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Hi There

I've identified some family that came over in the late 1800s to NY from Russian-Poland (Elizabeth) and  Fiume, Austro-Hungary (Croatia). They are Frederic Peter Sepic and his wife, Elizabeth Sepic (nee Skibicki, Skibicky).

There are several census records showing they lived in NYC and New Haven. Also have passport application for both and a naturalization paper for Peter.

1. Want to know if any other users out there have info on these two and their families back in Poland and Croatia. Not many of the official US documents I've found list their hometowns or parents names.

2. They had my great grandmother stay with them at times, and she shows up as one of their children in a census but I am not sure that is correct. Perhaps Peter and Elizabeth are her parents! My great grandmother's name was Celia (Cecilia) Skibicky and she married Frank Standora (Standorf). Looking for info on Celia.

3. Celia's parents, Stefan (Stephan) Skibicky and Constance (maiden name may be Bogudska) are also 2 people I am trying to find out more about. I can find them on the census but again, nothing about their hometown and parents detail.

Thanks to all for looking and in advance for anything you can shed light on.

Cardiganshire / Re: Thomas Jones, Bettws Bledrws, Maes-y-Felin Lookup
« on: Monday 01 January 18 17:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Jen & Denny

I'm back. Life is a little busy but back on track to continue my research.
Denny, I live on the east coast. Chances are many of the Jones from Chas. David Jones' son, David Lloyd Jones (my grandfather) will be visiting Jackson OH in the spring/summer of 2018. My aunt, Penelope passed away this past Oct. and we all will gather to bury her remains at Fairmont Cemetery.

Thank you for reaching out. Jen, I hope your health is better and that you are doing well. Happy new year!

Also, I didn't see the photos that Jen sent. Jen, if you see this, can you please send those to me too? I will add them to my family tree on


Cardiganshire / Re: Thomas Jones, Bettws Bledrws, Maes-y-Felin Lookup
« on: Thursday 13 March 14 02:20 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Jen,

Thank you for this additional information. It is very helpful. My uncle Brooks mentioned something about the gamewarden but I've no way to confirm that. You seem to know so much more so if it doesn't ring a bell then he likely misspoke.

I have more questions for you, if you don't mind taking a look at them. Hope I am not bothering you too much with this. It seems easy enough to find information on my family once they settled in the US but tracing things back to Wales has its challenges.

1. What can you tell me about Glenbrechan? It is still standing? I'm intrigued to learn you gave a talk on it.

2. What kind of farmers were they? Crops? Livestock? Just curious....

3. How can I find more information about Mary who lived/grew up at Betws Leucu? Is someone living in her home?

4. Did Mary Edwards' father marry her and Thomas Jones at Llandewi Brefi? I think I may have seen that but am not entirely sure.

5. If I wanted to find Elizabeth Jones' will online, how could I find it? I only ask because her name also seems like it would have been quite common.

6. What is your sense of the genealogical resources that are available in Wales? I would really like to make plans to visit when my son (now 2yrs) is older so I can travel to the villages and communities that my family came from.  While there, I know it may be easier to do any genealogical searching.

I am such an amature but am determined to put these pieces together for my son and hopefully generations to come.

If you happen to come across your power point or your family tree you mentioned, I would be very interested in reviewing it.

Many thanks and Regards,
Aly  :D

Cardiganshire / Re: Thomas Jones, Bettws Bledrws, Maes-y-Felin Lookup
« on: Monday 10 March 14 13:53 GMT (UK)  »
Dear Jen,

You absolutely MADE my day.  :) What an adorable photo. This is the same family! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond, I am so thankful that you checked the site and provided as much as you did. I actually had just about given up.

Yes, my uncle Brooks was in Wales in the last 10 yrs or so and was probably asking anyone he could find about our family. He is not shy. However, he is retired now, and whatever he did gather on his trip is limited..

If you do find time later this week or in the near future to connect again with me, I would greatly appreciate it. Heck, I will wait months if I have to knowing you may be able to enlighten me. Are you related to Elizabeth Edwards?

Yes! I just ordered the book a month ago and extracted as much info as I could from it about Thomas but plan to read in full when I have time. I also have been in touch with the Director at the Lillian Jones Museum in Jackson, OH where my fathers family lived. Lillian would have been a cousin of my grandfather (I think). The museum has been so helpful in supporting me in my search.

Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you!
Aly (Jones) Warner

Cardiganshire / Thomas Jones, Bettws Bledrws, Maes-y-Felin Lookup
« on: Sunday 09 February 14 00:28 GMT (UK)  »
Just a beginner, I am in the US, trying to piece together the details of family members in Wales. I've found some information online and from other family members to help me build my tree. But I still have holes. I should note that I tried searching these forums before posting these questions. I hope that someone can help! Or at least help me understand the best way to find this information from the US.

Thomas A. Jones, b.1756 d.1819 (not sure if dates are correct); lived at Maes-y-Felin in parish of Bettws Bledrws, Lampeter, Cardiganshire. I think he stayed in Wales. Married to Elizabeth (dont know her maiden name) b.1969, d,1848 (not sure if these are correct).

His son, Thomas T. Jones, b.1804, d. 1887, He married Mary Edwards (from LLanddewi-Brefi, daughter of Thomas and Anne Edwards, Tanlan) on 17 Oct 1826 at the LLanddewi-Brefi Church. May have lived at Llwen Bobi, the game warden's house before leaving Wales. They immigrated to the US in 1838 and settled in Jackson Ohio.

My requests for help!:

1. I want to learn who the elder Thomas is....
2. When was he really born? Where? When did he die?
3. When was his wife, Elizabeth born? Where? When did she die?
4. What did he/they do at Maes-y-Felin Fach? What were his and her occupations?
5. Did they have more children other than Thomas T.? And, who were they?
6. Finally, who were their parents? (Thomas A., Elizabeth, Thomas Edwards and his wife Anne)

Many thanks! :)

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