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Europe / Re: German Pork Butchers in Britain
« on: Tuesday 14 October 14 22:39 BST (UK)  »
Hi RichardFunk
Thank you so much for your reply.... And so quick too!
From what I have found out so far John was my great , great, grandfather  as I recognise the address from the censuses.
My great grandma was Caroline Kober  their eldest daughter- who married David George Frank . My grandma was Rose Mary Frank, who then married Eric Leyland Weild. I think they lived in the Sheffield area for some time
There is no mention of the actual place of birth on John's naturalisation papers other than Germany . I haven't seen Rose's papers yet.
I am amazed and very excited to have found out this information. How did you know that your aunt worked there. Did she tell you any stories about the Kobers? Having 6 daughters must have been a handful!
I have been asked by the genetics department at Manchester hospital to check into my roots as we have a high ovarian / prostate cancer risk in the family and they suggested I look into my roots to see if there is any Ashkenazi Jewish connection from the Kober name. When I googled the name Kober it said it was AJ , but I doubt it now you have confirmed who they were and what they did.
Thanks for your help

Europe / Re: German Pork Butchers in Britain
« on: Tuesday 14 October 14 21:11 BST (UK)  »
Hi . I am new to this rootschat and wondered if anyone could help me ,. I am trying to trace my German ancestry. I have traced my roots back to John Kober ( born c 1849) and Rose Kober (b 1852) who were married and cited their place of birth as Germany. They came to live in Sheffield an on his naturalisation form he stated he was a pork butcher . This was also mentioned on the census forms . Does anyone know how to trace record back in Germany ?
I am interested for medical reasons to see if they were Ashkenazi Jews - the surname would suggest so  - but not being a pork butcher!
Any help much appreciated

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