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Yes, I do remember one. Though by the end it was going way over my level!

The Common Room / Re: 1939 national register
« on: Today at 12:27 »
If you are registered with f.m.p you can do a free search, and discover much from the indexed results!
Ernest Edwards, born 1917, living at 342 Prestwood Road, Wolverhampton C.B.

Sadly we don't get a preview any more, but we can put the name Ernest Edwards in as "Other household member" and Prestwood Road as the street.
Which brings up three other names living at 342 (according to the transcript)
Kathleen Edwards, born 1915
Benjamin Cook, born 1875
John Cook, born 1921

As explained, we are not allowed on Rootschat to do lookups from the actual images.

as you have found

Well I've found an Act book of wills, administrations, marriage licences. Not on ancestry or on gaffy's link.
As we have seen before on RC there are extracts of some Irish wills in estate duty records.

London and Middlesex / Re: Herbert Charles Wells
« on: Today at 11:16 »
buried Chingford Cemetery. Died 18/7/1940

Age 38 years
10 Winns Avenue W'stow
Mrs Rose Mary Wells as above

1939 Register free index
Rose M Wells, born 1898, at 10 Winns Avenue

March 1929 West Ham 4a 602
Wells, Herbert C.
McCarthy, Rose M.

The Act is on FamilySearch
Last will and testament of Samuel Cowin late of Clonora, Farmer
The burden of the execution of said Will together with the Will annexed granted unto William Cowin of Clonora the lawful son of deceased
4 Dec 1845
I think says "Assetts under 20"

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: William Isaac Locker
« on: Yesterday at 09:01 »
Census England 1911 at 17 Vesuvius St Kirkdale Lancashire
Mary LOCKER married 24 years, 6 children born, 6 children living

They must have only counted the six children living at home in 1911.
Or forgotten the earlier ones!

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: William Isaac Locker
« on: Yesterday at 08:44 »
30 August 1863, Liverpool St John
William Naylor, 24, Seaman, father James Naylor, Cutter?
Jessie Mundle, 24, father Edward Mundle, Shipwright

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: William Isaac Locker
« on: Yesterday at 08:39 »
Mother's Maiden Surname: MUNDEL 
GRO Reference: 1881  M Quarter in WEST DERBY  Volume 08B  Page 433

Mother's Maiden Surname: MUNDLE 
GRO Reference: 1877  D Quarter in WEST DERBY AND TOXTETH PARK  Volume 08B  Page 414

Lancashire Lookup Requests / Re: William Isaac Locker
« on: Yesterday at 07:45 »
Who are the MITCHELLS...William  and Elizabeth?

29 June 1879, St Michael, Toxteth Park
William Mitchell, 28, Mariner, father John Mitchell, Rigger
Elizabeth Mundle, 23, father Edward Mundle, Carpenter

Birth reg
Mother's Maiden Surname: MUNDLE 
GRO Reference: 1880  J Quarter in WEST DERBY & TOXTETH PARK  Volume 08B  Page 267

1901, Kirkdale
William Mitchell Head 52 Dock Labourer
Elizabeth Mitchell Wife 45
Edward W Mitchell Son 20 Dock Labourer
All born Toxteth Park L'pool

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