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United States of America / Re: Looking for the death of Ann Newhall in Chicago
« on: Friday 09 April 21 04:31 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for the information!

It seems good things can take time.... ;D

Clackmannanshire / Re: 1851 Census for Alexander Maule
« on: Monday 29 March 21 00:31 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

Ive finally started working on a blog about my Maule family - descendants of John Maule and Janet Sibbett.

For the children of Alexander Maule and Margaret Hall I am missing the the baptisms of Alexander Maule around 1844 and Janet Hall around 1849 but I have the earlier baptisms of their other children. Based on the 1851 census info being wrong for Francis Maule. Alexander Jr marriage certificate name his father as Alexander.

I still haven't confirmed the death of John Maule and Janet Sibbett

There is a John Maule who was buried in on 9 March 1823 in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland and a Janet Maule buried on 16 Apr 1816 in Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland
There is a John Maule who died in St Cuthberts on 25 Feb 1828 who was a Wright, aged 70.

Ive removed Francis Maule as a sibling to Alexander Maule Sr and given him the parents John Maule and Jean Scotland making his marriage at best to a distant cousin or an entirely unrelated Maule line. It would be good to find a male Maule from that line and YDNA test.

Im still searching for a male descendant of Alexander Maule and Margaret Halls to see if I can find someone who would like to take a YDNA test and prove/disprove the link to other Maule family lines. So far no luck. I would pay for the test.

My cousin paid a researcher (with a good reputation) to do some family history research and the results were interesting. I shared the results with a couple of Maule family historians who also didnt like the information provided. A lot of research has been undertaken previously and time and time again proven to be correct but in this case it was left of center.

Ive paid for the Kirk sessions to be searched for 1741-1760 and 1801-1882. Not a lot of records of the family.

10 April 1814 John McDonald and Jean Maule both of this parish (Clackmannan) irregularly married at Edinburgh on 4 May 1913

I also purchased the baptism record for Robert Maule born 1831. It was not registered until 1852 when his son was registering the baptism of his own son Robert. Robert b 1831 was the illegitimate son of Robert Maule - sheep farmer and Catherine MeikleJohn.

Australia / Re: Annie MAULE Scotland to Australia
« on: Thursday 25 March 21 22:54 GMT (UK)  »
Also I believe Alexander Maules wife Margaret Hall died 22 January 1850 although this is probably her burial date. Whats not helpful is her death certificate says Margaret Hall, daughter of Alexander Maule.

We know its not Alexanders daughter Margaret Maule because Margaret married Francis Maule (possibly a distant cousin) 2 May 1851 then emigrated to Victoria, Australia in 1855 where she gave birth to another of her children on 29 Mar 1855 at Immigration Hospital, Portland, Victoria, Australia. Her death certificate names her father as Alexander Maule and mother as Margaret.

Margaret dies 26 Jan 1882 in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia and is buried in the Ballarat Cemetery.

Alexander Maule remarried to Elizabeth Simpson on 2 May 1851 in Alloa, Clackmannanshire, Scotland.

Australia / Re: Annie MAULE Scotland to Australia
« on: Thursday 25 March 21 22:36 GMT (UK)  »
Just a quick update on this for anyone reading it in future

DNA gave me links to at least 7 children who were the descendants of John Brown and Isabella McMahon. I found Edward Browns death on 18 August 1886 in Daylesford, Victoria, Australia. His parents are named as John Brown and Isabella McMahon. Also living in Daylesford was Edwards two sisters Ellen Brown and Selina Brown. Edward married Mary Ann Carrick on 18 May 1864 in a Private House, Daylesford, Victoria, Australia.

If Edward fathered Alexander Brown with Annie then he did so while he was married to Mary Ann Carrick.

I had one of Edwards and Mary Anns descendants DNA test and linked the families plus further links to the other children of John and Isabella Brown.

I have Edwards siblings marriages and deaths in Australia plus the records available in Ireland, USA, Canada and England for the other families.

Still no sign of John McNab. I think his father was Robert McNab based on Scottish naming traditions but haven't found the correct family to put him into.

Still no sign of Alexander Brown after 1908. Too many Alexander Browns to choose from.

London and Middlesex / Re: 1820s Royal College of Surgeons - London
« on: Sunday 21 March 21 09:38 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Gibel

Ive looked at all the McGaveston records on FindMyPast but have been unable to find a link between CWWW and John other than sponsoring/nominating him. I cant read the words after ...Williams Wynn an ? in the image below

Is there something Ive missed?

London and Middlesex / Re: 1820s Royal College of Surgeons - London
« on: Friday 19 March 21 08:09 GMT (UK)  »

John McGaveston.

His father died in 1817

Charles was a politician

They appeared to change religions and I think we're Catholic at that time.

I've looked at newspapers and journals at the time. It details John's promotion, the leave he took, where he was in India but nothing about the relationship between CWWW and John.

Johns brother lived a long life as a gentleman. His wife's family also had money although her brother squandered that.

We have correspondence which says after John died in 1846 the HEIC wouldn't pay his widow his pension as he had land in India. A family story says that his wife sailed to India to settle his business affairs but I have no proof of that. I know she involved two men who her husband had dealt with when he was alive and she got next to nothing from his estate. They ripped her off.

Westmeath / Re: Smith and McGuire Families
« on: Thursday 18 March 21 02:35 GMT (UK)  »
Apologies for the long delay.

I did not look at the 1901 census but have done so now.

That Thomas may have married Judith/Julia Heagan/Keogan/Kogan and had Marcella, Bridget and Mary.

I think Marcella marries Patrick Kelly in 1883 in Roscommon.

There is a Jane Smyth marrying William Kennedy in 1889 in Co Antrim but I cannot find a birth for a John Kennedy (son) to suit that date. Thomas Smyth is listed a s mechanic. Im assuming its the old term being used.

At the baptism of Mary Smyth in 1861 there is a John Smyth and Margaret Keogan as sponsors.

I think I have found the death for Thomas Smyth in 1903 in Kilcumny. Bridget Smyth the daughter was present at death.

London and Middlesex / Re: 1820s Royal College of Surgeons - London
« on: Wednesday 17 March 21 04:12 GMT (UK)  »
I thought I would bump this thread

Fermanagh / Re: Looking for John Browne death in Drumboory
« on: Wednesday 24 February 21 11:47 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Rathmore

I have a copy of her death but have been unable to find where she is buried. I suspect she's buried with her husband. Her daughter's husband did well for himself. I'd expect a burial.

I checked that website for his death and burial but nothing.

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