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Clare / Re: William John Ryan
« on: Tuesday 18 July 17 14:44 BST (UK)  »
I would imagine the dwelling place is the townland of "Fossabeg" in the parish of Tomgraney. Its close the town of Scarriff.


Clare / Re: William John Ryan
« on: Tuesday 18 July 17 12:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi Sarah,

You may have tracked down this information already.

From the Scarriff/Moynoe Baptism Records.

February 1865: "William Ryan of John Ryan & Mary Shaughnesy?" (Difficult to read Marys surname).


Wigtownshire / Re: Peter McKie, Born 1811 - Garlieston, Wigtownshire
« on: Monday 04 January 16 09:40 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jenny,

Good to hear from you. I have some information I can pass on to you including some photographs that might be of interest. I'll PM you my e-mail address and you can reply via e-mail.


« on: Saturday 14 November 15 10:08 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Tina,

Good to hear from you. All I have from this potential branch of the family is what is above. It's only speculation given the information I have and knowledge of the local area. Send you on what you have and I can reply with my family tree. I have no record of a Carherine McMahon but given she was born around 1800 and moved to Limerick that's not surprising.

I'll send you a PM with my e-mail address.


Kirkcudbrightshire / McKie
« on: Thursday 06 August 15 17:29 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,

I'm just posting this information on my wife's McKie family which I had originally put on the incorrect board. She is descended from James McKie below in the 1861 Census. If anybody has any details on the family previous to this it would be great.

William Mckie 58 farmer b. Minnigaff, Kirkcudbright
Mary Mckie (Johnstone) 52 b. New Abbey, Kirkcudbright
Grace Mckie 25
William Mckie 22
James Mckie 20 joiner b. Urr, Kirkcudbright
Robert Mckie 14
Maryann Mckie 10
Jannet Johnstone 80 mother in law, b. Urr, Kirkcudbright

Address: Paradise Farm, Dumfries St Michael


Wigtownshire / Re: Peter McKie, Born 1811 - Garlieston, Wigtownshire
« on: Thursday 06 August 15 17:13 BST (UK)  »
Thanks for the reply folks. As you can see its most likely the family listed above in Kirkcudbright is the McKie family that I'm looking for. I might post this message in the Kirkcudbright board as it is more likely to be spotted by relevant people.

Thanks again,

« on: Monday 15 September 14 10:09 BST (UK)  »
Hi Rae,

I realise this is an old message and this may be way off base but here are my thoughts on where these McMahon's might be from.

From what I gather here and from other messages that you have posted elsewhere this is the timeline we are dealing with:

 - Patrick McMahon (married to Helen Collins)
 - Son Michael McMahon (b~ 1799 married Catherine Griffin)
 - Their Son Patrick McMahon (b~  1836)
 - Michael & Patrick McMahon emigrated to Australia ~ 1850 -1860.

It is possible that Patrick McMahon was from the townland of Capparoe, Tomgraney (land owner in 1827). There are only 2 Collins listed in the Applottment Books in Tomgraney & 1 in the Griffith Valuation. Patrick Collins is a land owner in the townland of Coolagoree, Tomgraney which is only a mile from where Partick McMahon would have lived. Similarly, the only Griffins listed in the Griffith Valuation in Tomgraney are in the townland of Fossamore which is also only a mile from where Patrick McMahon lived.

There are no McMahon's listed in Capparoe in the Griffith Valuation so its possible that this may be a result of Michael and Patrick emigrating in 1850's?

From my point of view I believe that the Patrick McMahon that I mention here from Capparoe is possibly a brother to my ggg grandfather John McMahon. John was a land owner across the river in the neighbouring townland of Core, parish of Feakle in the early 1800's. Most of the families in Core at this time look to have origins in Tomgraney. Also all my family back to my gg grandfather at least are buried in Tomgraney.

This is all just speculation but if you have any more recent thoughts on this let me know.

Noel McMahon.

Durham / Re: Proud and McMahon
« on: Monday 18 August 14 08:47 BST (UK)  »
Good to hear from you!!!

Daniel McMahon (1853-1887) born Core, Feakle, Co. Clare moved to Durham England where he became a police constable. He married Margaret Eleanor Proud (1860-1886). They had 3 children,
Mary Sarah (Minnie) B. 1881, John Ernest B. 1883 & Margaret Eleanor B. 1884.

After their parents death in 1886/87, the children were returned to Ireland. Minnie and John Ernest went to Daniels brother John McMahon in Cappa, Tulla Co. Clare. Margaret Eleanor went to Daniels sister Bridget Hayes in Caher, Feakle, Co. Clare.

Margaret Eleanor married John Moroney from Core, Feakle and had 3 children, Daniel, Packie and Mary Kate. She died at a relatively young age and John remarried. John Ernest married Mary Burke, worked as a customs officer and had 11 children. (his grand daughter is on this forum)

I had worked out that Mary Sarah (Minnie) emigrated to New York and married John Kelly. I have 4 children that they had, May, Elizabeth, Frances and John Ernest. I haven't any more information on her so it would be nice to get an update on what became of the family.

As to where I fit in, My great grandfather Timothy McMahon (1856-1938) was Daniel McMahon's younger brother. The house where they were born still stands and is in good shape. I am hoping to renovate it some day.

I will forward on any relevant information and photos that I think might be of interest to you.
I also have a detailed McMahon family tree going back to the early 1700's.

Noel McMahon.

Clare / Re: Feakle, Clare, baptisms and marriages
« on: Saturday 16 August 14 10:31 BST (UK)  »
Derrybehagh would not fall under the Caher/Killanena records, just Feakle I'm afraid.


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