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Hi, thanks for your reply.
Olive Jane Hume is also my great great grandmother.
He son Mervin is my great grandfather.
His daughter Mona (Joan) is my Nana, her daughter Debbie is my Mum


My Aunty has mentioned Tommy Mcrae before, but it is interesting to see more about him, I wasnt aware he was an artist.
I look forward to hearing more. Cheers

Agh,  thanks, makes sense to me now. 

Have you sought the baptismal records for Matilda's children born outside of a formal marriage?   You may find that the original parish registers may have a margin note re their father/s.  Clergy are not concerned if the civil statute laws are observed. 


Oooo no I haven't, that's a good tip! Thank you

Oh I'm sorry, I meant Matilda went to live with them.

James and Margaret Hume came to Sydney aboard the Andromache in 1837. ( unsure what happened to Margaret)

James and Hannah Malley were married in Tasmania on 20 November 1844
Matilda was born to James and Hannah Hume in Tasmania on 15 May 1847.
James was born to James and Matilda Hume in Tasmania on 12 June 1850.

at some point here, between 1850 and 1852 the family moved to the mainland by the looks of it.
James junior died on 17 feb 1852 in NSW.
Hannah Hume (mother) died on 21 April 1853 in Strawberry Hills Nsw.

Family stories tell that James couldn't raise mAtilda on his own, and so Matilda went to live with James' brother David Hume and wife Hannah Hume ( née Johnson) who had also come out on the Andromache.

In 1863 Matilda, age 17, gave birth to an illegitimate child, not listing any father, in East Maitland. Hannah Hume ( her Aunty) was listed as a witness and the informant was William Brettell. William was married to Jane Ferrier Hume, daughter of David and Hannah Hume as listed above, and Matilda's cousin.

In 1868 pregnant with her second child, Matilda married her first cousin James Hall Hume.

So I'm trying to map Matilda in those years 1850 ( when they may have returned to the mainland) -1863( when she gave birth in East Maitland)

Essentially I am trying to narrow down if I can find Matilda's Child's (Jane) biological father. James Hall Hume is listed on her death certificate but there is no father listed on her birth certificate. There is quite a bit of family gossip around this.
Hope this has helped with the time line a little.

I note that James and Margaret give their 'native place' as Newcastle and religion as Epicopalian, while David and his Hannah give Native Place as xxxxxxxxwick, Northumberland and religion as Presbyterian.

Here's a long shot.............

Lots of HUME family arriving 31 Jan, 1839 on the Andromache.  As all of them give their 'native place' as Newcastle on one list I suspect they may be family. They are all bracketed together and then each couple bracketed again.  the list below incorporates more than one immigration list, so I have combined the slightly different information.

Andrew HUME, 29 Carpenter,, Northumberland
Mrs HUME, 27, (Anne Amelia), dressmaker, Newcastle
Robert HUME, 2, Newcastle
(Marriage for this couple from FamilySearch)
Ann Amelia Mitford m Andrew HUME
15 Nov 1835, Saint John'S Parish, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England)

Robert HUME 25, mason, Northumberland
Mrs HUME (Sarah), 22, Northumberland, straw bonnet maker

Thos HUME, 21, mason, Northumberland, s/o Andrew and ? Gardiner
Mrs HUME, (Mary) 20, dressmaker, Durham, d/o James POTTS of Newcastle

George HUME (single) 22, plasterer, Northumberland
Mrs HUME, mother to above.(Ann nee STIRLING ?) m Andrew Hume, 2 Jun 1803 at Eglingham, Northumberland, England

Now the question is - are these your family?

I see this baptism which is possibly your James
James HUME
Baptised 27 Sep 1815, All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England
Mother:   Anne Hume (so possibly the mother of the HUME family arriving 1839)
FHL Film Number:   1068962, Reference ID:   item 3 p 147

There is at least one on-line tree which suggests that your James is a sibling of the above, however I would need a bit more of a hunt to verify this.

I'm thinking that IF Matilda had all these aunts and uncles it's possible that she was living with one of them.  She was only 6 when her mother died.


Yes, the Ann Hume ( married to Andrew Hume) listed above is mother to James Hume and David Hume who I am following. She would be Matilda's grandmother. We know from  at least 1863 she was staying with David and his wife Hannah and later married their son, her first cousin, James Hall Hume.
I have evidence that at least for a little while she was living with William Brettell and his wife Jane Ferrier Hume who was also the daughter of David Hume and Hannah Hume. We believe she was sent to live with them while she had an illegitimate pregnancy.

I wonder if there two D. Hume persons at Dunmore at that time?

Maybe he didn't leave Dunmore as advertised!

Dunmore was the large property on which the Highlanders off the Government Bounty Ship 'Midlothian' settled in early 1838, many of the 'Midlothian' immigrants refused to separate and were settled as tenant farmers as a group on Dunmore.


That's quite possible , I know David Hume senior also had a son David Hume

Just some TROVE snippets which seem to be him in Hobart.

A sale of tailoring goods at his premises 1847 - there is a number of ads for his goods in 1847

Selling a 'patent mangle' on show at his premises, Elizabeth St, Hobart. 1847

The house he is occupying is to be let, 1849

Insolvent, Dec 1847

There are a couple of mentions of a James HUME, saddler in the same area of Elizabeth St, Hobart - so perhaps this may be him also.

that's great, thank you. And i guess tailor to saddler isn't a far stretch, just learning to work with different materials

Hi RuleFamilyQld
I'm finding this a bit confusing - probably me!

It would be helpful if you could go back and edit the wrong information in the earlier posts.  You can highlight and then use the 'strike through' button S which is next to the B and I buttons.

James Hume senior was a Tailor, it is written on their marriage certificate which I do have. It would explain why I can't find records in Tasmania. So they arrived on the mainland, then made their way to Tasmania, there he married Hannah who gave birth to James and Matilda and then between 1850 and 1852 they returned to the mainland.

Was all of the following in Tasmania?
In 20 November 1844 he married Hannah Malley ( haven't found where she immigrated from yet)
They had two children, possibly three .
The two I know of are:
*Matilda Jane Hume b.15 May 1847
*James Hume (junior) b. 12 June 1850 and passed away in 17 feb 1852.

So - James HUME and his first wife Margaret arrived in NSW 1837 per Andromache.
By 1844 he was in Tasmania to marry Hannah MALLEY.
Baby James born in Tasmania 1850 and dies in NSW (as we now know from Debra's post) 1852.

Have I got this right so far?


Yes that is correct Judith Thank you



A David Hume from Dunmore leaving the Colony in 1854.

Dunmore was/is near Maitland.


oo that is interesting Thank you. I have looked through trove for David and James but hadn't come across this one. I wonder if he left and returned because I have other documents and articles showing him back in Dunmore with his wife Hannah owning an Orchard in 1869. That gives me some clues to look at shipping records, thank you

Hannah passed away in 21 April 1853 (haven't sited a death certificate but there was another entry of a Hannah Humes dying in Tasmania in 1851 age 36...

I can't see a Hannah who died in 1853?  Was it in Hobart? Was it registered?  Did she actually die in NSW?

The one who died in 1851 in Tas was a Gardener's wife (your James was a Tailor) and the child by the same name who died in 1855 appears to be her daughter.$init=RGD35-1-5p49jpg

James Hume (not to be confused with James Hall Hume, David's son and Matilda's first cousin whom she married in 1868) passed away after complications from almost drowning on 29 March 1853.

So James died before Hannah?  I'm confused  ;D

Ok, I see he died in 1861 in NSW.

Debra  :)

A few family trees on ancestry say Hannah died in Strawberry Hills Nsw

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