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US Lookup Requests / Re: Richard Fo(u)lk(e)(s) / ffo(u)lk(e)(s) / Fa(u)lk(e)(s)
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 15:03 BST (UK)  »
3rd required posting in order to use PM Messaging, if need be .

US Lookup Requests / Re: Richard Fo(u)lk(e)(s) / ffo(u)lk(e)(s) / Fa(u)lk(e)(s)
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 14:56 BST (UK)  »
2nd post/// To : Shelley, Esquire ----Can you also re-post my very 1st & only post [except this 2nd post] TO these 3 extra forums other than my obvious USA posting. That is #1-ENGLAND, #2-WALES, & #3-IRELAND. I'll try to reach you through PM Messaging after my 3rd post. Thanx alot, Mitch Faulk

US Lookup Requests / Richard Fo(u)lk(e)(s) / ffo(u)lk(e)(s) / Fa(u)lk(e)(s)
« on: Saturday 02 June 12 13:35 BST (UK)  »
I am searching for information regarding my immigrant 7th great-grandfather, RICHARD FOULKE / FOLK(S) / FOULK(S). He arrived on a ship @ York River / Port of York now called YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA, USA in about 1688. CAPTAIN FRANCIS PAGE was responsible for the importation of this ship full of 46 immigrants. It is generally assumed that this unnamed ship & ship master embarked from ENGLAND, but WALES is also a big consideration followed by 3rd choice, IRELAND. A possible ship clue might be that the very affluent PAGE FAMILY [one of VIRGINIA's 1st Families] headed by COLONEL JOHN PAGE [Captain Francis Page, his elder son] who originally came from BEDFONT, MIDDLESEX, ENGLAND owned 3 ships. "The AUGUSTINE", "The EAST INDIA MERCHANT" [formerly known as "The PRINCE"], & "The JEFFERIES [Jeffreys]". Several areas of ENGLAND & WALES & one area of IRELAND lead my list of priority places my ancestor may have been born & lived in.  Of course any county in the above named 3 countries that have my surname listed are worth consideration. My top 2 choices in ENGLAND are the LONDON / MIDDLESEX [Bedfont, Hounslow, & Harrow-on-the-Hill] area & the SHOPSHIRE-STAFFORDSHIRE [Whittington Castle-Whittington-Oswestry-Ludlow-Brewood (Hall ?)-Gunstan Hall] area. The whole of WALES may be heavily considered especially DENBIGHSHIRE [Eriviatt & other locals], FLINTSHIRE, MERIONETHSHIRE [Anglesey, Montgomeryshire, Cardiff]. In IRELAND the COUNTY CORK [County Kil-???-Kildaire??] area is primarily suspect. Assuming my ancestor was at least 12 years old when he arrived about 1688 [1685-1692], he should have been born before 1677 or thereabouts. 1660 is the figure most speculators seem to guess or copy from someone else who's also guessing ? After 1 or 2 generations in the southeast of the United States [VA, NC, SC, GA out to Texas] our surname became FAULK. Not to be confused with the [up North] GWYNEDD,PENNSLVANIA >OHIO >North & SOUTH DAKOTA Welsh Quaker descendants of EDWARD & OWEN FOULKE(S) such as the 3rd DAKOTA TERRITORIAL GOVERNOR, ANDREW JACKSON FAULK [descendant of OWEN FOULKE(S)]. My eMail address is : (*) & Telephone # :=(*). I live in MACON, GEORGIA, USA . Thanx for your attention. Sincerely, MITCH FAULK

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