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Hello Nick, Thank you very much for this information.  I would love to have more information about the Edgars.  I'm sorry I have taken so long to reply, as I'm new to Rootschat I haven't used the required three messages yet, so I'm hoping this way works!  How long have you been researching?  As I said I'm a beginner and have been hampered finding details about my grandfather's wife, Agnes.  She used three different names in her life so it's no wonder!  When I applied for birth certificates for g/f William's children I got other Edgars who were born at a similar time and had the same names.  I've a list of Edgars from the Ormskirk area four of whom are named James and it looks like they all died about the same time.  In which case it's four generations of one family or several families with a blighted first name!  Again, many thanks for your information.  Take care, Dee

Hello, I have some Edgar's in my family.  James was my great grandfather and William, his son, my grandfather.  At some point they moved to the Isle of Man and about five more children were born there before they returned to Liverpool.  James was a basket maker.  I'm new to genealogy so I'm just finding my way.  Hope you don't mind the intrusion.  Dee

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