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Norfolk Lookup Requests / Re: Norfolk help, Ladell family
« on: Monday 02 September 19 22:05 BST (UK)  »
Hi.  According to information given 20 years ago by one of the Canadian Ladell family, Naomi LAMBERT was born 18 November 1836 in Lobo, Ontario.  She married Alfred Charles LADELL in 1862 at Middlesex Co. Ontario.  She died 31 January 1928 in Forest, Ontario.   I have 7 recorded children for this couple including a pair of twins that died soon after birth.

I have Norfolk  LADELL family back to early 1700's.  Regards

Essex / Re: LADELL (CAMPLING) Family, West Ham
« on: Friday 30 November 12 11:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi. These are the notes from my database.  He seems to have had a very checkered employment, not able to stick at anything for to long.  However, I have not been able to find any mariage between Kate Ann Ladell and Frederick Hadlow.
Minnie Sophia Ladell born 1857 Shoreditch R.Dist. married James Leach in 1876 in the Bethnal Green R.Dist. They had children. Florence B 1877, James H 1879, Elizabeth 1883, Arthur 1886, Kate 1888 and John 1890.

Hope this helps.

Richard Stephen LADELL. 

Bapt. 7 June 1829 St Peter Parmentergate Norwich. Richard son of Robert & Susan Ladell Carpenter

1841 census: Rose Lane Norwich. age 12 LADELL
1851 census: Norwich. age 21 Warehouse shawl manufacturer.
1861 census: 8 Bristow Rd. Shoreditch Middx. Clerk in shawl manufacture  LIVING AS SEPERATE FAMILY BUT AT SAME ADDRESS as parents Robert Stephen & Susannah Ladell and their children
1881 census: 517 Hackney Rd.Bethnal Green Middx. age 52 Tobacconist LA-DELL
present at the marriage of Arthur Norman Ladell in1886
Will states occupation as: Tobacconistm rent & debt collector & Jewller.
Marriage info. taken from Free BMD
Admitted FREEMAN OF NORWICH Dec1850, Manufacturer.

Biography -  Ladell, Richard Stephen - Born in 1830. Died 1888.  STUDIO: 335 City Road, Finsbury 1876 - 1877. Successors to G J Atkins; succeeded by S W Saunders.Bill of sale September 25 1876 130, at 83 Newington Causeway, Southwark.Died in Epsom 1888.OccupationsPhotographer [List all] <> 1876

Essex / Re: LADELL (CAMPLING) Family, West Ham
« on: Friday 01 June 12 20:30 BST (UK)  »
Baptism. 14 Dec.1819.St Nicholas North Walsham. Elizabeth Agatha dau of John Simpson Capt. in Royal Marines and his wife Harriot. DOB 13 Dec 1819.

Does this help at all. 

Essex / Re: LADELL (CAMPLING) Family, West Ham
« on: Tuesday 03 August 10 20:40 BST (UK)  »
Hi.  Yes I am still very interested in the Ladell's.   Jane Austin, yes very.
I think you are probably correct in Sarah Ladell bapt. 1781 Gimingham.
Her widowed mother Sarah died in 1823 and I have a copy of her 6 page will.  Mother was very concerned that the 1000  that was due to her from her fathers will would be passed on to to her daughters Sarah bapt 1781 and Charlotte bapt. 1789  Charlotte had married William Green at St James Paddington in 1819 but Sarah remained unmarried at the time of her mothers death.
Sarah later married George Giles a fish merchant of Yarmouth and Norfolk RO has a marriage settlement document relating to them. 
Sarah would have been 52 at the time of her marriage (of convenience) but lives alone according to the 1841 & 1851 census. I have not managed to find her in the 1861 but there is a death registered at Yarmouth for a Sarah Giles  in 1862.  I have not yet found her will.
George Giles is listed in the 1841 at a different address to his wife and again in 1851 when he has a live in housekeeper.
If you find out any more I'd be most interested.
Kind regards Maggie.

Norfolk / Re: Ladle/Ladell's of Norfolk
« on: Monday 06 July 09 15:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi.  I've been reading your post with interest as I've been researching all Ladell's for some years.  At the moment my database yields no connection to Hyett BUT I do have the family you are interested in. Would be kind enough to clarify the exact details of the baptism and marriage entries you are quoting, as I have a different parish.  Also do you have any idea what James Hyett was doing in Norfolk at the time of his marriage, or his occupation later in life.
Could you also provide a full transcription of the 1851 census entry for James & Susannah Hyett for me to investigate.   I look forwad to hearing from you hopefully to our mutual satisfaction.

Australia Lookups completed / Re: The Floating Brothel
« on: Friday 20 October 06 22:37 BST (UK)  »
The book is better.  Why not treat yourself to an early Christmas present.

Essex / Re: LADELL (CAMPLING) Family, West Ham
« on: Thursday 18 May 06 14:28 BST (UK)  »
No thanks Jean, I still have the information your kindly sent before.
Please be aware that I have today been "told off" about posting a copy   of the 1881 transcription (that I cut and pasted from my LSD disks.
So it may be best to type it out from your copy.  Sorry to be have to be such a spoil sport.  Happy hunting.   Maggie.

Essex / Re: LADELL (CAMPLING) Family, West Ham
« on: Tuesday 16 May 06 22:48 BST (UK)  »
Dear Dr JRS
Its not really amazing, just a collection of facts recorded over 10 years or so.  I've  almost a thousand people on my LADELL families database and still adding to it.  I particularly interested to tracing/joining the families up prior to 1750 and its not proving easy.    Happy hunting   M.

Essex / Re: LADELL (CAMPLING) Family, West Ham
« on: Tuesday 16 May 06 20:06 BST (UK)  »

Hope this helps. Regards M

Caroline Elizabeth Cross married Richard Henry Ladell 1873

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