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Thanks. I suppose if we’re lucky it could be £3.50 to see the transcription + image. I certainly won’t be paying £6 for both if that’s the deal though and I won’t pay anything just to see a transcription.

I would imagine that from the index if one selects left icon transcription is is £2.50 or right image £3.50 whereupon you do your own. Findmypasts pages are set up like that with the search results index free and the text transcript or original image require subscription as standard (suspect not as much address info in the index will be seen).
eg 1939 snip (right hand side of)

The Lighter Side / Re: Costs of 1921 census revealed
« on: Yesterday at 13:55 »
I don't have a subscription to FindMyPast
one is not required, get a 10% discount if you do have one but you'd be paying a lot of £2.50's and £3.50's to recoup a sub specifically to avail of the 10% with no intent of accessing their other resources (some of which are not available on Ancestry or are in Fold3 in Ancestry, their 1939 register is superior as more unredacted and they have the British Newspaper Archive collection) all those make it worth my while subscribing every 2-3 years.

The Lighter Side / Re: Costs of 1921 census revealed
« on: Yesterday at 12:26 »
Apparently the 1939 register when first released was £6.95 per household
indeed or £24.95 for a 5 household bundle (£4.99 per household) per announcement 27 Oct 2015
Ancestry released it May 2018.

The 1911 was a bit different, it was brought out in a hurry in 2009 instead of 2012 (due to a legal challenge) with some info initially restricted & with a phased release, county by county see Accessing the 1911 Census on
[The ruling by the Information Commissioner that resulted in the 1911 census being opened early could not be applied to the 1921 census, as it was conducted under the 1920 Census Act, still in force, containing a statutory prohibition on disclosure]

The Common Room / Re: 1921 Census
« on: Yesterday at 11:40 »
P.S. 1931 Census. The 1931 Census Returns for England and Wales were destroyed by fire during WW2, but the Scottish Census still exists. I wonder if I'll still be around when that's released!

Doubt I will be by the next Northern Ireland Census. No census was taken 1921. One was taken 1926 in the North but destroyed WW2 (the Republic's survives). After the all Ireland 1911 the next one surviving for Northern Ireland is the 28 February 1937!

The Common Room / Re: 1921 Census
« on: Yesterday at 11:25 »
"1921 Census of England and Wales will be free to view online at The National Archives" if you visit there in person - not on their website.
Yes it is likely Ancestry will likely get later, about 3 years later I think was the case for the 1939 register when they did their own transcripts of the images. My Heritage still do not have images of the 1939 register, they only have transcripts and purchased them from Findmypast.

The Common Room / Re: GRO Index Army Marriage
« on: Yesterday at 04:15 »
see Overseas Records on I think there is sufficient info on the transcript to place an order without seeing the original

Antrim / Re: William Moore
« on: Monday 25 October 21 08:43 BST (UK)  »
Milltown Cemetery can be contacted on 028 9061 3972 or you could phone GRONI and request a search Death Notices from the Belfast Telegraph only run to 1983 on British Newspaper Archive / Findmypast, besides it is not an unsual name combo unfortunately.
He married Roseleen McGreevey 25 Sep 1940 according to the GRONI index.

Antrim / Re: Dundrod Cemetery
« on: Thursday 21 October 21 11:00 BST (UK)  »
Dundrod burial records are not held by PRONI on microfilm so only option is local contact
There are certainly a number of more recent Graham headstones there, can see 3 in Streetview

Antrim / Re: John Neeson of 4 Ballybollen Road
« on: Sunday 10 October 21 14:52 BST (UK)  »
Agree, the reference to Ballybollen would be to the townland only in 1864, no house or road names existed till 1970's.

Further to the Drifter's comments the coloured maps on Askabout Ireland are some 10-20 years later than the printed books, the originals can be accessed in PRONI and later map revisions. One can come across numbers on the printed Griffiths that do not show on the coloured map for the same entry. But people never knew of or referred to these numbers, they were often illiterate and were for official tax purposes only. They are handy for us today as enable us to match a name in a Townland with specific fields & house.
For the Republic counties only FindMyPast has a separate collection entitled Griffith's Surveys Maps and Plans, 1847-1864 apparently of the original maps but are faint black and white images.

EDIT: didn't look at date of 1st post, see now was 2004

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