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Australia / Re: 6 Newman Street Mortdale
« on: Today at 05:41 »
There is a facebook group "I grew up in Mortdale" with many photos. Perhaps they may have some photos of the street. Gives you some idea of the area over time anyway. (You don't need to be on facebook to view them, though you may need to be in order to contact them.)

The Common Room / Re: A little extra marriage detail
« on: Yesterday at 11:30 »
Interestingly, just before the announcement of the same marriage in the Hampshire/Portsmouth Telegraph, it has:

" ... On Monday se'nnight, Mr. T. Bell, (the Irish Giant, now travelling the country) to Miss M. Stanley of Sheffield. - He having been refused a licence, they were obliged to wait till the bans [sic] were regularly published. At Cardigan, Miss S. Jones, aged 16 years, to Mr. W. Davies, aged 22, in stature 3 feet 6 inches high."

Monday,  May 5, 1806, Hampshire/Portsmouth Telegraph

You're welcome Kevin.  :)

Would still like to find William in the 1841 census, though if he's not in the County it is difficult, I was surprised just how many young men of that name and age there were in 1841!

Australia / Re: BIRD family interest
« on: Monday 19 April 21 11:24 BST (UK)  »
Hello again, Iím really interested in reading these Bird postings, Iíll look again at my tree again here in England.

NOTE TO  u2by  Thank you for your message for some reason Iím unable to reply, could you email
     Thank you.

Hello Castlebromwich. You need to make 3 posts before you can use the personal message system. One more and you're there.  :) Simply reply to this if you like.

The Lighter Side / Re: Air Balloons 1795
« on: Monday 19 April 21 11:19 BST (UK)  »
There was a ship called "Air Balloon" - certainly sailed between London and Cork in 1795 (from shipping items in newspapers).

Also an item about the French army on the Rhine sending up some engineers in an air balloon for reconnaissance in July 1795.

Cambridgeshire / Re: Eileen Sutton 1905
« on: Monday 19 April 21 10:49 BST (UK)  »
it's possible she was adopted;  the 1911 record does state three children. AND ...  the name on the original does look like Lutton.
I found 1901 William & Mary A Lutton [both 1875] no children living Prestwich.

It does look like LUTTON, especially when compared to "S" in "Son" and "Single", however when comparing it to the "S" in "Stoker", I think the name is definitely SUTTON.

Census and Resource Discussion / Re: 1841 - Northumberland Census - ROWELL
« on: Monday 19 April 21 05:19 BST (UK)  »
Who does William say is his father on the marriage certificate?

Is William the one who married Isabella CHARLTON in 1842? Is he the one who appears on subsequent censuses born c1819 at Simonburn? If so, a likely baptism at Simonburn on 8 July 1821 to Robert (a mason) and Mary. Does this fit with the info you have?

Possible marriage at Simonburn of Robert ROWELL and Mary HERDMAN on 15 March 1806, and children baptised at Simonburn to Robert (mason) and Mary:
1807  John
1813  Mary Ann
1816  Hannah  (privately)
1816  Jane  (privately)
1821  William

In 1841 this looks like Robert and Mary at Simonburn (with presumably daughter Mary and her children  :-\)
Robert  ROWELL   60  (mason)
Mary                       60
Mary                       25
John                      10
Jane                       4
Hannah                  8 months
HO107/842/21 pg1

I can't see any other ROWELL's at Simonburn in 1841.

There is a William ROWELL (20, lead ore miner) at Allendale in 1841 (with Elizabeth 55, John 25 and Elizabeth 15) though I'm not sure that this is your William as he appears in subsequent censuses with wife Elizabeth and family at Allendale.

Australia / Re: BIRD family interest
« on: Monday 19 April 21 01:30 BST (UK)  »
My Great GrandUncle is Henry Walter Bird. B.1857. D1935 Australia.
His parents were John Barnett Bird, Elizabeth Parker.
Married Mary Ann Holt in 1880 Hardingstone .They had two children John Earl Bird, George Holt Bird.
He left his Wife c.1883 and departs fo Australia.
Mary married Harry Middleton and had one Daughter Grace Eva.

I have NO information of his life or new family in Australia and would really appreciate any information that anyone has on Henry Walter Bird.
I can supply all information on his family in England.  Thank You. :)

Welcome Castlebromwich also to RootsChat !

As Sue has mentioned (and I pointed out in reply #10) whilst it does look promising, there is still no proof that they are the same person.

Australia / Re: BIRD family interest
« on: Monday 19 April 21 01:27 BST (UK)  »
Hello u2by and welcome to RootsChat.

Yes, unfortunately death certificates are only accurate as the person reporting the information knew. Parent's names may not be known, however there is other information which may be provided - spouse, marriage details, children's names, place of birth, residency etc. You can see what information there may be here:

An obituary has been provided in reply #2

Modified to add:
Sorry Sue, just realised you posted the information available on a Qld death certificate already.  :-[

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