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Aberdeenshire / Re: Ann Slessor - more Old Deer Slessors...
« on: Monday 11 October 21 14:54 BST (UK)  »
was there anything more after your quote?
"The entry reads: June 24th, John McArthur in Guilkhorn had a son brought forth by his wife Ann Slessor, baptised 8 July last named Robert...."

The entry finishes: Ö Witnesses George McArthur and John Fowlie.

I would also like to know more about Ann. She is my direct ancestor.

Then we must be related. Ann Slessor and John McArthur are my 4x great grandparents.

My great grandfather was William Mitchell McArthur, the second son of Robert McArthur and Elizabeth Paterson Mitchell, who was the second son of John McArthur and Ann Slessorís second son Robert McArthur and his wife Susan Baxter.

I see you have Cromie and Bell and co. Down in your bio.
Me too, via Harbisons of Co. Down.

My Cromie/Crombie and Bell ancestors are actually on my motherís side. My maternal grandmother was a Dalziel; her parents were from Co Down - her fatherís mother was Bell, and her motherís mother was Crombie.


Aberdeenshire / Re: Ann Slessor - more Old Deer Slessors...
« on: Thursday 07 October 21 21:17 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if the Registrar just forgot to note that Ann Slessor or McArthur was deceased by 1857?

That is the conclusion Iíve come to - as Iíve failed to find any trace of her.

Aberdeenshire / Re: Ann Slessor - more Old Deer Slessors...
« on: Thursday 07 October 21 19:31 BST (UK)  »

According to People's ScotlandsPeople 
the son Robert McArthur was christened on 8 July 1806 in New Deer.
I am curious as to where you found the birth date?

Most entries in parish registers only give the date of baptism, some only give the date of birth, others give both. When both are given, indexes tend to show the date of baptism, not birth. I suspect that if you look at the actual entry it will give both in this case.

GR2 is correct - there are two dates on the actual record. The entry reads: June 24th, John McArthur in Guilkhorn had a son brought forth by his wife Ann Slessor, baptised 8 July last named Robert....'

However, a closer look at the page reveals that all the entries were actually entered in 1807 - and they're in a random order of birth/baptism dates. It looks like they may have been copied from an original register. So it's possible the date that precedes each entry isn't, in fact, the birth date, but the date (in 1807) that the records were copied into this register. Although 24 June 1806 wouldn't be an unreasonable birth date for a child baptised at the beginning of July...

I was quite excited that this might be about the Slessors in the title - this post keeps popping up every few years, but I'm still no further forward finding out which family of Slessors my Ann Slessor belonged to.  ;D ;D ;D


Aberdeenshire / Re: Looking for illegitimate child after reading newspaper article.
« on: Monday 20 September 21 20:56 BST (UK)  »
Am I allowed to include the snippet of the image which indicates Williamina's profession?
If so, how do I upload the image here?

It's 'flax mill worker' - the RCE identifies her simply as a 'mill worker'.


ADDED: crossed in the ether...  ;D

Aberdeenshire / Re: Looking for illegitimate child after reading newspaper article.
« on: Monday 20 September 21 20:49 BST (UK)  »
William Sinclair Forrest (or Forrest Sinclair) does, indeed, appear to be the child. There's an RCE attached to the birth dated 1897 naming William Mearns Sinclair has his father.

His mother, Williamina Burnett Ramsay Forrest went on to marry Robert Stewart in 1899 in Aberdeen. I think this is the family in 1901, with William recorded as William Stewart:

248 Holburn Street, Aberdeen

Robert Stewart, 30, mason's labourer, Aberdeen
Williamina Stewart, 32, wife, Aberdeen
William Stewart, 7, son, Aberdeen

Looks like William used William Sinclair Forrest in adulthood - he married Christian Mary Byth in 1918 in St Machar, and died in 1957 in Aberdeen. I haven't checked these two certificates to be sure it's him, but the ages and locations match.


Scotland / Re: Trying to find records for parents C 1830.
« on: Thursday 26 August 21 09:39 BST (UK)  »
Not sure exactly what youíre trying to confirm here, but the Janet Hynd, born 1 Jun 1843 to William Hynd and Agnes Beveridge (baptised 11 June 1843 in Aberdour, Fife) is, I think, actually Jane Hynd. The baptism record clearly names her as Janet, but there was also another child baptised on the same day, also named Janet, so itís possible the registrar made an error.

Either way, Jane Hynd consistently appears as Jane in all subsequent records. She married James Halkett in 1865 in Dalgety, Fife. They had 9 children: Agnes Beveridge Halkett, George Halkett, Margaret White Halkett, Jane Hynd Halkett, William Hynd Halkett, Janet Halkett, James Halkett, David Halkett and Elizabeth Hynd Halkett. Jane Halkett (nee Hynd) died in 1926 in Tullialan, Fife.

Thomas Hetherington (b. abt. 1844) is altogether more interesting. He is noted as an orphan in 1851 in Rutherglen, where he appears with the family of George Craig, coal miner and his wife Jean/Jane Adams  (they married in 1846) - heís with the same family in 1861, where he is noted as a boarder. Itís possible heís related to one of these families in some way, although I havenít found any evidence to support that yet.


Aberdeenshire / Re: Hay family, weavers in Strichen and Aberdeen circa 1830s
« on: Tuesday 17 August 21 13:17 BST (UK)  »
Margaret Hay who I believe died between 1841 and 1851.

Margaret is on the 1841/1851 census.

MARGARET HAY age 60  likely death 10/06/1753 Strichen. (On SP)


Like you, I assumed that this was the Margaret Hay the OP was referring to - but, through the powers of deduction  ;) - I think weíre actually looking for Margaret MacGillvray (ms Hay), who married James MacGillvray in 1833 in Aberdeen.

Here are the two children referred to in King Edward in 1851:

1851 Crudie Farm
John Mackie, head, 32, Farmer, King Edward
Mary Mackie, wife, 36, King Edward
Janet Mackie, daughter, 5, King Edward
John Mackie, son, 2, King Edward
William Hutcheon, visitor, 34, Farmer, King Edward
Jane Anderson, servant,  17, Gamrie, Banffshire
Ann Hay, servant 14, Monquhitter
James McGillvray, servant, 13, Aberdeen

1851 Cook
John Hay, head, 45, Linen Weaver, Monquhitter
Isobel Hay, wife, 41, Monquhitter
Janet Hay, daughter, 16, Monquhitter
Catherine Hay, daughter, 8, King Edward
Christian Roger, mother in law, 69, Monquhitter
Helen Panton, niece, 22, Monquhitter
John McGillivray, cousin, 7, Aberdeen

I think this may be Margaret McGillvray (ms Hay) and James in 1841:

1841 Flour Mill Brae, Aberdeen
Margaret McGillivray, 25, Shoe Binder, Aberdeenshire
James McGillivray, 3, Aberdeenshire


Scotland / Re: David Jeffrey - Scotland (1880s)
« on: Sunday 11 July 21 19:14 BST (UK)  »
Part 2: Ann Smith or Reid

Maggieís mother, Ann Smith or Reid, has an equally chequered history. She was born in Ireland in about 1839 to Margaret Gourlay and her first husband, James Smith. She first appears in Scotland in 1851 in Glassford, Lanarkshire with her mother and her second husband, John Reid, along with three siblings.

Her first child, Eliza Simpson, was born in 1856 in Glassford. She subsequently married the childís father, Matthew Simpson, in Feb 1857 in East Kilbride. Their second child, Jane Simpson was born in December 1857 in East Kilbride. Matthew Simpson seems to have left the household shortly after - he appears in 1861 in Corstophine, Midlothian, where he appears to afterwards take up with a Mary Moran, with whom he has three further children: James in 1862, and Henry and John (twins) in 1869. He died in 1879 in Colinton, Midlothian.

Ann Smith had five children between 1861 and 1870 - presumably all to different fathers (none of whom were her husband): Mary Ann Smith b. 1861; Margaret Allan Smith, b. 1863, Elizabeth Smith, b. 1865; Rachel Smith, b. 1867; and Agnes Barclay Smith, b. 1870.

She then had a son - registered as David Smith, in 1872 - with David Thomas, a soldier stationed at Hamilton. She married David Thomas in 1880 (when, if we remember, her daughter Maggie Reid married William Scott, also a soldier stationed at Hamilton). He appears in barracks at Hamilton in 1881, and I canít find the family at all in 1891, but Ann registered David Thomasí death in 1900 in Perth. She died in 1907 in Perth.


Scotland / Re: David Jeffrey - Scotland (1880s)
« on: Sunday 11 July 21 19:12 BST (UK)  »
No further forward with trying to track down David Jeffrey, but have been exploring the complicated history of Robert Jeffrey Reid or Scottís mother - Maggie Reid and her mother, Ann Smith or Reid.

Part 1: Maggie Reid

Maggie Reid was born Margaret Allan Smith in 1863 in East Kilbride, to Ann Smith or Reid (who was the daughter of Margaret Gourlay and her first husband, James Smith. Margaret Gourlay subsequently married John Reid). It seems likely that her fatherís surname was Allan - her mother had a number of illegitimate children, and there are two that potentially have their fatherís surnames as middle names.

Maggie Reid or Smith had eight children - four probably with William Scott, who she married in 1880 in East Kilbride: Ann Scott b. 1883, Perth; Agnes Elizabeth Scott b. 1893, Cupar; William Scott b. 1895, East Kilbride; and David Charles Scott b. 1899, Old Monkland.

In the years while William Scott was stationed in England (and indulging in his other marriage) Maggie had four further children: Mary Jeffrey Reid, b. 1885, Edinburgh; Robert Jeffrey Reid or Scott, b. 1886, Paisley; John Reid or Scott b. 1888, Perth; Margaret Reid or Scott, b. 1890, Cupar.

We know that the first two are not William Scottís children (Maggie even stated such to the registrar when Robertís birth was registered, saying she hadnít had marital relations with her husband for at least five years), and we have to assume that the other two arenít either - William Scott married his second wife in 1887, and was convicted of bigamy in 1889.

Maggie died in Perth in 1934 - her death was registered by her son, David Charles Scott. She is noted as being a widow. I canít find a definitive death for William Scott - he isnít with the family in 1911 in Perth, with Maggie (who is noted as being married) and two of her children: David Charles Scott and Margaret Reid or Scott - so we could assume he died some time between 1911 and 1934.


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