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That looks promising.
There is a catholic baptism (don't have full details)
Alfredus Day, born 1893, bap 1903, Deptford, the Assumption, Kent
Father Jacobi, mother Margaritte

Sorry to hear that Neale, I can't see them either :(

But we can download his CEF papers in pdf form from here (beware, 108 images!)

For some reason there is a birth cert in those army papers
Alfred son of Henry Day and Elizabeth Day formerly Rock
Born 28 July 1874 Feckenham
Father a Police Officer
District Alcester in the counties of Warwick and Worcester

Certificate issued from Somerset House, 12 Sep 1933

Perhaps it is in the wrong man's papers!

Might be Alfred Day b 1893, Kent (Deptford?) reg no 3876, Lancers
in WO97

If anyone can see that
He is said to have been 5 years in the 16th Queens Lancers

Religion Roman Catholic
Married to Joanna Spencer 29 January 1918 St Josephs Church, Greenwich
Witnesses Mr William White, Mrs Rosa White
Possibly from the marriage record, Alfred supposed to have been baptized 10 Sep 1894 (but claims to have been born 1894) by Rev R S Shepherd.

An 1848 Lambeth record seems to say that John Trinder's wife was Eliza? A mistake?
John Trinder, 25, of Lemon Court, Costermonger. In workhouse.

Father Thomas Trinder apparently the son of James and Maria (according to the man himself) Was cohabiting with the widow Frances Watson.

Re the 1849 Poplar death.
A marriage, 30 April 1849, St Anne Limehouse
William Trinder, Mariner, father Richard Shaw Trinder, Cooper
Sarah Brisley, father Charles Brisley, Dead
Both full age

A birth, Dec 1849
Mother's Maiden Surname: BRISLEY 
GRO Reference: 1849  D Quarter in POPLAR UNION  Volume 02  Page 359

That death of a Sarah in the same quarter
Dec 1849 Poplar 2 269
Trinder, Sarah
age 22

Burial at Poplar All Saints, 12 Dec 1849, Sarah Trinder, age 22

June 1853 Poplar 1c 430
Trinder, William
age 3

Buried at All Saints, 30 June 1853
Can he be found in 1851?
William Trinder the mariner (father Richard Shaw Trinder) seems to have married again in Bermondsey in 1858, but said he was a bachelor!

A possible Sarah Brisley in Poplar in 1841, age 14.

Is she the Sarah Trinder who died in 1849 age 22?

William Trinder, born 16 Aug 1824
Baptized 5 Nov 1828, Chatham, Kent

FreeReg says born 18 Aug. Image probably will be on CityArk
Father Richard, a Cooper. Mother Harriet

1851, Bromley St Leonard
piece 1555 folio 341 page 7
William Trinder, 25, born Chatham

Visiting Richard and Mary Trinder. Says he is a widower.
Could be the man who married Sarah Brisley in 1849.

I think we can call this one solved

Yes, but some mystery remains? A possible candidate for Sarah Osmotherly was baptized 22 April 1832, Lambeth.
Father James. Mother Ann.

Had younger brother James William.
Making her 15 on marriage, if her :-\ Said she was of full age, father James William.

Living in Gt Lemon Court in 1841. Sarah age 9.
piece 1057 book 7 folio 16 page 27
Good image on FamilySearch

Dorset / Re: Civil death registration ??
« on: Wednesday 20 January 21 15:04 GMT (UK)  »
Have you previously checked with the local register office as suggested by Jebber

Elizabeth Bowles buried 24 Aug 1873, Gillingham, is one of the names on the last page for Shaftesbury deaths in the GRO index in Sep qtr 1873, (5a) 131.
Then Mary Ann's burial on 3 Sep.
The two after Mary Ann are Frederick Herbert Mullings and Sarah Smart, infants who were buried at Gillingham on 16 September. Their death registrations are both in the December quarter index, which seems rather late? Both Shaftesbury, vol 5a page 157.
As suggested, it might be worth inquiring locally on this occasion, if you haven't done so.

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Re: Mary Ann Ball and Joseph Ball
« on: Wednesday 20 January 21 08:36 GMT (UK)  »
I am not sure how I would go about ordering the full version of the will if there is one.

You can download it for free from TNA website (need to register, if not already done so)
Will of Joseph Ball, Carman of Deverell Longbridge , Wiltshire
9 July 1823
PROB 11/1672/413

Will starts by saying Joseph Ball of the Commercial Road in the County of Middlesex Carman now residing at Deverell Longbridge in the County of Wilts

Also on ancestry, i.e. uk site
Joseph Ball
Residence: Camesworth, Middlesex, England

London and Middlesex / Re: Finding places of burial in London
« on: Tuesday 19 January 21 16:56 GMT (UK)  »
It would be nice to be a genius, Jen ;D, but really it was just a good old google search.
"William Henry Salmon" + "1892", though I might have split the surname off from the first names.
It does occasionally find someone, if there are transcribed records online from a churchyard or cemetery that aren't on the genealogy sites.

So glad for you, Lily, and for Helen, that we have tracked them down!

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