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The Stay Safe Board / Re: For your diary - Autumn Booster 2023
« on: Monday 18 September 23 12:12 BST (UK)  »
I received a text from my G. P surgery last week inviting me to arrange an appointment for my Covid booster and flu jab and am having it this afternoon.


Warwickshire / Re: Richard Linford c.1810, Birmingham
« on: Wednesday 07 June 23 06:57 BST (UK)  »
Birmingham burial record site has a Richard Linford, July 1866, burial at Witton Cemetery. There are only two people of that name recorded, the other much later.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Current Covid vaccine programme to end in mid- February...
« on: Thursday 27 April 23 11:37 BST (UK)  »
I had a text yesterday from my surgery inviting me to book my booster.... Just one problem I tested positive for Covid Tuesday of last week caught from my son who lives at home, we think he caught it from a work colleague. Neither of us have had Covid before. My other two visiting children tested positive the same day as me, all of us have tested negative in the last day or so. I did phone the surgery and they have told me to ring again in a fortnight to see if any further dates have been added for jabs as I have to wait 28 days before I can have it.

The Stay Safe Board / Re: Diary summary week ending 19th March
« on: Sunday 19 March 23 08:33 GMT (UK)  »
Love the diary thread.

Remembering my mom Winnie 1923-2006 on Mothers Day.

Off out for Mothers Day lunch later with my daughter and her family.

Have a lovely day everyone.

World War Two / Re: HOLOCAUST REMEMBRANCE DAY - Light a Candle
« on: Friday 27 January 23 14:46 GMT (UK)  »

Staffordshire / Re: Benjamin Ainesworth married Sarah Cartwright 1788.
« on: Saturday 31 December 22 17:24 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ciderdrinker, sorry I'm a bit late with my reply, I've been at a family get together this afternoon to celebrate my birthday.

You've confirmed some information we already have. Stephen James 1835 is my gt. gt. grandfather who married Emma Spilsbury, that is where the Ainsworth / Ensor name crept in. There are posts on Rootschat about them a few years back.

We know that the children were split up when Stephen snr. and Elizabeth Guy died.

Thank you for the additional information which I'll make a note of.

Happy New Year.


Staffordshire / Re: Benjamin Ainesworth married Sarah Cartwright 1788.
« on: Friday 30 December 22 12:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ciderdrinker. Since my previous post I've discovered 'your' Stephen Ainsworth was christened 23 April 1794 and his burial 17 May 1794 both at St. Giles, Willenhall. oops!

I'm stuck now with Stephen Hainsworth who married Elizabeth Guy on 23 December 1810. I don't know where to go from there. I think it's my brickwall. Doesn't help with all the name variations, another I've come across is Hansworth.

Staffordshire / Re: Benjamin Ainesworth married Sarah Cartwright 1788.
« on: Saturday 24 December 22 17:33 GMT (UK)  »
Hello Ciderdrinker,  my maternal grandfather was Benjamin Ainsworth, the name's come down through the family either as a first or middle name, the last being my uncle who died last year leaving no son to carry on the name on our line.

My gt. gt. gt. grandfather Stephen, birth estimated 1787,baptised 1794  married as Hainsworth in 1810 to Elizabeth Guy in Deritend.

I think Stephen is possibly the son of Benjamin and Sarah from Willenhall. On our line I've come across Hainsworth, Aynesworth, Hainsworth and Ensor, someone once said that Ainsworth could sound like Ensor in a local accent and with a few teeth missing!

Wishing everyone a happy Christmas.

Warwickshire / Re: Daniel HOGAN, Born Birmingham 1841
« on: Monday 28 November 22 22:29 GMT (UK)  »
Birmingham Burial Records site.

Daniel Hogan burial May 1902 at Witton Cemetery.

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