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Sutherland / Re: Donald ROSS & Kennethina DINGWALL
« on: Today at 23:03 »
Jessie Paterson, other surname Ross, died in Lairg in 1937 aged 48.

If you think she might be yours, you can view the death certificate online at for a small fee.

Buteshire / Re: Which John McNeil (1719 or 1720)
« on: Today at 11:28 »
I've had conflicting information as to which one is correct. Is there a way to know which one is the right John McNeil?
Not unless you can find some independent corroboration, such as a sasine, deed, will or something in the Kirk Session minutes.

Place of residence, if recorded on the baptisms, may help, but don't forget that your John McNeil may not have been born in Rothesay or even in Bute, and that there may be other John M(a)cNeils whose baptism records have not survived.

Perthshire / Re: Campbell/Stewart Liaran
« on: Today at 10:31 »
Welcome to RootsChat, Cotton53.

The source of all the available information is Scotland's People (SP) - it's pay-per-view but modestly priced.

According to the free index there to the church registers, John Campbell and Janet Stewart in Fortingall had seven children
Duncan, baptised 29 February 1756
Alexander, baptisef 16 July 1758
Ann, baptised 17 April 1763
Archibald, baptised 31 May 1766
Donald, baptised 21 August 1769
John, baptised 18 July 1772
Finlay, 14 November 1775
You can view all the originals online.

Bear in mind that dates are expressed as dd/mm/yyyy so for example 9/11/1800 means 9 November 1800 not 11 September 1800 (I think it's only in the US, Canada and one or two minor countries that use mm/dd/yyyy - see

Liaran may be the name of the farm or croft in the parish of Fortingall where they lived, but I don't recognise it and it's not listed at - the whole of the Name Books volume for Fortingall appears to be missing. There are loads of old maps at

You can read about the parish of Fortingall at The parish is a large one, covering not just the village of Fortingall but the whole of Glen Lyon.

Thank you - glad it was useful :)

Scotland / Re: Elizabeth cause of death
« on: Yesterday at 13:19 »
I agree.

Lanarkshire / Re: I need help with these COOK children
« on: Yesterday at 12:29 »
Thanks Forfarian, I'm hoping the 1921 census will help. There are several trees on Ancestry with the second family and no mention of a previous marriage or family so perhaps they went to live with relatives. I'll check the other Cook branches I know.
Oh, well, I'm sure I don't need to warn you not to trust trees on Ancestry.

Just a thought - was John Cook perhaps away serving in the army when Elizabeth was born? Because an illegitimate baby can only be registered in its father's name if he accompanies the mother when she goes to register the birth, and signs the register with her. So it may be that Elizabeth's birth is registered as Anderson.

There a birth of an Elizabeth Cook Anderson in Plantation in 1914 - would be worth a look, surely?

Lanarkshire / Re: I need help with these COOK children
« on: Yesterday at 12:13 »
You are right that in Scotland an illegitimate child is legitimised by the subsequent marriage of the parents, provided that the parents were free to marry one another when the child was conceived.

But it may be that the children didn't get on with their stepmother, and opted to use a different surname. In Scots law you can use any name you like as long as you do not do so with intent to defraud - you don't have to resort to a deed poll or a formal declaration. (Though I suspect that it would be extremely difficult to do in the 21st century when all the public institutions would resist such a change.)

Perhaps the 1921 census, when it becomes available later this year, will shed some light on the matter.

Fife / Re: Rhind Family in Leven *completed thank you*
« on: Saturday 22 January 22 20:39 GMT (UK)  »
Well found. That does look as if it must be him.

I've been searching using Nicolson and 'name variants' so it looks as if the algorithms don't recognise Nichalson as a variant of Nicholson. Though having looked at the original I don't think it is Nichalson at all - it looks like Nicholson to me.

Though 'my' one would not actually have been 33 - he would have had his 31st birthday in August 1850.

Lanarkshire / Re: Stonemasons in Lanarkshire
« on: Saturday 22 January 22 14:51 GMT (UK)  »
Are these your Janet and her siblings?

Helen Lowrie, mmn Scoular, died in Old Monkland in 1862, age not indexed
James Laurie, mmn Scoular, died in Avondale in 1865, age not indexed
Janet Lawrie, other surname Park, mmn Scoullar, died in New Monkland in 1867 aged 52
Robert Lowrie, mmn Scoular, died in New Monkland in 1875 aged 63
Ann Lowrie, mmn Scoular, died in Avondale in 1875 aged 71
John Lowrie, mmn Scoular, died in Avondale in 1878 aged 71
Jeanie Lowrie, mmn Scoular, died in Avondale in 1893 aged 66
Catherine Lawrie, mmn Scoular, died in Avondale in 1896 aged 73

Children of Robert Lawrie and Janet Scouler, married in Avondale in 1802?

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