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Carlisle is about 10 miles from the border with Scotland, so worth considering Scottish births.

in 1861/1871/1881/1891 census she   States she was born in Carlisle

Also in 1851:

and 1911:


Thought the 1891 says Scotland? 1871 and 1881 Carlisle, Scotland, 1851 and 1861 Carlisle, Cumberland?

Born Bromsgrove or Carlisle in 1832, in more than 30 trees on Ancestry, do not think any of the public ones have parents for her.

Any idea when he had finished in the Merchant Navy?

Have you got deaths for them both?

Durham / Re: Joseph Young Death
« on: Yesterday at 17:53 »
I wanted her (Isabella) sorting out to see if she married again which might indicate when Joseph had died. 

Wonder why no marriage is showing for them, and why they claimed 11 years which would have been 1899/1900.

Durham / Re: Joseph Young Death
« on: Yesterday at 14:21 »

Who is Isabella?

Henry Vane Charteris is captioned in some Ancestry trees as 'also known as Edward Reardon'.

Possibly because father was surname Riordan.

Just wanted to confuse you more.

Durham / Re: Joseph Young Death
« on: Yesterday at 13:35 »
As Joseph did not marry Isabella Dobson, (which has been stated as a fact when it obviously is not, if the marriage certificate had been checked) which is the correct Joseph in 1901 and 1911, please, anyone?

Durham / Re: Joseph Young Death
« on: Yesterday at 12:09 »
The Joseph Young/Isabella Dobson in 1911 are in Shadforth, which is where they married, age 38 and 35.

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