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United States of America / Re: Thomas Stephenson Muir
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 20:20 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you oldohiohome.

kind regards

United States of America / Re: Thomas Stephenson Muir
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 20:19 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for your response RJ137 - I have forwarded the information to the user. The obituary of Mary Mitchell gives her date of birth and area in Scotland that she lived. Thank you again.

United States of America / Re: Thomas Stephenson Muir
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 19:38 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you Sandra for all of the information, I will pass this on. I did respond to the user yesterday and suggested an Archibald Muir and a Janet Stephenson were noted as parents for a Thomas Muir in 1822 and suggested she follow this route but there was no guarantee it was correct. The problem is she keep adding it to the Family Search Tree and i have removed it a couple of times. She just needed a bit of help and I have tried to give her some clues with regard to the christian names of his children following a family route. Apparently she is very new to researching and I couldnt help any further with UK records and thought US records may provide a clue. Thank you again for your recommendations.
kind regards.

United States of America / Re: Thomas Stephenson Muir
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 09:55 GMT (UK)  »
hello Jamjar - Thank you for your comments but the Thomas Muir you advise parents as Catherine and John is my relative born and died in Scotland his wife was Agnes Cuthbert married in 1861 however the user I refer to has another Thomas Stephenson Muir which she is adding to my tree who was born in Glasgow and not Wiston. I know he is not the child of Catherine or John for a number of reasons this is why I am trying to locate any US documents that would show his parentage to help the user. Does anyone have access to a death certificate or naturalisation record or any other documentation to assist please. I can see one US Census in 1870 where he is listed as a Cooper with his wife Mary. If he married in Scotland before 1855 its likely there is no record of the marriage in Scotland. kind regards

United States of America / Thomas Stephenson Muir
« on: Thursday 05 March 20 00:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hello - I am trying to locate any records which record the parents of a Thomas Stephenson Muir who died in Winona Minnesota October 1886. Born in Glasgow in 1818. Married a Mary Mitchell on 23 March 1848 and emigrated to the US July 1849. The problem is he is being added as a child to my 3rd times Great Grandmother and Grandfather Catherine Spence and John Muir. I have advised the user that they did have a child Thomas Muir in 1818 but he lived and died in Scotland I have his marriage certificate stating his parents and his death certificate. She says that she obtained the information from Ancestry Trees but I advised without confirmed sources its very unlikely that Catherine would have given birth to 2 sons both called Thomas in different places of Scotland in the same year. i am trying to help her find the correct parents. I did a quick bit of research and found a Mary Mitchell marrying a Thomas Stevenson on 20 March 1849 not 1848 but unfortunately prior to 1855 there were no official records required so this could be coincidental. I suspect he may have changed his name when he emigrated. Sometimes people changed their names so that they could not be traced if they had been in a bit of trouble. I found one census in 1870 recorded as Thomas Muir, no middle name he was a Cooper by trade. I am assuming that his parents would be recorded on a naturalisation record or his death certificate but I couldn't find either record on Family Search. Can anyone assist please? Many thanks

Canada / Re: Arthur Proudfoot
« on: Wednesday 07 August 19 12:40 BST (UK)  »
Sandra thank you so much. The death certificate for Jessie has been really helpful because I couldn't find her birth in Scotlands People but there is an alternative name Symon to try. So sad that she died through burn injuries. Thank you again.

Canada / Re: Arthur Proudfoot
« on: Wednesday 07 August 19 11:25 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Sandra that all ties up. I suspect either she had a child before she was married to my Great Uncle or there was some sort of scandal for there to be no family contact. Which is strange as previous generations had a bit of a chequered past!!  His cousin John was just as elusive, noone knew where he was and I eventually traced him through Familysearch he disappeared with his married lover to Chicago under a different christian name when he became embroiled in her divorce. We had been searching under his birth name. Thanks again for the information.

Canada / Re: Arthur Proudfoot
« on: Wednesday 07 August 19 10:49 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Jon that was pretty quick. I did try Familysearch this morning but couldnt find anything so thats wonderful.

Canada / Arthur Proudfoot
« on: Wednesday 07 August 19 10:16 BST (UK)  »
Hello I am looking for any help locating a marriage or death of Arthur Proudfoot born in Inverness 1899, parents William Proudfoot and Catherine Cameron. My aunt (his neice) told us that he went on the tramp around 1920's and the family never heard from him again. We have been searching death records and military records for about 4 years and today I tried searching immigration records on Ancestry which I have done several times before but this time I got a hit, both the age and home address tie up. He sailed to Canada in 1924 on the Montlaurier from Glasgow. I found voters records up until 1963 but can find nothing on Ancestry after that or any marriage or death. The address was 42 Highlands, Digby on the voters list and also records of a Mrs Arthur but no Christian name. Can anyone help with possible sources for other records.

Thank you

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