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The Common Room / Re: Still recorded as illegitimate at death
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 10:52 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks everyone. It is a Scottish certificate. Ive had a look at the new Kirk sessions on Scotlandpeople, no luck yet but its quite alot of information to go through! 

The Common Room / Still recorded as illegitimate at death
« on: Monday 22 March 21 18:17 GMT (UK)  »
I've just discovered (finally!) my 3rd great grandfathers death certificate of 1873. Even at 71 years of age he is still recorded as 'illegitimate'! In the space for his occupation it is recorded as "mason (illiegitimate) married to Mary Johnstone." Plus his Fathers name is missing and only his Mothers name is recorded.
So either he was an illegitimate mason??? or the stigma of being illegitimate was that strong.

Any clarification of this type of recording is very welcome.


Stirlingshire / Re: Polmaise Castle, Stirling
« on: Monday 22 February 21 19:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there,

His name was William Barron Macpherson. His death certificate had is usual address as Polmaise Castle, Stirling. I just assumed as he was a butler, that was where he worked. His wife was Marion who was a nurse.


Stirlingshire / Polmaise Castle, Stirling
« on: Monday 22 February 21 17:46 GMT (UK)  »
I've just discovered my great-granduncle was a Butler at Polmaise Castle in 1927 at the time of his death. I've never heard of this castle but understand it has since been demolished by the army. Does anyone know about the family who owned it or anyone else who worked there? My great granduncle was from Inverness, then in the Royal Army Medical Corps serving in Egypt during WW1 so not sure how he ended up a butler in Stirling!


Radnorshire / Re: Origin of the name De Winton in Radnorshire
« on: Monday 11 January 21 22:46 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks for that. All his siblings had unusual names, Ebenezer and Gildas being just two of them!  so I'm thinking it came from the local history or area.
I'll keep digging.

Radnorshire / Origin of the name De Winton in Radnorshire
« on: Monday 11 January 21 17:22 GMT (UK)  »
I have recently discovered a family member with the name Price Meredith De Winton Evans (1903-1957) and was curious as to where the 'De Winton' originated. I have gone back several generations on both sides of the family but have yet to find any other De Winton. All his siblings had unusual names so maybe they were just history buffs of the Norman conquest??

Grateful for any info,

The Common Room / Re: Using Find My Past website
« on: Thursday 05 November 20 19:18 GMT (UK)  »
I agree that Ancestry can be frustrating to use and ScotlandsPeople is ridiculously expensive but I cannot even find my own birth certificate on Find My Past whereas it comes up straight away on ScotlandsPeople. I must be doing something wrong to find it so difficult to use.

The Common Room / Using Find My Past website
« on: Wednesday 04 November 20 18:55 GMT (UK)  »
Ive started using Find My Past recently but find it quite frustrating. Im struggling to find records that I can easily find on ScotlandsPeople and even Ancestry. Has anyone else found any difficulties with it? Ive been researching for years and have never had a problem such as these with other sites. (ScotlandsPeople, Ancestry, Forces War Records, MyHeritage)

Selkirkshire / Re: MACKINNON/MCKINNON family in Ettrick Scotland
« on: Sunday 10 November 19 15:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi Pauline,
William Mckinnon's parents were Andrew Johnstone Mackinnon (02/10/1832-1915) and Agnes Bell (01/04/1844-10/04/1914).
They had 7 children, Margaret,John,Mary,Andrew,James,Thomas and William.
William Mackinnon (my Great Grandfather) being Thomas Duncan Mckinnon's younger brother (making him my 2nd Great uncle). I don't know why some of the family spelt the surname McK and other Mack, its very confusing when searching for folk!
Andrew and Agnes were married on 07/7/1868 in Whiteknowe in the parish of Hutton. Andrew and Agnes were both born in Dumfries. They lived for a few years in a cottage in an area called Cossarshillfoot in Ettrick. I have been to the cottage and its quite nice albeit a bit small for a large family. They then moved to the Thirlestane estate where they lived in one of the lodges. They both stayed there for the rest of their lives.
I have found quite alot of information on the ScotlandsPeople website but I found out a great deal more by visiting the area. My Ancestry tree has the whole family.
Saying that, the information I have on your Great grandfather is sparse. I have a Nellie listed as his wife and a son named Andrew but I have been unable to confirm this information. 
It would be great to hear back from you and exchange notes!


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