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The Common Room / Re: Illegitimate batisms early 1800s
« on: Saturday 30 November 19 17:51 GMT (UK)  »

Don't we all have fascinating people in our families? Thank you for your input


The Common Room / Re: Illegitimate batisms early 1800s
« on: Saturday 30 November 19 15:55 GMT (UK)  »

Thank you for that tip. There was one daughter so I might be able to trace her.

The Common Room / Re: Illegitimate batisms early 1800s
« on: Saturday 30 November 19 15:54 GMT (UK)  »
Mazi no that's incorrect. Old St George's church in Stalybridge opened in the 1770s.

The Common Room / Illegitimate batisms early 1800s
« on: Saturday 30 November 19 12:04 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

Hope you are all having a good weekend? I have a fairly general question about illegitimate baptisms in the early 1800s. My particular ancestor, one Susanna/Susan Hassall b.1780 (possibly Staffs.) had a child John Hassall b.1805 in Stalybridge, Cheshire. John was baptised at the parish church in the next town Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancs. giving Susanna as the mother but no father was named. On checking through the Bastardy Accounts for the church there was no application made for financial support (which I've been told would have led to Susanna being required to name John's father?). I infer from this that Susanna and her child must've had support either from the father privately and/or from her own family? Am I right to assume this?
Secondly, looking through the same church records I have found 4 other illegitimate children baptised over the next 11 years (1805-1816) all born to a Susanna/Susan Hassall of Stalybridge and again no fathers named. Given the rarity of the Hassall name in this area this surely has to be my Susanna and what can really have been going on here? To have 5 illegitimate children and not apply to the church for financial support? Also I assume she had them baptised away from her local parish church to avoid gossip and rumour?

Many thanks in advance,

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Susanna/Susan HASSALL
« on: Friday 25 October 19 12:37 BST (UK)  »
Thank you *bevj*
I've been scouring wills to try and discover a link between this Hassall branch and my own in Stalybridge, Cheshire.

Family History Beginners Board / Re: Susanna/Susan HASSALL
« on: Wednesday 23 October 19 22:41 BST (UK)  »
Wow! Really? Thank you. I have never been able to find a baptism record for any Susanna Hassall. I've been thinking of possible links to the Leek area, which I guess is not too far from Wolverhampton.
Thank you. I hope people will keep digging or pointing me in the right direction.
So grateful, thank you.

Family History Beginners Board / Susanna/Susan HASSALL
« on: Wednesday 23 October 19 21:14 BST (UK)  »
Evening everyone,
I'm seeking help about the above ancestor of mine. I believe she Susanna Hassall was born c.1780 although I don't know where (possibly Cheshire/Staffs.).
What I do know is that she was settled in Stalybridge, Cheshire by 1805 where she gave birth illegitimately to my paternal 3x great-grandfather John Hassall, along with 4 other illegitimate children up to 1815.
Susanna then goes on to marry a Wilkinson where they appear together on the 1841 census in Stalybridge. Susanna Wilkinson (nee Hassall) dies in 1845 at the age of 65.
What I really need is any information pre-1805 about Susanna and her family.
Yours excitedly & exoectantly,

Banffshire / Re: McKay - Banffshire, Scotland.
« on: Thursday 08 August 19 11:44 BST (UK)  »
MonicaL my mistake entirely. I'd not done any family research in a number of months and it was a complete oversight on my part.

Banffshire / Re: McKay - Banffshire, Scotland.
« on: Monday 05 August 19 18:25 BST (UK)  »
Wow. That is fabulous information thank you so much. I've found Innes' family grave at Doune Kirk in Macduff he is not buried there. Also he is not with his widow Margaret Ann Watson in Whitehills Cemetery, as my Grandma & Grandad are in that grave.
We visit the family graves (from Manchester) every year but have never found my great-grandfather's. Yet....

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