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Ireland / Re: Help with place names
« on: Thursday 24 September 20 20:06 BST (UK)  »
Total speculation here (ie. no corroborating evidence whatsoever), but could the first location (with 'Ireland' written above it) be a written interpretation of someone saying Ballynahaville?

I can definitely read it as Ballynahaville

Ireland / Re: Help with place names
« on: Thursday 24 September 20 20:05 BST (UK)  »
Just want to say a thank you for all of your responses so far, and to Gadget for the image, and for the links!

Ireland / Re: Help with place names
« on: Thursday 24 September 20 20:03 BST (UK)  »
So sorry for the late reply, my days are getting busier and frustratingly I am finding less time for genealogy.

The reason I am curious about the place names, especially for that of Matthew Gillies, is because I believe he is the brother of my 4x Great Grandfather Daniel Gillies, and his birthplace may well be the same birthplace as that of Daniel.

As gaffy mentioned, the death of Matthew Gillies happened 2nd October 1861 (age 76) parents - Archibald Gillies a Mason & Euphemia Gillies. There is also, on 19th February 1871 the death of Archibald Gillies (age 84), son of Daniel Gillies a Labourer, & Euphemia Gillies MS Gillies. The informant was James Spratt of Lochend, a Nephew. Daniel Gillies grandson was a James Spratt who was residing at Lochend Street in Campbeltown in 1871, who would have been Archibald's great nephew.

Daniel died before 1855 so I don't have his parents names to corroborate unfortunately.

Daniel's wife was Isabella McEachran. She died before 1841, and as I can't find a marriage for Daniel & Isabella in Scotland, am I to assume that they married in Ireland? 4 of their daughters were registered in Campbeltown, Isabella 1823, Elizabeth 1825, Catherine 1828, & Jean 1831.

Ireland / Help with place names
« on: Sunday 20 September 20 23:33 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I'm having an issue locating a few birthplaces in Ireland I have come across from an 1851 census from Scotland.

Matthew Gillies, 67 (born 1784), at Balahchantie, Ireland.
Catherine M Alister, Wife, 48 (born 1803), at Moy Antrim.
Effy Gillies, Daughter, 24 (born 1827), at Kilmora, Ireland.
James Gillies, Son, 16 (born 1835, at Amory Anoin.

Any help would be much appreciated!


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Ancestry DNA Update - General Query
« on: Friday 11 September 20 17:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone

As with everyone else I have had my DNA results updated.
Previously it was - Ireland & Scotland 52%. England, Wales & NW Europe 23%. Eastern Europe & Russa 18%, Germanic Europe 6%, Baltics 1%.
Now it is - Scotland, 42%. Ireland, 31%. Eastern Europe & Russa, 16%. Wales, 7%. England & NW Europe, 4%.

Now my understanding of DNA is that you get 50% from either parent, and 25% from each grandparents and so on.

My paternal grandparents were Scottish, with some Irish roots. My maternal grandfather was Polish, and my maternal grandmother was Welsh (English father).

Because my Ireland & Scotland results equate to 73%, and I only get 50% of that from my father, would that mean that I get 23% Irish/Scottish from my maternal line also?

Apologies if I am completely wrong in this assumption.


West Lothian (Linlithgowshire) / John Brown & Elizabeth Osman Bo'Ness
« on: Sunday 06 September 20 23:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I'm looking for some help to what became of the above John & Elizabeth.

They married at Bo'Ness, 18th March 1828. It reads - 'John Brown Mariner & Elizabeth Osman in this Parish Enrolled their names to be proclaimed for Marriage'.

They had one child that I can find. Margaret Brown, the record reads 'John Brown Mariner & Elizabeth Osman had a lawful Daughter born 11th & Bapt. 30th July 1829 named Margaret'.

Apart from this, I can't seem to find any other records for the family after the birth of Margaret. Elizabeth Osman's parents were Robert Osman & Margaret Liddell.

This family is part of a wider family puzzle that I am trying to solve, so any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you!!

Lanarkshire / Re: Fleming Children of Glasgow mid-1800's
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 15:33 BST (UK)  »
Thanks Forfarian, I didn't realise I had posted 4 times regarding different members of the family. Apologies for that. I am going to take pen to paper today and really write all of this out about John Fleming, as something doesn't sit right with me, I think theres either illegitimacy, bigamy etc that happened here or all of the above. I'll come back later with my thoughts!


Lanarkshire / Re: Fleming Children of Glasgow mid-1800's
« on: Friday 04 September 20 22:28 BST (UK)  »
Hi Monica,

Thanks for the info. John Sr. died before his daughter Mary's marriage in 1856. And the mother was called Elizabeth, not Mary. This where the confusion comes in. In 1841, John & Elizabeth are living in Glasgow but no children listed, in 1851 all the family is together, but Elizabeth is now Mary. In 1861 & 1871, Elizabeth is now a widow. There is no marriage record for John Fleming & Elizabeth Osman anywhere that I can find. So I don't know whats going on ha!

I have posted about John & Elizabeth's situation previously so I don't want to confuse things if it's not allowed to discuss them again.


Lanarkshire / Fleming Children of Glasgow mid-1800's
« on: Friday 04 September 20 21:51 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I am looking for help tracing two Fleming children, siblings of my 3x great grandmother.

They are - John & Agnes (Nancy) Fleming.

1851 living at 45 Shuttle Street, Glasgow.
Surname   Forenames   Relationship   Marital Status   Sex   Age   Occupation   Birth County   Birth Place   Disability   Notes
FLEMING   John   Head   M   M   50   Carter   STI   Dennyloanhead      
FLEMING   Mary   Wife   M   F   44      ANS   Montrose      
FLEMING   Nancy   Dau   U   F   18   Flax Spinner   LKS   Glasgow      
FLEMING   Mary   Dau   U   F   16   Flax Spinner   LKS   Glasgow      
FLEMING   John   Son   U   M   11   Callenderers Apprentice   LKS   Glasgow   

I can't seem to find what happened to John Jr. & Agnes Fleming. Nor can I find any concrete birth record for John Sr. This by far is one of the most mysterious and elusive family lines in my tree!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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