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I found Leonard's info on Ancestry UK. I too would love to know where the name originated.... I've only ever found the older generations in London/Middlesex. I am curious to know if you've been in touch with Patsy Tune? She is descended from Christiana  :)

Hi Bernadette,
It's great to have contact from someone else researching the Barginall family  :)
I recently found lots of info, including Leonard Francis Barginall's Thames Police Pension, where it describes his looks... I found that very exciting.
I have also come across s couple of Barginall's from the 1700's, but am not sure where they fit in..

Northamptonshire / Re: Quaker Records
« on: Monday 17 July 17 21:45 BST (UK)  »
Thank you for the info...I have Joseph & Elizabeth's other children. Interesting to see another Austin Johnson there, would make sense if he were Joseph's brother I think. I have recently found a burial for an Austin Johnson in 1762...It says he was from Great Houghton. He died in London, but was buried in Northampton...Maybe this is the first Austin in your list, the one with Hannah?

Northamptonshire / Quaker Records
« on: Monday 17 July 17 12:50 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I've been researching my 6 x Great Grandfather...Joseph Johnson from Great Houghton. Through finding a baptism and marriage for his daughter, Hannah, I discovered that he was a Quaker. Hannah was baptised the day before her wedding (presumably so that she could get married). Now I am stuck...I believe Joseph's wife's name was Elizabeth (From the birth record of Hannah and her siblings), but can't find a marriage for them or a birth record for Joseph. Hannah was born on 22 Nov 1749 at Great Houghton...Baptised on 23 May 1773...Married on 24 May 1773 to Thomas Pike. I would love to go further back, so any help would be most appreciated, please, thank you,

Mary  :)

London and Middlesex / Re: Coroner's report
« on: Sunday 16 April 17 20:20 BST (UK)  »
Ooh, that's a shame, thank you Bookbox, I'll take a look at the links you've posted,


London and Middlesex / Re: Coroner's report
« on: Sunday 16 April 17 20:08 BST (UK)  »
Thank you Groom,

I've just had a look on the link you gave, but not quite sure what I'm doing lol (sorry if I sound thick). I've searched the surname, on the Middlesex one, but nothing came up,


London and Middlesex / Coroner's report
« on: Sunday 16 April 17 19:47 BST (UK)  »

I have found a burial record for Leonard Barginall, 24 Sep 1793, St John of Wapping, Middlesex,
Tower Hamlets. At the side of the entry, it says, "Drowned Coroner's Warrant.
Would a copy of the report still exist and if so, is there any way that I could see it? Any help would be much appreciated,


So sorry Sandy...I was actually just googling the surname, with the area they came from and came across this thread lol  :)

All the best,

Mary x

Hi Julie,

Zachariah Seymour Leach is my 3 x Great Grandfather. My tree is on Ancestry. I got a lot of the information from Freereg, Familysearch and Ancestry. I don't always attach the source, but make a note of it instead. If I can help with your research in any way, please contact me,


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