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Only 3 of the men are suitably dressed for working in a factory
the rest have white collars and perhaps visitors to the shop floor.
from the firm's offices.
1900 - 1915 just a guess based on
the attire and premises.

Some scientists arrive at complex answers instead of seeing what's glaringly obvious
Sars Covid 2 is called ' Novel' meaning it is new.
More effort could go into. fathoming why young children are not as likely to contract Covid whereas the elderly are more prone to dying
from Covid.
Children in developed countries are
likely to have a stronger immune system due to all the immunisation
shots they receive under 5 years of age.
My two cents worth

The Lighter Side / Re: Goosey Goosey gander.
« on: Saturday 20 February 21 06:21 GMT (UK)  »
"Don't care didn't care
Don't care was wild
Don't care stole plum and pear
Don't care was hung
Don't care was put in a pot
And boiled till he was done".

Scary tale

The Stay Safe Board / Re: What not to use as a face mask
« on: Tuesday 22 September 20 01:13 BST (UK)  »
  :) hilarious!

Staffordshire / Re: Looking for Family from Rugeley Staffordshire
« on: Monday 23 October 17 09:48 BST (UK)  »
family Search site
1881 census
John and Hannah Brickly
John Thomas and James
in Wigan Rd, Westleigh, Leigh

Thomas and Sarah Maria Brickley
on page 12 and children
Elias,  Emma, John, Mathew G
and servant Mary A Logite recorded on page 13
in 1861 census.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Horace Warner HASTINGS
« on: Friday 26 May 17 07:00 BST (UK)  »
had a look on A---try for shipping passenger records britain to australia
found a record for a frank warner born 1867  england to sydney nsw in 1890.
horaces brother frank warner was still in london with wife and child at time of
1891 uk census so it doesnt appear to be him.
just wondered if  horace warner travelled under his brothers name
to sydney australia.
someone with A---try records might be able to get more details..
worth a look perhaps.

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Horace Warner HASTINGS
« on: Monday 08 May 17 07:49 BST (UK)  »
just had a look for horace's younger brother frank warner.. he is listed in1881 census
as aged 16 born brighton sussex  and is a barman and living with his employer
and the employer's large family.

by 1891 frank warner had married and had a 1 year  old son who
was named horace warner.

familysearch website
1881 census
county london
parish  clerkenwell

frank warner aged 25  born brighton sussex occupation barman
sarah warner aged 22 born in clerkenwell, london.
horace warner , son aged 1 year

so the younger brother frank  named his son after his brother
horace who'd left for australia.

just wondering if they kept in touch

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Horace Warner HASTINGS
« on: Monday 08 May 17 06:48 BST (UK)  »
hi bob,
in the 1881 census horace warner is aged 19 and living with his older sister
mrs kate maria watson and her husband william watson and their
1 year old son thomas watson at brighton sussex.

kate's birth name was maria christiana warner born 1853.. she married as kate maria warner to
william watson at brighton sussex at brighton in the march quarter of 1879 volume2b page 278
refer to freebmd uk website.

her death is recorded on same website in the march quarter of 1883
kate maria watson at brighton sussex england.

mrs kate maria watson appears to be the same person as maria christiana warner
the older sister of horace warner.

it would be wholly unwise to assume that  her brother horace your relative
was in any way responsible for her death.

horaces other sister died at approx 6 years of age born dec quarter  1859 died
december quarter of 1865 at that time horace was only 3 years of age.

quite tragic for the family and for horace for that matter.

these details are available online freebmd uk website and
you can find horace warner born 1862 sussex england on
the1881 census of england and wales .

hopes this info makes sense to you.

best wishes from  treedahlia

Sussex Lookup Requests / Re: Horace Warner HASTINGS
« on: Wednesday 26 April 17 15:09 BST (UK)  »
oops my sincere apologies for
getting the wrong Horace Warner
For more info on Richard Warner
His bio is on the website..
Scroll down to red list of
Photographers and click on
William Lane.
Then down Lane's page and on
Left side there is a lot of info
Re Richard n Maria and their family.

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