born Nailsea? Possble connection to Susannahs mam maybe??
I will have to order Sarah Cooks birth cert to get conf of mams maiden name and will post it once obtained. Its looking like my hubbys family are not as welsh as they thought though- Sarahs husband Jacob Griffiths family were from Ruardean Gloucester and now his welsh bride Sarah Cooks family appear to be from Somerset. Amazing how they had to move about back then.

Thanks again much appreciated.


Monmouthshire / Cook family Cwmbran circa 1845
« on: Saturday 11 July 09 18:02 BST (UK)  »

I have a Sarah Cook baptised 1845 daughter of William Cook and Ann. William was a miner both then and on Sarahs marriage cert 1865 when she also lived in Cwmbran. She had a brother John born approx 1842 who was baptised on the same day as Sarah.
I would be grateful if this family could be found on 1851 or 1861 census as I am trying to establish where Wlliam and Ann were born.
Any help appreciated


Bedfordshire / Re: CHARLES Family STOTFOLD- mam BROWN?
« on: Tuesday 12 May 09 11:58 BST (UK)  »
Thanks John
It does look lke the family were baptists and waited to do mass baptisms doesnt it?

Bedfordshire / Re: CHARLES Family STOTFOLD- mam BROWN?
« on: Wednesday 03 December 08 15:45 GMT (UK)  »

i too think the Frances baptism liks everyone up and thanks for taking the time to consider it. As far as Elizabeths age its a mystery as to why 78 in 1813- 60 seems more reasonable, thanks for the info re John Charles burial and that all of the early Charles seem to have been baptised together. i dont know enough about the times they lived in to hazard a guess as to why delayed baptims- did the church maybe offer relief etc to its converts i wonder?

Certainly looks like Richards mam and dad were john and elizabeth- cant explain how she was widowed so long before his burial though- wonder if he was maybe in the army or prison ect etc- gaps between siblings makes me think he was away, of course other siblings could have died. Maybe he was preumed dead and then returned????

Thanks again

Bedfordshire / Re: CHARLES Family STOTFOLD- mam BROWN?
« on: Wednesday 03 December 08 10:04 GMT (UK)  »

That Allen marriage index is great- think I wore the link out!

I too think Richard Charles and Elizabeth were baptist, Im thinking all the charles baptisms on IGI at that time may have been their kids
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It look like when some of the kids gt older they were baptised elsewher eg francis and my James, maybe when they were to marry? I realise proving it is probably impossible so this is definately my maybe family - fun to look at all the same.

Looking at Richard Charles and Elizabeth - Im betting shes Eizabeth Lincoln - an older woman in his life -as i was kindly given some info from overseerers reports- maybe from David? that states amongst other enries-mon 27 sept 1813 Richard Charles wanted relief, his wife was 78- or could just be an error.
Which elizabeth lincoln is she i wonder?

A big thanks once again to this helpful forum.


Bedfordshire / Re: CHARLES Family STOTFOLD
« on: Tuesday 02 December 08 16:30 GMT (UK)  »
Me again

thought id list the other certs I have just received incase they are of help or anyone can throw any light on who informants are etc

death Mary Charles of Stotfold 22 nOV 1865 74 years widow of James Charles farm labourer, bronchitis, informant the mark of Jane gentle in attendance Stotfold.

death James Charles 14 Feb 1858 Stotfold 66 years almsman formerly an agricultural labourer, fever certified, informant the mark of Mary Balls present at the death Stotfold.

I assume these are James and Mary nee Males- my Jabez's parents.

death  Richard Charles 13 Sept 1837 Biggleswade 81 years labourer, old age, informant Thomas Birt master of union workhouse Biggleswade.

Im thinking this could be the  Richard Charleswho is in Bedford gaol aged  78  in 1832  from Stotfold  - possibly James dad? I see James son Jesse seems to have spent time here also.

Anyway- if anyone wants copies of the certs, let me know.

Im off to explore that Herts marriage site now.


Bedfordshire / Re: CHARLES Family STOTFOLD- mam BROWN?
« on: Tuesday 02 December 08 16:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All

i was just wondering re the posibility of Brown being a previous married name. This is the first birth cert i have for Bedfordshire, is the wording usually "charles formerly Brown"I too thought James jnr married Mary Craft- it definately looks like a Brown. i can scan and forwrad to whoever might be interested, just ask.

Thanks for the marriage details for Mary Males- I will have a look at that now.

Seems like my female Charles born 1838 could be James  Juniors Sarah just as easily as my Emma, im sure I have ruled the Emily Charles out before but cant remember how - sorry.

Anyway imglad I have the cert as either way it appears to be relatives of mine- James jnr was my Jabez'solder brother and it would be good to know who Mary Brown is.

Thanks so much for the input.


Bedfordshire / CHARLES Family STOTFOLD- mam BROWN?
« on: Tuesday 02 December 08 12:35 GMT (UK)  »

After a couple of years I think I have made a beakthrough re my Charles family of Stotfold.  To recap my Jabez Charles is the son of James and Mary Charles, Jabez was baptised Stotfold 1831, all of his siblings were also baptised there.

I have never found a marriage for Jabez' parents James and Mary and her maiden name was never given on any baptisms. 1851 census in stotfold shows Mary was born Sandon Herts and 1861 says something like Rysden Herts. James and Mary did have a child after 1837- Emma circa 1838 but I have never found a birth registered.

I have finally obtained a baptism cert of a female CHARLES born Stotfold 9 April 1838. dad is James Charles a labourer and mam is Mary Charles formerly BROWN.

Im pretty sure this could be Jabez' parents, all I need now is to find a marriage and a baptism for Mary. She will have been born about 1792 and I think they had their first child in Stotfold around 1815. IGI has Jabez and Jessie Browns as being baptised in Stotfold- names used by my Charles family- coincidence, a link or just popular names?

Any thoughts?


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